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EF International Academy | International Private High School

Welcome to EF International Academy New York Dear Parents Thank you for your interest in EF International Academy – New York. Our school provides students with an exceptional opportunity to truly experience the benefits of a global education. Proudly our students follow the International Baccalaureate curriculum learning from world-class faculty members and working alongside classmates from over 40 countries. Our New York campus remains the quintessential location where learning opportunities are combined with classroom lessons and multicultural city experiences. Our world-class teachers and staff are dedicated to providing a personalized educational experience that prepares students for success in colleges, universities and beyond. Our newly renovated Academy Hall provides students with modern classrooms, well-equipped science laboratories and state-of-the art computer labs. We offer an abundance of after school, evening, and weekend activities which enhance the boarding school experience. Students enjoy all cultural celebrations and understand the value of sharing their experiences with others. Friendships come easy and follow students from their high school experiences to colleges and universities. A true international network of colleagues is built that will have long-term positive impact of lives of our students. Thank you for entrusting International Academy with the care and education of your child. I am certain that you will find that the experience of studying in our school will help your child become more proficient in English language and better prepared for success at colleges and universities in America and around the world.

Dr. Brian Mahoney Headmaster, EF International Academy New York

EF International Academy New York offers the IB Diploma Programme and is an IB World School. These are schools that share a common philosophy – a commitment to a high quality, challenging, international education that we believe is important for our students. Only schools authorized by the IB Organization can offer any of its three academic programs: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme. For further information about the IB and IB programs, visit EF International Academy New York is authorized by the University of the State of New York Education Department to grant official high school diplomas.


Our mission EF’s mission is to break down the barriers of language, culture and geography that divide us. In the past 45 years, EF’s educational programs have helped students of all nationalities to become truly global citizens.

At EF International Academy, we strive to ensure that all students graduate equipped with the knowledge and desire to succeed as compassionate, life-long learners. International focus EF International Academy is committed to academic excellence and we seek to provide an enriching environment for students, both socially and culturally. Our aim is to produce capable and caring young people who will help create a better and more peaceful world through knowledge and intercultural understanding.


Nurturing minds Our school prepares all students for college through challenging, engaging and satisfying coursework that enables every student to achieve continuous improvement in all academic areas. As an international school, EF International Academy motivates students to develop a deep appreciation for languages, mathematics, science, social studies, literature, modern technology, the arts and cultural diversity. As a boarding community, we encourage the development of character by espousing attributes such as citizenship, accountability and independence.

EF International Academy | International Private High School

Encouraging balance Our academic programs are highly demanding and our students are driven and committed to excellence. The boarding experience provides students with opportunities to unwind, relax and socialize with friends. Students work hard, but they also understand the importance of making the most of life in the process. EF International Academy strives to instill in students a strong sense of personal and social responsibility, the ability to think critically as well as the competence to communicate and contribute in an increasingly global community.

About EF International Academy New York What makes EF International Academy unique is its cosmopolitan atmosphere and global philosophy. Our international student body and geographically diverse faculty form a community – a nurturing home away from home where students interact with peers from every corner of the world.

The school offers challenging academic programs for students in grades 9 through 12, including the world-renowned International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. We are authorized by the state of New York and are also an official IB World School, empowered to grant the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Highest standards EF International Academy New York is a private, co-educational preparatory high school with a safe and attractive campus in Tarrytown, New York. We are governed by EF Education First, the largest private educational organization in the world, with headquarters in Switzerland.

A fulfilling experience At EF International Academy, the learning and maturing process never stops. It occurs in classrooms, over dinner-time conversations, at evening study hall, during after-school and weekend clubs, activities and sports.

Founded in 1965, EF has helped more than 4 million students experience an international education. Our New York academy is one of three EF International Academy campuses, which include Oxford and Torbay in Great Britain.

We believe that education is an ongoing process. We are committed to developing students’ knowledge, skills and passion for learning while expanding their horizons as well as exposing them to different cultures, people and ideas from around the world.

As a full boarding school, we provide a comprehensive education to our students, who come from more than 40 different countries.

