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International Academy Private High Schools For Students 14 to 19



“This experience could not happen at any other school.” – LAUREN RAIA, English Teacher and House Parent



Thank you for your interest in EF International Academy New York. I am a lifelong New Yorker, and one of the most rewarding parts of my job as Headmaster is seeing our students discover the endless opportunities on our campus, and in the surrounding community. At EF New York, we welcome students from more than 60 nations. The international atmosphere on our campus is rivaled only by the multiculturalism of neighboring New York City, just 40 minutes from our serene collegiate campus. Our students learn about international politics through excursions to the United Nations; economics through trips to Wall Street; art through visits to the Guggenheim, Lincoln Center, and Broadway. This is a school where learning truly does come to life. At EF New York, we offer world-class facilities to match our stellar curriculum. Located on a former university campus, our students enjoy their own performing arts theaters, sports complex, music and dance studios, and of course high-tech classrooms and laboratories equipped with the latest learning technologies. We also partner with nearby Columbia University, Fordham University, New York University, Manhattan College and the greater Tarrytown community to offer personally enriching experiences that touch our students' lives forever. Still, the most amazing thing about our school is its people: teachers who believe in their students, college counselors committed to ensuring top university placements for each and every applicant, and students, just like you, who are bringing their dreams to life right here before our eyes. I hope their stories will inspire you, as they continue to inspire me, every single day.

Dr. Brian Mahoney Headmaster, EF International Academy New York



“This is my adventure.” MIMMI, SWEDEN IB Diploma

Mimmi arrived at EF International Academy New York with a mission: to prepare herself for university study in the United States. Little did she know how much more she would gain from her EF high school experience.

Since arriving on campus, Mimmi has immersed herself in academics and student life, joining the student council and basketball team, and working with the school’s drama department to put on the musical “Grease.” The wide selection of courses and clubs is unlike any she’s ever experienced, and she credits her busy schedule — and the support of her teachers — with keeping her organized.



On weekends, Mimmi enjoys traveling to Manhattan (just 40 minutes by train) to visit the city’s wealth of museums and cultural venues. She even secured a summer internship in Boston, Massachusetts, allowing her to gain hands-on experience in the education and travel industry. It’s an opportunity that will give her an edge over other prospective students when she applies to university.

During the summer, Mimmi also plans to travel — both in the United States and abroad — to learn even more about the cultures she’s experienced on the incredibly diverse New York campus. “I’ve experienced little pieces of so many different cultures here,” she says. “Now I want to experience them in their entirety.”

HOMESICK? NEVER. ........................................................ All students at EF International Academy have a dedicated counselor, who is available to talk to them whenever they need advice or encouragement. Each counselor has a specialty, and students can talk to one or all members of the counseling staff, depending on their comfort level and need. In addition, students are linked with a faculty adviser, who provides further guidance and support on a daily basis. Mimmi credits the school’s staff, especially her adviser Rebecca Millhouse, with making her feel so at home at EF. “Whenever I get ideas of things I want to do or try, she tells me to go for it,” Mimmi says. “Ms. Millhouse believes in me. She encourages me. She’s like my New York mother substitute.”

Activities Student Council, Photography, Basketball, Theater Favorite Past Time Weekend trips to Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art Summer Plans Internship at EF Boston



Activities Swimming, Running Club, Salsa Club, French Club Plans for the future Environmental Engineering

Creativity. Action. Service. Every IB Diploma student at EF International Academy New York has the chance to participate in Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) activities, a range of self-guided clubs and projects that allow students to explore their interests outside of the classroom. Some students organize fund-raisers. Others organize business clubs or internship networks. One of



Angel’s projects: creating a windmill generator to donate to a nonprofit organization in a developing country. He’s even inspired other students to join in bringing the project to life. The project is helping Angel explore his future career of environmental engineering. It will also provide much-needed energy to an organization in need.


Angel studied in Colorado during his younger years, so he was already well-versed in the U.S. education system when he arrived at EF International Academy New York. Still, he was surprised how much the school’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma would challenge him inside the classroom — and how much his teachers wanted him to succeed. For instance, knowing Angel’s plans of pursuing a career in environmental engineering, his science teachers would routinely stay after class to ensure that he truly understood the complex concepts he needed in order to succeed in university. Angel did so well in his coursework that his teachers eventually asked him to tutor other students working toward a similar career goal. “It meant a lot to me,” he says. “Knowing that someone believed in me enough to help another student succeed.”

“The teachers don’t just know my name.They know me.” NEW YORK CAMPUS



A passionate and charismatic student, Tam was searching for a school that would allow him to explore his academic interests in depth, while also offering opportunities for creative expression. He found that place in EF International Academy New York.

