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FOR STUDENTS AGED 14 TO 19 YEARS A-level Programme International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme IGCSE Programme North American High School Grades 9-12 Oxford, United Kingdom Torbay, United Kingdom New York, USA Vancouver, Canada

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EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

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Secure Your Future.

EF Academy is part of EF Education First, the leader in global education since 1965. The organisation’s mission has long been “to break down barriers in language, culture and geography.” EF Academy takes that mission one step further, allowing high school students to spend up to four years in the US, UK or Canada, immersed in world-class education systems as they prepare for success in university and beyond.


“We believe in every individual student’s ability to succeed. It’s the most powerful thing we do in our schools.” – Mark Seman, President, EF Academy


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

Welcome to EF Academy Dear Student, I commend your willingness to invest in yourself by earning an international high school diploma. A world of opportunity now lies before you as both a student — and future graduate — of EF Academy. At EF, we believe in every student’s ability to succeed. We empower them to do so through renowned curricula and modern facilities, as well as quality one-on-one relationships with teachers and mentors alike. This is a school that values differences. Our students hail from 60 countries, and each student — and culture — is a valuable part of our campus life. Indeed, this is a school where you will find inspiration in your fellow peers just as often as you find it in your teachers and your academic curriculum. As an IB World School, EF Academy truly embodies the ideals of internationalism and global perspective. Students play an interactive role in the classroom. There is time to explore passions beyond one’s coursework, and a shared belief that a wellrounded perspective is vital to success later in life. In short, EF Academy is a school like none other, full of equally unique students and faculty members who are eager to make a mark on the world around them. I thank you for taking time to learn about us. I encourage you to contact your local EF Academy Admissions Office to find out more about our programmes.

Mark Seman President, EF Academy



EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

Why choose EF academy At EF Academy, we are more than a world-class boarding school. We guide our students to discover a world of possibility within themselves. Our diverse faculty have experience helping international students thrive in the classroom, ensuring long-term success in high school, university and beyond. As a four-year international high school, we prepare students for placement in top universities worldwide. And with four global campuses, and students from 60+ nations, the internationalism of our curriculum — and our student body — is truly unparalleled.

Four Campus Locations

Personal Learning Environment

New York, United States Oxford, United Kingdom Torbay, United Kingdom Vancouver, Canada

Our student-teacher ratio is just 15:1, allowing our teachers to nurture every individual student’s strengths and goals.

Global Perspective

Top University Placement

Study alongside students from 60 nations, gaining a firsthand view of world history, politics, and economics from fellow classmates.

90% accepted to first-choice university 26% accepted into top 10 US universities 41% accepted into top 10 UK universities

 World-Class Faculty

45+ Years of Success

90% of our teachers hold Masters and PhD degrees. They speak a combined total of 45 languages and have worked in more than 50 countries worldwide.

EF Academy is part of EF Education First, the leader in global education since 1965.

Unparalleled choice. Unrivalled opportunity.


Natalie, Norway

Markus, Finland

Xin, China

Gendy, Egypt

Josh, United Kingdom

Sinning, Hong Kong

Supakorn, Thailand

Rhaikhan, Kazakhstan

Tomislav, Spain

Marcus, Norway

One Global School Anastasia, Russia

Sze Wing, Hong Kong

Diversity enhances learning, and EF Academy is unrivalled in its diversity, drawing together students from over 60 nations. Learning alongside top peers from around the globe, our students encounter new cultures, perspectives, and beliefs in every single classroom exchange. For instance, students don’t simply read about history. They discuss current events in real-time with fellow classmates who have firsthand knowledge of the political and economic systems in Germany, China, Canada, the United States and more. Diversity enables students to think critically about the world and their place in it, encouraging them to become self-motivated global citizens ready to lead tomorrow’s world.

Anna Lisa, Germany

Sherif, Nigeria

“When you think globally, you will achieve bigger things.” – Dameli, Kazakhstan Alice, Rwanda