Global citizens By bringing students together from all over of the world, we foster an environment that encourages open-mindedness,

curiosity and a desire to connect with and understand people from different backgrounds. Academically, we emphasize language and communication skills, along with math, science, humanities and the arts – knowledge that enables our students to excel in the global marketplace. Outside the classroom, students form lifelong friendships with classmates from other countries by living together in dormitories and sharing the common experiences of school life. This is a special experience, one that makes our community and students unique as it contributes to the international focus of our school. By the time our students graduate and move onto top universities in the United States and around the world, they are poised to shine in tomorrow’s global landscape. By graduation day, their years at EF International Academy have equipped them with an international perspective that takes others a lifetime to develop.


Building a foundation for lifelong learning In grades 9 and 10, our students develop a strong academic foundation that serves as the basis for future success. During these two years, students build skills and acquire knowledge that strengthen their ability to become analytical thinkers, inquisitive researchers as well as motivated and lifelong learners. They become equipped to succeed in the rigorous IB program that lies ahead in Grades 11 and 12 as well as excel in today’s global economy.


Gateway to the IB Diploma While students in grades 9 and 10 follow a course of study that is valuable in its own right, the aim of our curriculum is to prepare them for grades 11 and 12 at EF International Academy, when they will pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma. We have crafted an academic program with that goal in mind.

comprehensive, and it includes languages such as Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Korean, German and Vietnamese. The study of foreign language not only provides students with marketable skills in a global economy, it also teaches them to express themselves clearly, to understand other cultures and to value the power of words.

Broad curriculum The curriculum in grades 9 and 10 features a wide array of academic subjects. The focus is on academic achievement, but also on study skills and learning how to learn. In this way, our grades 9 and 10 program prepares students for the final two years of high school, when successful grades and test scores are critical for those seeking admission to the best colleges and universities worldwide.

Globally recognized The grades 9 and 10 program at EF International Academy follows globally recognized standards set by Cambridge University in accordance with the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). IGCSE courses offer an international perspective, and students will have the opportunity to sit for the prestigious and internationally recognized Cambridge International Examinations at the end of 10th grade.

Students complete coursework in five core subjects: languages, which includes both English and foreign language study, humanities and social sciences, mathematics, science, and the arts and public speaking. Our language program is uniquely

Establishing good habits We place an emphasis on developing cross-disciplinary study skills, such as research, writing, critical thinking and exam preparation. The curriculum also emphasizes significant nonacademic skills that prepare

EF International Academy | International Private High School

students for the rigors of high school, university and adult life, such as health and wellness, personal finances and time management. Outside class, students spend their free time participating in clubs and activities, community service and sports programs. Popular activities include the yearbook, drama club and Model United Nations. Students who complete grades 9 and 10 at the Academy are ideally positioned to continue their high school educations with our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Some students may even choose to study at one of our other campuses in England. Encouraging sound decisions In grades 9 and 10, young people develop interests that impact their future studies and careers. We provide regular guidance and support to students through our faculty advisor program. Students meet regularly with faculty advisors to review schoolwork, set goals and discuss their general welfare.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a challenging two-year curriculum that prepares students for top universities around the world. It has a global philosophy and is widely recognized as one of the world’s most prestigious high school attainments. Students at EF International Academy follow this academically rigorous curriculum during grades 11 and 12. IB World School EF International Academy New York is an IB World School, one of a select group of schools authorized to grant the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Only schools that meet the rigorous academic standards of the Geneva-based International Baccalaureate Organization are selected to be IB World Schools. Nurturing worldly thinkers The IB curriculum encourages students to ask challenging questions, become independent learners, develop a strong sense of personal identity and culture, and hone their ability to communicate and understand people from different countries and cultures. Community service is also an important part of the course. The IB Programme prepares students for top universities and future careers as responsible world citizens. Tangible achievements IB students take classes in six broad categories: literature, mathematics, humanities, experimental sciences, foreign languages and the arts. They also complete three core requirements: “Theory of Knowledge” is a cross-disciplinary course in which students develop critical thinking skills by exploring the nature of knowledge and facts. “Extended Essay” requires students to investigate a subject of their choice in a throughly researched 4000-word essay. “Creativity, Action and Service” asks students to learn