“Every day here shapes who I am.” 6


“Going to school is one thing. Learning is another.”

Favorite Class Spanish Plans for the Future Economics and Music

Like many students, Tam benefited from EF International Academy New York’s content-rich International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, which allows students to follow a rigorous yet well-rounded course of studies, with opportunities to excel both in class, and in the real world. From perfecting his Spanish and French skills to being captain of the boys’ basketball team, Tam is making the most of every chance to challenge himself at EF International Academy. “The main difference between EF New York and any other school I’ve ever seen is the relationship between students and teachers,” Tam says. “They get to know us personally. They understand exactly what we need to learn, and to be successful.”

nish 8 a.m. Spa K O T . 10 a.m ch un L n Noo dy 2 p.m. Stu all etb sk a 3:30 B /Ben w t e e 5M practice nd 7:30 Ba

BUILDING A FOUNDATION FOR SUCCESS ............................................................................................................ As part of the IB requirement, each EF New York student must complete an extended essay, a 4,000 word, two-year research project on a topic that interests them. For Tam, that topic is Vietnamese architecture, and the impact that French designers have had on it. The topic allows Tam to explore European language and design, all while learning more about his own country. More importantly, it offers him the opportunity to gain the real analytical, critical thinking, research, and writing skills that he’ll need while undertaking university study in the United States.



Rhiakhan’s musical influences Beyonce, Usher, Adelle,Jessie J

“Words only go so far,” Tam says. “I’ve learned that I need to take action for the things I care about.”

A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE They come from two different countries, but they united with one universal language: music. From Vietnam and Kazakhstan respectively, Tam and Rhiakhan have wowed fellow students with the music ventures they’ve taken on together, writing original songs and performing them for the entire school. Tam has even organized a charity benefit in Central Park in New York City, performing live with friends to raise funds for the international children’s relief organization UNICEF.

ADVISING IS BELIEVING ............................................................................ Tam’s faculty adviser and basketball coach Denby Christ is credited with encouraging Tam to share his passion for music with the EF campus. Denby, who attended an international boarding school while growing up, understands how important it is for students to be able to balance their academic coursework with other creative experiences — be it music, sports, Model UN, or volunteer work. “They just need a little nudge – some encouragement,” he says. “It’s my job to give it to them.”



“Every person has one place they truly belong. For me, this is it.”


With a passion for both marketing and music, Rhiakhan knew EF International Academy New York would be the perfect place to put her future in motion. Not only would the school prepare her for success at a top-tier business school, it would also allow her to explore the bounty of art and cultural facilities located in nearby New York City.

Rhiakhan is gaining more from her coursework than she ever imagined, taking field trips to NY advertising agencies and enjoying guest lectures from top executives in the marketing field. She also makes time to enjoy weekend trips to SoHo to enjoy live music — and has even had the chance to perform her own music on the EF International Academy campus. Indeed, though she’s traveled extensively, Rhiakhan says she feels more comfortable at EF International Academy New York than she’s ever felt in her life — even back home in Kazakhstan. “I’ve been to Europe so many times and never had the same feeling,” she says. “I credit EF with making that happen.”



“I want to change someone’s life for the better.” ALICE, RWANDA IB Diploma

Alice has been passionate about politics since she was just a young girl in her native Rwanda. Her mother worked for the country’s former president, and she still recalls the first time she ever met him. “I didn’t change my clothes for days afterward,” she says. “I was so excited to be in his presence.”



Her love of politics wasn’t limited to her home country. Alice has long enjoyed observing U.S. politics and comparing them to issues in Rwanda, as well. Three years later, she is studying just a few hours from Washington, D.C., and the heart of American international relations.

“The thing I love most about both politics and engineering is the hope that I can change things for the better,” she says. “That someone can start from a humble place and change everything. It inspires me to believe that I can make that difference, too. Every single day.”

Still, before pursuing her political ambitions, Alice plans to achieve a career in civil engineering, something that will also serve her home country well as it continues to rebuild and move forward after a difficult past.

“Anything is possible here.” Activities French Club, Running Plans for the future Civil Engineering, Politics, International Service

SERVICE IN THE HOUSE ..................................................................................... As part of her Creativity Action Service (CAS) requirement for the International Baccalaureate Diploma, Alice recently chose to visit Malaysia to help build much-needed housing for an under-served community. She still remembers when a tearful local pastor gave her a warm, grateful hug at the end of the trip, asking why she had chosen to sacrifice her holiday to serve those in need. “It would have been easier to just send money, but I wanted to give my time,” Alice says. “CAS has shown me what ‘action’ and ‘service’ really mean.”



“At home I got by. Here, I grew up.”