Maria, Mexico

Tam, Vietnam

Tom, Netherlands

Tifani, Indonesia

Elodie, Canada

Omid, Iran

Lisa, Germany

Paul, South Korea

Georgina, Germany

Luis and Roxane, Venezuela

Maria, Chile


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

Ka Weng, Malaysia

Margaretta and Kamilla, Norway

Jasie, Taiwan

Joon, South Korea

Tina, Iran

Cherry, China

Steffen, Germany

Rena, Hong Kong

Inge, Norway

Iga, Poland

Krit, Thailand

Tolu, Nigeria

Sofia, Mexico

Maria Victoria, Argentina

Jihun, Korea

Andrea, Italy

Tzu Chieh, Taiwan

Manh Tuan, Vietnam

Petro, Ukraine

Renan, Brazil

Mina, Japan

Addison, United States

Radolphe, France

Malika, Kazakhstan

Youssef, Morocco

Isabel, Norway

Melissa, Mexico

Lisa, Germany

Roman, Russia

Natalyia, Slovakia

Mammad, Azerbaijan

Iria, Spain

Sheel, India

Ana Lucia, Columbia

Khanh Quang, Vietnam


Vibrant Student Life The EF Academy campus has an energy like no other. This is a school where students actively seek to learn more about one another — where making friends is easy, and opportunities to get involved in campus life are nearly endless. At EF Academy, we provide the platform for students to create their own unique campus experience. Students play a prominent role in every aspect of our campus, from leading classroom discussions to launching student clubs, and competing in athletic events. On any given day, students can be found organizing charity events, performing musical recitals, or debating global issues with an international group of friends — ­­ all with support from EF faculty and staff.

“Every day brings new opportunity for friendship and discovery.” – Raquel, Brazil


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools


Alice, Rwanda “EF Academy is my dream school. I have always loved learning about new cultures. But here there are tons of other students — and teachers — who are just as excited to learn about mine. Every day, we share food, language, and music. We organise Multicultural Day and create clubs to celebrate and learn about each other. It’s an atmosphere I have never experienced anywhere else.”

simen, Norway “My goal in coming to EF Academy was to challenge myself in the classroom. My teachers encouraged me to challenge myself in the outside world, as well. Through the school’s Duke of Edinburgh programme, I’m training for a four-day outdoor adventure expedition — with help and support from my faculty and friends. They want me to succeed just as much as I do. It’s a pretty awesome feeling.”


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

Kelvin, Hong Kong “At EF, academics are the primary focus of our day. But we’re always encouraged to take a break and take care of ourselves. Here, I play football and swim. I’m in the economics club. I make time for my friends — all while getting a great education.”

Cesar, Mexico “When my family first moved to England, I thought I would miss my world back home. But being at EF Academy changed that. Everyone comes from a different place, and we all help each other succeed — whether we’re in class, or playing out on the football field. I never realized what I am capable of until I came here.”


EF All the Way Support is at the heart of the EF Academy experience. From the initial admissions process in your home country, through graduation, and beyond, EF’s global network keeps students and their families informed, connected, and prepared for success.

At Home

For University

Local admissions counsellors help students identify the campus and academic programme best suited to their goals. Once classes begin, campus-based counsellors continue to serve as liaisons between the school and family back home so that parents always have a personal contact who can update them in real time regarding their child’s ongoing progress.

Personal advisers guide students through the university placement process beginning their first month on campus. They help with research, exam preparation, mock examinations, university visits, and more. Advisers conduct regular meetings with students and parents alike to ensure that each student is on track with both academic goals and the application process. This mentorship is invaluable in securing the best possible acceptance for every student.

On Campus Teachers are the most powerful source of support on every EF Academy campus. With experience living and teaching all over the world, their backgrounds are as diverse as the students they teach. As such, they are deeply committed to helping students feel comfortable in the EF Academy learning environment.

Beyond EF Academy Alumni are an equally important part of the EF experience. The EF Academy Alumni Association ensures that students stay connected to the invaluable network of global peers — and lifelong friends — they build during their stay. Because of the close relationships they form throughout high school, our alumni support one another in the world beyond the EF campus, helping each other find internships, form invaluable career connections, and more.

“We position every student for success.” – Ted McGrath, Head Teacher, EF Oxford

Cy Webber, director of college placement at EF Academy Oxford, meets regularly with students to ensure that they are on a successful path to university.


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools


“EF Academy faculty do more than teach. They encourage me to discover my place in the world.” – Taylor, Vietnam

Chemistry teacher Bob East incorporates hands-on laboratory experiments into his curriculum to help students understand and retain course material. All EF Academy campuses feature modern science laboratories and equipment.


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

WORLD-CLASS FACULTY Teachers are the heart of every EF Academy classroom, inspiring students with their passion, expertise and endless personal support. Faculty make themselves available throughout each school day, offering one-on-one help and encouragement whenever needed. They are a key element of individual student success, ensuring top examination scores while building student morale and confidence at every turn. Our faculty welcome a variety of viewpoints, and incorporate a wide range of cultural perspectives into classroom discussion. They understand and appreciate the differing backgrounds and opinions of our diverse student body. They also know what it’s like to live in a new country, and they make every effort to help students understand complex subjects and feel confident both in and out of the classroom.