from real-life experiences outside the classroom. This includes activities such as community service, arts projects, sports and excursions. At the end of their studies, IB students take a series of written examinations, which are graded by IB examiners from outside the school. Students are also assessed for work conducted in school. Based on their examinations and internal assessments, students are awarded points, and those who earn a minimum of 24 points, out of a possible 45, are awarded the IB Diploma. A world of opportunities As the IB curriculum is taught and respected around the world, and as earning an IB Diploma is regarded internationally as a considerable achievement, completing the IB program truly opens up a world of opportunities. Admissions offices at universities in the United States, Great Britain and countries worldwide view the IB Diploma as a significant accomplishment. By earning an IB Diploma at EF International Academy New York, students are positioned to attend university anywhere in the world. Every year graduates from EF International Academy have gone on to study at some of the most prestigious universities around the globe, including Oxford and Cambridge.

For more information on the IB Diploma Program, visit www.

The IB curriculum focuses on six broad fields of study: literature, mathematics, humanities, experimental sciences, foreign languages and the arts. Students also complete three core requirements: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, and Creativity, Action and Service.

IB program model Candidates complete a course from each of these six areas of study


Distinguished faculty In addition to an incredibly diverse student body, our distinguished faculty has lived and educated young lives around the world. Each talented and highly-qualified member of our faculty encompasses not only a vast amount of experience, but in-depth-knowledge and a passion for the subject areas they teach. Their involvement with the students outside of the classroom is evident through the extracurricular activities they advise and the sports that they coach.

Dr. Claudia Trew I Principal of EF International Academy, New York BA & MA in English (Hons); PhD in English Literature With over 25 years of educational experience, Dr. Trew brings a wealth of knowledge to the school. She has taught English for 22 years, almost half of which were spent teaching A1 English in the IB Diploma programme. She believes that EF International Academy and the programmes we offer share the same goal of providing high quality, rigorous academic programmes in settings that foster intercultural understanding.

Head of Science Department, New York I Candice Beermann BS, MS in Secondary Science Education Ms. Beermann has been in the field of education for 10 years and prides herself on her ability to inspire a love of science in her students. She has an extensive educational background in both biology and chemistry, which allows her to bring significant expertise and insight into the classroom. She has been nominated for numerous teaching awards and won the Science Teacher competition hosted by Alberta Ingenuity. She works for the IB organization as Chemistry Paper 2 examiner and has participated in several IB training conferences.

Stephen Fleming | IB Biology Teacher B.S. Secondary Education Mr. Fleming studied biology at Siena College in Albany, New York and finished his studies at East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania receiving a diploma in Secondary Education. Mr. Fleming spent four years in Poland teaching English as a Second Language in Krakow and then IB Biology at the International American School in Warsaw. He recently moved back to the United States and has been teaching IB Biology at EF International Academy and also coaches the Ice Hockey Club and supervises the Environmental Club.

Tia Gueye I Head of Mathematics Department, New York BS, MS in Secondary Mathematics Education A dynamic mathematics and science teacher, Ms. Gueye brings enthusiasm to her subjects. She has extensive experience teaching mathematics in New York City high schools as part of the NY City Teaching Fellows Program. In addition to this, Ms. Gueye has considerable experience teaching and tutoring SAT, GMAT and GRE mathematics.


EF International Academy | International Private High School

Meet our students With over 40 countries represented at EF International Academy, students gain a truly unique global experience. Being surrounded by individuals from all walks of life grants students a passport to the world all on one campus.

Laura Auketayeva I Kazakhstan Studying IB has really prepared me to think individually, critically and made me highly self-confident and ready to go into further education at the university level.

Who is an EF International Academy student? Our students come from countries on different continents, from cities and rural areas, and from almost every background imaginable. It’s nearly impossible to describe our students in a few words. However, a typical EF International Academy student does possess certain character traits. Our students are … … Intellectually curious: They are naturally interested in the world around them and are internally motivated to learn more.

Kristian Tveit Diskerud I Norway The teachers at EF are excellent and qualified. They spend a lot of time helping with classwork and assignments. My tutor worked closely with me composing my university applications including my personal statement.

