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January saw a month of growth for EF Reach. With the new weekly schedule at Min’Ai, we were fortunate enough to open the program to more eager volunteers. With the expansion, this month allowed for teachers city-wide to interact with and teach these amazing children.


Through the Eyes of... Lisa Reynolds (SZ3, Volunteer)

Outside Min’Ai, I had one thing on my mind: coffee. “I’ll be glad I woke up early…soon,” I told myself. I was right. Most of the kids looked young, but two seemed older. One was fine; the other covered his ears when we said hello. His name was Nan. I tried to get him to interact, but he wouldn’t. During a game, Nan hesitatingly took the green ball I held out to him. After that, he participated as much as anyone. As we were saying goodbye, Nan grabbed both my hands and kissed them. At that moment, I didn’t care about coffee.

The first month of 2013 was very fulfilling for EF Reach & our volunteers. By stabilizing a weekly schedule with Min’Ai, we were busy with lesson planning, prepping new activities and ensuring the best time for all involved. We are proud to say that our program is now operating city-wide, including over 30 volunteers from all Shenzhen Kids & Teens schools. The eagerness of the children has grown with each new week and lesson, and we are happy to say that many of them are successfully

producing the target vocabulary and identifying the presented objects with ease. Most notably, we saw a significant increase in the language acquisition of three of the boys who were able to not only produce new words through repetition, but were also able to identify categories and group words correctly all in English. This month, the optimism and warmth that was felt from the beginning to end of each lesson was outstanding. While these children may be learning new words from us, we are learning even more from them.

Shane Cunningham | Nicholas Boles | EF Reach Coordinators

EF Reach - January 2013  

Chronicling EF Reach's progress in January 2013 - particularly the program's expansion.

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