90 % Hold Masters or PhD degrees

45 Languages spoken amongst EF faculty and staff

50 Number of countries in which EF faculty have taught

15:1 Average student-to-teacher ratio in EF Academy classrooms, with some classes as low as 5:1.


“I take comfort in knowing my child is safe and well-cared for.” – Mr. Santos, Parent, Venezuela

Students at EF Academy meet with personal advisers and counsellors, like Torbay’s Shirley Lyden, one-on-one every week to ensure their well-being.


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

A Personal Approach to student Care The EF Academy experience is a personal one, with constant care and support from teachers, staff, and the greater EF community.

Personal advisers help students balance the demands of a rigorous academic curriculum with the excitement of being away from home. Advisers meet with their students one-on-one every single week to make sure that they are thriving in the high school environment. Mock examinations, constructive feedback, and progress reports are a regular part of academic life.

Guidance counsellors provide ongoing support in both individual and group settings. They also work with host parents to ensure that students are nurtured and properly cared for in their home lives. Dorm parents offer around-theclock guidance to students living in the EF Academy dormitories, whether they need help with homework or just a friendly ear at the end of the day. They live on site with the students throughout the academic year.

Host parents provide a safe and secure environment to students who choose to live in host family accommodation. All host families are carefully selected and have hosted international students for many years. Host parents are often invited to participate in student activities, exhibits, and performances, creating a “family� feeling on every campus. Local admissions counsellors keep parents informed and connected, sending news and updates about each child’s continued progress.

EF Academy host families are personally selected and have long-standing relationships with our school and student community.


“Our ultimate goal is to find the best acceptance for every student.’’ – Cassandra Dragon, Director of College Placement, EF Academy New York


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

top University Placement At EF Academy, students begin planning for successful university placement as soon as they arrive on campus. A full-time university placement adviser is assigned to each student, and together they work to chart a detailed path to acceptance at the student’s university of choice, be it in the United States, the United Kingdom or worldwide.

Oxford, Cambridge and Ivy League candidates EF Academy counsellors maintain close relationships with admissions teams at Oxbridge and Ivy League universities. Counsellors perform mock interviews so that students can speak confidently about their coursework, and provide ongoing opportunities for test preparation and personal essay review. A-Level students in the UK undertake an additional two hours of independent course work and research per week to gain an edge in the application process.

Medical degree candidates Counsellors provide expert guidance to ensure that students are fully prepared to meet the extremely challenging entrance criteria associated with medical school admissions. They help students research and identify suitable courses; arrange visits to top universities; and organize internships with local doctors and hospitals to fulfil relevant work experience requirements.

University Placement 90%

of students are accepted into their first-choice universities


of students are accepted into top 10 UK universities


of students are accepted into top 10 US universities


of students are accepted to Oxford, Cambridge Ivy League universities


of students are accepted to medical schools

Scholarships $1.8 M

of scholarships awarded by top universities to EF Academy graduates in 2012

Test Scores Average SAT Math score of an EF student is 100 points higher than the national average


100 % Acceptance Rate EF Academy students achieve 100 % placement at top universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and more. Our school maintains close partnerships with a number of distinguished universities, where our students are often granted preferred placement in their admissions process. 90 % of EF students gain admission to their top-choice universities. The following is a sample of recent university offers for EF students.

Student Name country University Acceptance Yun Zhang Zhamilya Meshitbay Sining Liu Olga Dozortseva Mariska Dahm Yoosof Sadat Torshizi Olexiy Stepchenkov Khulod Sedawi Georgina Feyyi Ye Hoon Shin Daisuke Yamaguchi Xinyuan Xie Cheuk Pui Eugene Tso Anna Ivanova Firuza Dzhakhangirli Sunju Kang Minh Nhat Nguyen David Knabe Lucia Rodriguez Yue Zou Olivia Sorensen Yun-Hsuan Lee Ly Nhah Tran Mariana Prado Ada Tony-Muoh Niels Grigat Xindi Wang Cheng-Hsiang Hsiao Nagib Boussad Raquel Nunes Palmeira Markus Tornquist Mimmi Lindquist Javier Estevez-Lopez