Zoe Lutar I Brewster, NY (USA) What made me choose EF was not just the vigorous program, but the diversity that I was going to experience. I would be able to meet so many people from around the world. I get to develop friendships worldwide, and that’s why I chose EF.

Carlos Grandos Martinez I Spain I am very satisfied with what I’ve learned in this experience. Academically I am honored with the Student of the Year nomination and very grateful to all faculty and staff who helped me gain acceptance at the University of Virginia a first-class academic institution.

Zhi-Chang Joo Hoo I Chile Aside from the academics, EF International Academy is a nice place to study because there are many international students here and you get to know the cultures from all over the world which will help me better understand my subject of study, International Business Management.

… Hardworking: In addition to managing busy classroom schedules and homework assignments, our students dedicate significant time to independent study and research. … Multilingual: Many students speak two or more languages when they come to EF International Academy. … Open-minded: Living and studying with classmates from around the world takes an open mind and a willingness to listen and change as a person. … Creative: They love music, theater and literature, but their creativity isn’t limited to the arts, it’s also found in math class, science lab and on the sports field. … Ready to laugh: A good sense of humor helps students cope with life’s occasional setbacks, not to mention challenging workloads. … Eager to have fun: Students enjoy rock climbing, soccer, bicycling along the river and taking school excursions to Boston and Washington D.C. … Responsible: Living in a dorm leads to independence and maturity, but our students know that independence comes with responsibilities. … Motivated: Students from around the globe live on our campus in New York; they are motivated to succeed, and they are motivated to make the world a better place. … Enthusiastic: In the classroom, on the sports field, and during passionate late-night debates, our students bring enthusiasm to every endeavor.


Residential Life Our students become part of a close-knit community, like one big family, where they receive support and supervision and form enduring friendships. Home away from home Most of our students are living away from home – and their home country – for the first time in their lives, and their wellbeing is our primary concern. Students quickly begin to cherish the independence and camaraderie that come with dorm life. They share meals together, participate in evening study groups with classmates, chat informally with house parents and unwind on

weekend afternoons. Dormitory life creates an environment where students grow, expand their horizons and form everlasting friendships. It’s not long before they consider themselves part of one big family. Living in a dorm For students, living with peers from other countries and from other age groups is a unique opportunity. Younger students look up to juniors and seniors, and as a result, older students develop a sense of leadership and responsibility when it comes to mentoring younger dorm mates. Supervised independence EF International Academy New York encourages personal growth by providing a supportive and safe environment for students. Faculty

members live in student dormitories as house parents to provide around-the-clock supervision and offer a helping hand when needed. Life in the dorm relies on an environment of mutual trust and respect, an environment where students learn that their independence comes with expectations and responsibilities. On a day-to-day basis, the interaction between students and house parents is friendly and relaxed. Students may seek help with schoolwork in the lounge or discuss current events over dinner in the cafeteria. On a more formal level, each student meets weekly with a faculty advisor to discuss schoolwork, college applications and overall welfare. It is our goal that students develop into independent, self-

motivated individuals, and the dorm experience contributes to this goal. Parental involvement We encourage parents to stay involved and maintain regular contact with their son or daughter. We regularly send home grades and written reports, and we welcome parents to our campus by hosting “family days,� which provide an opportunity for parents to visit dormitories, meet teachers and explore the school and town of Tarrytown. EF International Academy New York operates an easy-to-use intranet portal, which allows parents at home to go online to check students’ grades, follow school news and read up-to-date notes from teachers.

Student Activities Whether they’re rehearsing choreography for an upcoming school play, swimming laps in the pool or debating mock resolutions as part of the Model United Nations, our students energetically dedicate themselves to a variety of activities outside the classroom.

Athletics EF International Academy New York boasts a number of athletic facilities, including an indoor competition swimming pool, a fitness center, basketball courts and sports fields. With students from around the globe, it’s no surprise that soccer is

a popular sport, along with swimming, track and field, volleyball, and basketball. Many of our students enjoy participating in other active pursuits, such as rock climbing, yoga, dance classes, tai chi, distance running, or jogging along the Hudson River.