Back home in Brazil, Renan’s family and friends had been the center of his world, providing a sense of security and identity in all aspects of his daily life. Though he wanted to study abroad, he wasn’t quite sure what life away from his family would bring — until he arrived at EF International Academy New York.



At EF, Renan found space to explore his own talents and interests. Within months of arrival, he took on the role of captain of the boys’ soccer team, and explored volunteer opportunities at Tarrytown’s local hospital. He also worked with director of student services Adele Sinnot to create an academic program that would keep him engaged and challenged throughout the academic year. Just as importantly for Renan, he found a supportive group of friends to help him feel at home — something he never expected when he left Brazil for the EF campus. “I thought it would be difficult to leave my family for New York,” Renan says. “It turns out I made a whole new family at EF.”

Activities Soccer (Captain), Volleyball, Weekend trips to New York City New discovery History class can actually be interesting Volunteer goal Spending time with sick children at the local hospital

“I made a whole new family at EF.”

ADELE SINNOT ..................................................................................................................................... Title: Director of Student Services Alias: “Mom Away from Home”

Though most EF International Academy students are far from home for their their high school years, they aren’t far from parental support. In addition to handling all aspects of student welfare on campus, Director of Student Services Adele Sinnot works hard to make sure students feel at-home on the New York campus. Like all teachers and staff at EF, Adele’s involvement with the students extends far beyond the day-to-day aspects of her job.

On a daily basis, she can be found helping students fill out important international paperwork, reminding them of the proper dress code, or simply counseling a student who is homesick or misses his or her friends. “I want them to know that there is always someone here who cares about them,” Adele says. “It’s amazing what a difference that can make.”



“I’m setting my future in motion.”


Growing up in Connecticut, Addison long dreamed of making an impact on the world through a career in foreign policy. When she learned about EF International Academy — located just an hour from her home — she knew she’d be able to turn her dream into reality. “Most kids in high school join an international club, or spend a few weeks in Europe to gain ‘global experience’” Addison says. “I’m actually living with students from more than 60 countries. I have the opportunity to present my ideas — and develop new ones — every single day.” As one of a select group of American students on campus, Addison now enjoys studying U.S. and world politics with new friends and fellow classmates from as



far as Germany, Nigeria, and Russia. In addition to the international atmosphere on campus, Addison says she’s been impressed by EF’s overall personal approach to teaching, and how well her teachers and advisers have come to know her and her career goals. “At EF our teachers have real conversations with us about our lives, and what we hope to accomplish. They help us make our dreams happen.” With her counselor’s encouragement, Addison quickly got involved in the school’s vast array of clubs and projects, from Student Council to Spanish and Model UN. She’s even planning a group visit to the United Nations in nearby New York City as head of the school’s Cultural Exchange Club. “I’m setting myself apart from my American peers by studying at EF,” Addison says. “I’m learning a lot about myself, and the world, in the process.”

At EF International Academy New York,

Action is Universal At EF, students enjoy traditional American activities like cheerleading, prom, and high school graduation, while gaining an international perspective like none other.

CLUBS At EF International Academy New York, an active energy is evident morning to night with a range of clubs and athletic programs that never quits. Whether playing tennis or soccer, practicing a foreign language, or rehearsing plays — or science experiments, there is always something amazing to explore at EF.

UNIVERSITY VISITS Every student at EF International Academy receives one-on-one university support and guidance, including organized visits to university fairs and top universities in the region, including NYU, Columbia, and Harvard.

EXCURSIONS Learning at EF International Academy isn’t limited to the EF New York campus. Students enjoy hands-on learning excursions to some of New York City’s top destinations, including the United Nations, the Federal Reserve, and more.

PROM At EF International Academy, prom is not only a rite of passage but also a global event. Last year, nearly every couple at the event represented two different countries, showing the diversity and inclusivity of the EF New York student body.



“Make the most of every minute.” PAUL, SOUTH KOREA IB Diploma

In Tenth grade, Paul decided to look for a school that could rival the challenging academic curriculum he experienced in South Korea while also offering a more personal approach to learning.That’s when he decided to give school at EF International Academy a try. The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma at EF is rigorous, just as is the education system in South Korea. Still, the methods of teaching, and learning, are quite different. “IB challenges you to think critically about what you’ve learned, and to express and experience that learning in so many different ways,” Paul says. “I never stop moving here.” Outside of classes, Paul’s schedule is full with swimming, guitar, and drama. He even started a Korean Club at the school to share aspects of Korean language and culture with fellow students. On weekends, he enjoys trips to the city for science exhibitions and speakers’ series at Columbia and New York University. Paul’s advice to any new EF New York student is this: make the most of every chance that’s offered to you. Organize your studies. Learn about the language and food of your new friends. Visit the Statue of Liberty, the Guggenheim, and other New York landmarks. And most of all, be ready for the excitement and opportunity that lie ahead.