China Kazakhstan China Russia Germany Iran Ukraine Libya Nigeria South Korea Japan China Hong Kong Russia Russia South Korea Vietnam Switzerland Venezuela China Denmark Taiwan Vietnam Brazil Nigeria Germany China Taiwan Venezuela Brazil Norway Sweden Spain

University of Oxford University of Cambridge Imperial College London London School of Economics University of Durham McGill University University of Warwick King’s College London, Dentistry University of Leicester, Medicine Columbia University Harvard University University of California, Los Angeles University of Exeter Williams College University of Newcastle, Medicine Georgia Institute of Technology University of Texas, Austin University of York University of California, San Diego University of Warwick Savannah College of Art & Design Emory University University of California, Davis New York University University of Bath Hamburg University of Technology University of Amsterdam University of Michigan University of Hong Kong Science & Tech University College London St. Andrews University University of California, Berkeley Boston University

University Preparation Calendar +24 months

18-24 months

15-18 months

12-15 months

9-12 months

Enrol in EF Academy IGCSE (Grades 9-10), IB Diploma, or A-Level programmes to gain strong academic foundation and adapt to the US/UK education system.

Begin university admission process and meet EF Academy university placement adviser. Visit universities during school break.

Create short list of universities to research. Attend first SAT preparation course, and begin partaking in mock interviews. Oxbridge and medical aspirants begin specialist preparation.

Evaluate preliminary list of universities with parents. Continue to visit universities of interest. Take first SAT test.

Make final course selection for UK. Oxbridge and medical aspirants undertake internships. Draft personal statement. Attend university fairs, and continue to visit universities of interest. Prepare for SAT/TOEFL.


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

“My university adviser was there for me every step of the way.” – Ye Hoon Shin, Korea Accepted to Columbia University, ranked 4th in the USA

▶ 6-9 months

3-6 months

1-3 months


Visit the campuses of top universities and meet with admission counsellors. Take final SAT test. Submit UCAS applications to Oxbridge/Medical/ Dental/Law schools. Finish the college essay and apply to US universities by Dec. 31.

Apply to UK universities by Jan 15. Receive conditional offers for UK and final acceptances for US universities by mid March.

Narrow down university acceptances upon consultation with advisers and parents. Study for A-Level and IB exams.

Complete A-Level and IB exams and await results. Make final university selection.

Enrol in a world-class university


campus locations EF Academy offers local and international students the opportunity to study in one of four global locations. Students can choose the academic setting that is most suited to their goals and needs.

Oxford, UK Torbay, UK New York, US Vancouver, CAN


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

“The ability to choose a campus that suits one’s personality and passion is an incredibly empowering thing.” – Debbie Chatterton, Principal, EF Academy Torbay


EF Academy

Oxford, UK

Ted McGrath, Head Teacher BEd (Hons) Ms. McGrath has extensive experience in international education and leadership and is committed to developing quality academic programmes and raising standards in education. She undertook frequent responsibilities for the IB Organisation in the Asia Pacific region while serving as Head of Sixth Form and IB Coordinator for 7 years at the Dulwich School in Thailand. In 2002 she received the European Council of International Schools Award for the promotion of international education.


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

Study in the academic heart of Great Britain


Programmes offered: International Baccalaureate Diploma, A-Level, High School Preparation

Accommodation type: Student Residence, Homestay

Students: 250 ................................................................................

Address: Pullens Lane Headington Oxford OX3 0DT ................................................................................

Oxford is just an hour from London by bus.

Just like the greater city of Oxford, the EF Academy Oxford campus is defined by its academic energy. The school attracts ambitious students who share the determination to make the most of every learning opportunity in their adopted city.

Getting to Know Oxford The academic heart of Great Britain, Oxford is renowned for its scholastic tradition and rich cultural and architectural heritage. Oxford has been a centre of learning for more than 1,000 years and students are still the heart of this vibrant, multicultural city. Whether you are studying at the famed Bodleian Library, visiting the botanical gardens or browsing books at Blackwell’s, you’ll never tire of exploring Oxford’s historic courts and cobbled lanes.

EF Oxford Campus Located in a restored, centuries-old mansion known as Cotuit Hall, EF Academy Oxford features traditional buildings with multimedia classrooms, comfortable dormitories, an expansive student cafeteria, language and science laboratories and several inviting student lounge areas.

English teacher Debbie McNally is just one of many esteemed faculty members on the EF Academy Oxford campus.