Arts Theater provides a wonderful opportunity for students to express themselves. Performing on stage, in front of an audience, builds confidence and develops public speaking skills. Students act, sing, dance, perform music, and design costumes and stage settings. Producing a show allows students to experience the thrill of completing

a tangible project, from beginning to end, on a tight deadline – learning that, after all, the show must go on.

Model United Nations With Model United Nations, students from EF International Academy and other schools simulate United Nations proceedings. In doing so, they learn about international politics, diplomacy, public speaking and current events. Our students play the roles of diplomats and simulate a number of different UN scenarios. For instance, they might manage a crisis in the Security Council or debate resolutions in the General Assembly. With our international student body, a student from Germany, for instance, may play the roll of a Brazilian diplomat. This adds complexity to our Model UN proceedings.

School clubs Other popular clubs and activities at EF International Academy include yearbook, student council, debate, cooking club, fashion design, choir, photography, movie club and chess club. We encourage students to pursue their interests, and with help from the activities office, we support student initiatives to organize new and exciting extracurricular opportunities. Other clubs: Newspaper, Yoga, Environmental, Drawing, Culture, Spanish, Musician’s Club, Vocal Ensemble and a Strength & Conditioning Club.

University counseling and career guidance As much as students enjoy their time at EF International Academy, most look forward the next step of their academic careers: attending university. We work extremely hard with our students to ensure that they achieve their goals. EF International Academy New York provides an array of college counseling services and resources to ensure students find the right college and are able to navigate the increasingly competitive world of university admissions.

Finding the right match

Fairs and campus visits

When applying to university, it is important to find the right fit. Students work with university placement counselors to assess their aspirations, interests and career goals along with their abilities, grades and test scores. In addition to helping students find the right match, our university counselors guide students through the process of completing applications, taking standardized tests, writing personal essays and preparing for interviews.

As part of our college counseling program, students are allotted time to visit university campuses and attend college fairs, and we recommend they use this time to learn about different colleges and opportunities.

We see this process as a period of discovery and growth for students. We encourage them to take the lead in the process, and our university placement counselors help them navigate, offering valuable support and advice. Students find out a great deal about themselves as they learn to apply significant amounts of maturity and thought to the task of making an important decision.


Eyes on careers Career advisors work individually with each student to discuss career goals and formulate a career strategy. This plays an important role in choosing the right college.

Poised for success A succesful college admissions process results in students being accepted to institutions that fit their individual needs and aspirations, where they will be happy and productive. Students who complete the IB Diploma are well positioned to enroll

EF International Academy | International Private High School

in the best colleges and universities in the United States and around the world. In Great Britain, where we have been advising and counseling university-bound students for several years, our students consistently place into the nation’s top 10 universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics and Imperial College London.

University credits Many American colleges and universities award credits to students who have successfully completed IB courses. This is determined by individual institutions and academic departments. However, many IB graduates will be able to take more advanced classes in their first year of college. In some instances, IB graduates may earn enough credits to graduate from college early.

EF International Academy’s university counseling support guarantees success for every student. Each student is assigned an experienced university placement counselor who will work closely with them to devise an individual application strategy. Students receive help and support regarding: • • • • •

Completing applications Preparation for standardized tests Writing personal essays University campus visits University credits for advanced IB courses

EF International Academy students have been accepted to the following universities and colleges: University Acceptances within the US American University Arizona State University Auburn University Babson College Bentley University Boston University California College of Arts California State University Clark University Connecticut College Drexel University Florida Institute of Technology Fordham University George Mason University Georgia Institute of Technology Hofstra University lowa State University James Madison University Long Island University Massachusetts College of Art and Design Massachusetts College of Pharmacy Michigan State University North Eastern University Pace University Parson The New School of Design Penn State University Purdue University Rensselaer Polytechnic University Rochester Institute of Technology Seton Hall University St. Johns University Suffolk University Syracuse University Temple University University of Arizona UCLA UC - Irvine, Davis, San Diego University of Connecticut University of lowa University of Maryland University of Massachusetts - Amherst University of Miami University of Minnesota University of Pittsburgh University of Vermont University of Vermont University of Washington University of Wisconsin - Madison

University Acceptances outside the US University of Cambridge Imperial College London University of British Columbia

University of Oxford University of Hong Kong Hamburg University of Technology

London School of Economics ETH Zurich European Business School



Our campus EF International Academy’s New York campus is located in a safe and tranquil setting in Tarrytown, a small town 40 minutes north of Manhattan by train.