Residence Life at EF International Academy The majority of students at EF International Academy New York live in university-style dormitory accommodations, creating a family-like atmosphere throughout the campus. Roommates become instant — and lifelong — friends, supporting one another through every aspect of high school life.

“Every day, every decision, is mine.”

Dorm life provides an opportunity for students to gain independence and build time-management skills. Students are responsible for scheduling their own club activities, classes, and homework, and finding the right balance for each. It helps prepare them for success at university and beyond. Still, students at EF International Academy are never alone. Dorm parents — also EF faculty members — live on campus in every dorm building. They ensure that students feel safe and comfortable, offering help with homework or a friendly ear to share their day’s experiences. HOME, AND AWAY Students at EF New York also have the option to live with host families within the local community. It’s a great opportunity to form a lifelong relationship with a local American family, offering the chance to immerse oneself in American culture, food, and language every single day.

THE FEELING OF FAMILY ......................................................................................................................... As one of EF International Academy’s dedicated house parents and teachers, Lauren Raia actually lives in the school’s Lugari Dorm, so students always have access to an on-call, round-the-clock, stand-in mom. “Because this is a boarding school, our time – as teachers – is spent differently than it would be at other schools,” she says. “We make sure the students are eating, and sleeping, and doing their homework. Our job goes far beyond the classroom.” From helping students navigate their first day-trip to New York City to helping them learn to structure their time and coursework. every day is an adventure for Lauren. But it’s just a fraction of what she gets in return.

Most rewarding part of her job Seeing students from different cultures, backgrounds, and religions interact — and form deep friendships — on a daily basis

“It’s easy to teach these students because they really want to learn,” Lauren says. “They surprise me — and impress me — every single day.”



“What I have learned here, what I will take with me wherever I might go, is that anything is possible.�

EF Internatioonal Academy students have gone on to attend the following outstanding universities: US Boston University Columbia University Georgia Tech John Hopkins University New York University Penn State University University of California Los Angeles University of Southern California UK University of Oxford University of Cambridge Imperial College London London School of Economics



“I’m so proud of what I accomplished here.”

Graduation is a precious memory for all EF International Academy students. It allows them to celebrate their many accomplishments, and the friends they made with students all over the world. It also marks a new chapter in their lives: one in which they confidently face their futures, wherever they might lead.

Throughout the university application process, students at EF International Academy New York rely on Cassandra Dragon, the school’s director of university placement. Beginning their very first year on campus, Ms. Dragon helps each student determine the right university for their chosen field of study, and creates a detailed calendar to complete their university applications on time. In addition, Ms. Dragon organizes mock interviews, test preparation, and trips to university fairs and nearby university campuses to ensure that students are aware of every university opportunity open to them. “My goal is to secure the best acceptance for every single student,” Ms. Dragon says. “Whether they’re looking to study medicine, finance, engineering, or law, I will always find a university best suited to their ultimate career goal.”



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Our worldwide admissions department can be reached at: EF International Academy Haldenstrasse 4 6006 Luzern, Switzerland Tel +41 41 417 4631 AdmissionsIA@ef.com For more information about EF International Academy New York, schedule a personal consultation with your local admissions office. Contact information can be found on ef.com/academy



LEADERSHIP Headmaster Brian Mahoney, Ph.D. IB Coordinator Tia Gueye

COURSES OF STUDY North American High School Program (Grades 9-12) International Baccalaureate Diploma (Grades 11-12) IGCSE Program (Grades 9-10) High School Preparation Program

AT A GLANCE Student-teacher ratio: 7:1 25 teachers with Masters or Doctorates, representing 15 different countries Average teaching experience: 10 years Diverse student body representing 60 countries Average IB Exam Score: 10% higher than world average

FACILITIES Six fully equipped science laboratories Library Hi-tech computer suites Two theaters Art facilities Large gym with indoor swimming pool Extensive sports grounds WiFi internet access Classrooms with smartboards and projectors Tennis courts Soccer field Music/Dance Studio Campus Store Student residences



International Academy Private High Schools For Students 14 to 19

EF International Academy local admissions offices around the world Seoul, South Korea Taipei, Taiwan Jakarta, Indonesia Bangkok, Thailand Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam Hong Kong Shanghai, China Beijing, China Bangalore, India

Almaty, Kazakhstan Dubai, UAE Tehran, Iran Moscow, Russia St. Petersberg, Russia

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Luzern, Switzerland New York, US Mexico City, Mexico Sao Paulo, Brazil Caracas, Venezuela

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