Getting Around Town The EF Academy campus is located just 10 minutes from Oxford’s city centre. Bikes are one of the most popular ways for students to get around town, but buses are also quick and convenient. Oxford is located within an hour of London, and buses run 24 hours a day between the two cities.

Accommodation Students at the EF Academy Oxford campus have the option of staying in on-campus dormitories with fellow students, or living with local British host families off campus.


“My world filled up here — with friends, with knowledge, with inspiration.”

Ingebjørg, Norway “When I came to EF Academy Oxford, I knew I would find amazing classes and teachers. But what surprised me most was how easily I found friends. They encouraged me to try new things — like joining the football team and Glee Club, and playing tenor horn in Oxford's Brass Band. This is a school where you never have to be afraid to take chances, and where there will always be someone cheering you on at the finish line. That is a very special thing to find — in a boarding school, or anywhere in life.”


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

Oxford Student Life A dedicated Director of Student Life organizes a wealth of clubs and excursions every week, ranging from hiking and cycling to newspaper and Debate Club. In addition, EF Academy Oxford students have full access to a wide range of lectures, museums, and exhibits on offer from Oxford University. Shops, restaurants, cafes and cinemas are within easy reach of the school. Students also enjoy access to the outstanding facilities of Oxford Brooks University, located a few minutes’ walk from the EF Academy Oxford campus.

Oxford University is just 10 minutes from the EF Academy campus.

EF Oxford Activities

................................................................................. Sports Football Climbing Cycling Basketball Rugby Clubs The Badger Newspaper Debate Duke of Edinburgh Fashion & Design Big Bang Theory Model UN Photography Service Opportunities Children in Need International Day of Peace Oxfam St. John Ambulance Excursions Cornbury Park bushcraft weekend Clothes Show Live fashion show Visits to UK universities World Challenge trip to Morocco School Events Cultural Festival Ice Skating & Bowling Sports Day Summer Ball

.................................................................................. A sampling of Oxford activities


EF Academy

torbay, UK Trevor Spence, Headmaster BA hons MA ILMP Mr. Spence is an international educator with more than 20 years of teaching experience, much of it working in independent schools in South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. He has a qualification in International Leadership and Management and believes strongly that quality teaching and an enriching learning environment are essential for young people to achieve their maximum potential.


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools


Programmes offered: International Baccalaureate Diploma, IGCSE, A-Level, High School Preparation

Accommodation type: Student Residence, Homestay

Students: 400 ................................................................................

Address: EF House, Castle Road Torbay, Devon TQ1 3BG ................................................................................

Located on the Southwest Coast of England, Torbay is a city popular with British and international travellers alike. Known as the English Riviera, the region offers a wealth of beaches, restaurants, coffee shops, sports fields, and theatres while retaining the safe and quiet atmosphere that students need to learn effectively.

Getting to Know Torbay Torbay benefits from a mild climate throughout the year, as well as proximity to some of the United Kingdom’s most beautiful countryside in the surrounding county of Devon. Biking, hiking, climbing and rafting are all popular in this part of the country. Dartmoor National Park is in close proximity, and the major cities of Plymouth and Exeter are both just a train ride away.

EF Torbay Campus The EF Academy Torbay campus is situated in a modern-day castle on a hill overlooking the city. Visitors are immediately struck by the tightknit family atmosphere. In 2012, the campus opened a new state-of-the-art building with spacious multimedia classrooms, technology centres, interactive science laboratories, art studios, and student lounge and study areas, keeping learning at the forefront of this beautiful seaside location.

Our Torbay campus features world-class science laboratories and emphasizes hands-on learning in every class.

Getting Around Town Torbay is easily walkable. The city’s quick and efficient taxi and bus systems are convenient for cross-town journeys. The UK’s efficient train system also allows for easy weekend trips to London, Oxford, and other points north.

Accommodation Most students at EF Academy Torbay live with local host families, which helps to immerse them in British culture and lifestyle. An off-campus dormitory is also available for students that prefer a residential environment.


“Being in EF Torbay is like being part of a big family.” Ada, Nigeria “I came to EF Academy Torbay because I wanted to build a solid foundation in chemical engineering. I found that, but I also got a lot more. I'm constantly surrounded by people who care about me, whether I'm in class or taking a quick break at the beach or the city centre. I knew that high school would be a lot of work — but I didn't know how much fun I would have doing it. It's all because of my EF Academy family.”

Torbay’s city centre is just a short stroll from campus and offers a range of shopping, restaurants and coffee shops.