Historic grounds Our secure 25-acre campus on the Hudson River, formerly the university campus of Marymount College, is the ideal place to live and learn. Three iconic buildings on campus – Butler, Gerard and Academy halls – were

built in the 1930s and are designated historic landmarks in Tarrytown.

Modern conveniences Facilities on campus include an indoor competition swimming pool, fully equipped science laboratories, computer suites, three theaters, a fitness center, art studios, wireless Internet access, sprawling sports fields, basketball and tennis courts, and more.

Small town charm Tarrytown, NY, is a picturesque Northeastern town with quaint stores and local restaurants, where the pace of life is unhurried. Tarrytown is 25 miles north of New York City and has a population of about 11,000. It is best known as the setting for Washington Irving’s story, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” and it is the site of the John D. Rockefeller Estate, which served as home to four generations of the Rockefeller family.

EF International Academy UK campuses EF International Academy has two additional campuses, which are located in Great Britain. One is in historic Oxford, and the other is on the English coast in the bourough of Torbay. Some students, after completing grades 9 and 10 in New York, may decide, after careful consideration, to cross the Atlantic and finish their high school careers at an EF International Academy campus in the UK.

EF International Academy Oxford As home to the world’s oldest English-speaking university, Oxford is infused with history, tradition and academic prestige. Our students enjoy a rich and challenging educational experience and become immersed in Oxford’s vibrant culture of learning. Oxford, “the city of dreaming spires,” is a gateway to unsurpassed opportunities. It is a hub of student culture and activity, a historic university town filled with cafes, bookshops, museums and taverns. EF International Academy Oxford’s private grounds sit atop Headington Hill, which overlooks Oxford’s stunning spires and river valley. Our campus is less than an hour away from London and is close to shops, restaurants and tranquil parks. Students at our Oxford campus study for British advanced level exams, known as A-levels, and we plan to introduce the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in 2011.

EF Oxford

EF Torbay

EF International Academy Torbay On the southern coast of England, Torbay is part of the “English Riviera.” It has a relatively warm climate, with subtropical vegetation, sandy beaches, elegant marinas and waterfront promenades lined with palm trees. EF International Academy Torbay is housed in a modernized 1830’s campus, overlooking the water, which students affectionately call the “castle.” The campus is close to Torbay’s parks, bistros and boutiques. Torbay’s small community and relaxed atmosphere provide the ideal setting for students to learn and grow. When not in classes, students enjoy sailing, playing golf, studying at outdoor cafes and a host of other activities. They also enjoy excursions to places like London, Oxford and Stonehenge. Students in Torbay study British A-levels or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

British A-level exams EF International Academy students in the UK choose between the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and a curriculum that prepares them for British advanced level exams, known as A-levels. The A-level exams are the traditional pathway into British universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge. A-level students typically specialize in four academic subjects, though some choose five. They study these subjects in depth for two years. These two years are known as “sixth form,” and they are equivalent to the final two years of high school in the U.S. system. Students take important final exams at the end of their first and second years of sixth form, and their performance on these exams in large part determines which universities will offer them a place.


Admissions information On this page you will find some basic information about applying to EF International Academy New York. We invite you to contact us if you have questions, would like to schedule a campus tour, or would like to receive application material.


Age requirements


EF International Academy operates a holistic admissions procedure. In order to enroll in EF International Academy programs, students must demonstrate the following:

New York: • Students wishing to attend in EF International Academy in grades 9 or 10 should be aged 14 to 16, and they should have completed grades 8 or 9.

1) That they are mature enough to cope with the demands of the program, including living in a boarding school community, coping with a new environment and dealing with the demands of living and working independently.

