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EF Reach in Motion


The holiday season is a time for spreading joy and sharing with those who might not otherwise be afforded such simple pleasures. Our volunteers took this idea for sharing to heart in December. Through the amazingly generous contributions from teachers, staff, friends and family, EF Reach was able to collect over forty educational toys and games for the children at Min’Ai via our Christmas Toy Drive. Gifts ranged from puzzles to puppets, from writing tablets to bowling sets,

from building blocks to alphabet cards. On Christmas Eve, we delivered the toys to a room full of extremely excited children, their teachers and caregivers. The children’s reactions were priceless as they surveyed the new toys which will all remain at the Center for use in learning activities. The Min’Ai staff were greatly appreciative of our donations and are looking forward to the new materials and activities to help improve the children’s coordination, mobility and focus. Our delivery was also featured in the Shenzhen Daily on December 25th.

December Highlights

between the children at Min’Ai and regular EF Reach volunteers


EF Reach

Our second month reaching out proved to be exceptionally rewarding for all those involved. Forging stronger relationships with care workers and organizations, we are seeing a foundation being established for long-lasting partnerships and volunteer opportunities through the EF Reach program. CHRISTMAS TOY DRIVE FOR MIN’AI


Correct recall and language production from four of the children - including greetings, alphabet, numbers and toy vocabulary

Increased facial recognition and improved social interaction

New weekly schedule at Min’Ai affording increased educational impact and extra space for more volunteers

Feature in the Shenzhen Daily, with promise for follow-up press

Through the Eyes... of Paul Chan (SZ4, Volunteer)

For many of the volunteers, it was our first time working with children with disabilities. On our walk towards the classroom, I felt trepidation - but children are children after all, and soon they were all having fun with laughter filling the room. We all found a unique teaching role, yet worked together so fluidly at the same time. I bonded instantly with a child named Zhong Yi. He was extraordinarily present and eager to play and learn. I was quite amazed by his learning curve - already identifying letters shortly after we introduced them. The hour came and went so quickly; time literally flew by. It was an experience worthwhile, especially when I heard Zhong Yi ask in earnest ‘when will I see you again?’.

focused on the EF Reach program ❖

Communicating with other potential locations to expand our reach in the new year

Shane Cunningham | Nicholas Boles | EF Reach Coordinators

Christmas Toy Drive

Special thank you to all those who contributed toys and games. Without your generosity, this would not have been possible.

EF Reach - December 2012  

Highlighting EF Reach's progress and growth in Shenzhen, China with special focus on our successful charity toy drive

EF Reach - December 2012  

Highlighting EF Reach's progress and growth in Shenzhen, China with special focus on our successful charity toy drive