• Students wishing to enroll directly in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in New York should have completed grades 9 and 10, or the equivalent, at EF International Academy or elsewhere.

EF International Academy is committed to helping promising students receive a worldclass education and reach their full potential. For this reason, EF International Academy offers a limited number of scholarships each year to students around the globe who are highly motivated and talented. To learn more about EF International Academy scholarship opportunities, please contact our admissions office.

2) That they are capable of dealing with the academic requirements and standards of EF International Academy programs.

United Kingdom: • Students wishing to join the IB Diploma or A-level programs in Oxford or Torbay should be at least 16 years old within 28 days of their arrival at the school.

We conduct individual interviews as well as placement testing. Please contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment Having been committed to international education for over 45 years, EF Education First has a wealth of experience in student selection, and staff members are adept at identifying students who will flourish in new environments.

Academic entry requirements EF International Academy is an academically rigorous school and incoming students should have a solid academic record. We review applications on a caseby-case basis. Don’t hesitate to contact us to ask questions, learn more or discuss your academic background with one of our admissions consultants.


Admissions procedures Students should contact EF International Academy to receive admissions materials. Send an e-mail to or call our admissions office at 914 597 7241. To apply, the following documents need to be submitted: 1) Completed application form 2) Most recent available high school transcript 3) Completed statement of purpose 4) Letter of recommendation from school Please note: Students whose native language is not English may be required to submit test results from English proficiency examinations.

EF International Academy | International Private High School

Contact information To learn more about EF International Academy and admissions procedures, or to request application materials, please use the following contact information: Address: EF  International Academy 100 Marymount Avenue, Butler Hall, Tarrytown, NY 10591 E-mail: Phone: 914 597 7241 Fax: 914 597 7260 Website: Kristina Cherubino, Admissions Manager


North America


Boston Chicago Denver Fort Lauderdale Honolulu Los Angeles Miami Beach Montréal New York Seattle San Diego San Francisco Santa Barbara Toronto Vancouver


Amsterdam Antwerp Athens Barcelona Berlin Bournemouth Brighton Bristol Brussels Budapest Cambridge Copenhagen Dublin Ekaterinburg Hastings Helsinki Istanbul Lausanne Lisbon London Luxemburg Luzern Lugano Madrid Malaga Manchester Milano Moscow Munich Nice Nizhny Novgorod Novosibirsk Oslo Oxford Paris Prague Rome Sevilla Sochi St.Julians Stockholm St. Petersburg Torquay Tumen Turin Valencia Vladivostok Vienna Vilnius Warsaw Zurich

EF Schools and Offices Around the World South America

Bogota Buenos Aires Campinas Caracas Cordoba Fortalega Guadalajara Guayaquil Lima Medellín Mexico City Monterrey Panama City Rio de Janeiro San José Santa Domingo Santiago Saõ Paulo Tamarindo Quito

EF International Academy 100 Marymount Avenue, Butler Hall, Tarrytown, NY 10591 T 914 597 7241 F 914 597 7260

Middle East Dubai Jeddah Riyadh Tehran

South Pacific Auckland Brisbane Singapore Sydney Perth


Cape Town

EF International Academies are accredited by The EF school in Oxford is:

The EF schools in Torbay and Oxford are members of:

The EF school in Torbay is accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education:

The EF school in New York is accredited by:

Almaty Bangkok Beijing Chengdu Fukuoka Guangzhou Hanoi Ho Chih Minh Hong Kong Jakarta Kaoshiung Kyoto Nagoya Osaka Pusan Seoul Shanghai Shenzhen Taegu Taichung Tainan Taipei Tokyo

The EF school in New York is a member of:

EF International Academy in New York and Torbay are IB World Schools offering the IB Diploma Programme. EF International Academy in Oxford is a candidate school* for the Diploma Programme, pursuing authorization as an IB World School. These are schools that share a common philosophy – a commitment to a high quality, challenging, international education that we believe is important for our students. *Only schools authorized by the IB Organization can offer any of its three academic programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme. Candidate status gives no guarantee that authorization will be granted. For further information about the IB and IB programs, visit

EF International Academy Brochure  

Online brochure for EF International Academy US

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