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

torbay Student Life EF Academy Torbay’s full-time Director of Student Life organizes ongoing social and educational trips and events to ensure that students balance academic achievement with enjoyment of the UK lifestyle. Students can also participate in a wide range of clubs and activities including sports clubs, the school newspaper and yearbook, debate club, student council, photography, chess and film clubs. On weekends, students enjoy lounging on Babbacombe Beach, heading to the theatre, or grabbing a cup of cream tea in Cockington, a traditional English village near campus.

Babbacombe Beach is a favourite among students.

EF torbay Activities

................................................................................. Sports Football Surfing Biking Swimming Tennis Sailing Clubs Music Film Art Mathematics Student Council Debate Model UN Service Opportunities Torbay Volunteer Society Children in Need Living Coasts Animal Sanctuary Excursions University visits to Exeter & Bath The Eden Project Fossil Walk Media Studies visit to BBC in London School Events International Day Sports Day Lunar New Year

.................................................................................. A sampling of Torbay activities


EF Academy

new york, usa Dr. Brian Mahoney, Headmaster BA in History & MA in Teaching; PhD in Educational Leadership Dr. Mahoney has over 15 years of experience working in and leading private schools providing high quality programmes that promote global citizenship and lifelong learning skills. Dr. Mahoney previously served as Head for a K-12 school in New York and is a recipient of the Edward Ford Fellowship awarded by the National Association of Independent Schools.


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools


Programmes offered: IGCSE, International Baccalaureate Diploma, High School Preparation

Accommodation type: Student Residence, Homestay

Students: 600 ................................................................................

Address: 100 Marymount Avenue Tarrytown, New York 10591-3796 ................................................................................

From the bright lights of Manhattan to the Statue of Liberty, and from Broadway to Little Italy, New York City is one of the most diverse and creative cities on the planet. But New York has much more to offer than America’s largest city. The state is full of mountains, lush woodlands, and calm, quiet neighbourhoods — including the quaint village of Tarrytown, where EF Academy’s New York campus is located.

Getting to Know Tarrytown Tarrytown is located just 40 minutes from New York City, yet the tranquil enclave, set high on the banks of the Hudson River, feels like a classic American small town. Complete with eclectic shops, coffee houses, and a wide range of local restaurants, Tarrytown offers the best of both worlds: proximity to the urban lifestyle of Manhattan and a safe, peaceful place to live and study.

EF New York Campus Set on a scenic, wooded 25-acre expanse near the banks of the Hudson River, the EF Academy campus is fully equipped with university-level facilities, including an indoor swimming pool, two theatres, a fitness centre, extensive sports grounds, art studios, student resource centres and lounges. Visitors are inspired by the vibrant energy on campus, made possible by the active and engaged student community.

Getting Around Town The city of Tarrytown is just a 5-minute walk from the EF New York campus and students can commonly be seen walking into town to shop or meet up with friends. New York City is just a 40-minute train-ride away.

Accommodation Most students at EF Academy New York live in secure and comfortable on-campus dormitories. Accommodation with local American host families is also available.

Personal attention is a key component of the EF Academy approach to learning. Teachers encourage students’ individual strengths and passions at every turn.


“This campus exemplifies the American spirit — go, go, go!” – Kristina Cherubino, Director of Student Life

Mimi, sweden, Admitted to UC Berkeley “It’s always been a dream of mine to visit New York. Now I get to live that dream, surrounded by friends from all over the world. We can check out an art exhibit at the Guggenheim ... get involved in a theatre project on campus ... or just do homework with friends at the local coffee shop. There is always something to do here. It’s better than I ever imagined.”


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

New York City is just 40 minutes away by train.

new york Student Life Student clubs and sports programmes are extremely active at EF Academy New York. The American spirit of innovation is alive and well, with students launching their own clubs and initiating their own charitable projects with the encouragement of EF staff. Students also enjoy excursions to nearby landmarks such as Wall Street and the United Nations. Off campus, student life is just as active, with weekend trips to Manhattan or volunteer projects in Tarrytown itself.

EF new york Activities

................................................................................. Sports Football Basketball Tennis Swimming Running Clubs Student Council Film Science Business Literature Drama/Theatre Art Calligraphy Service Opportunities Lake Cleanup Elementary School Tutoring Habitat for Humanity Tarrytown Music Hall Excursions Federal Reserve Boston and Philadelphia Visits to top American universities School Events International Day Sports Day Lunar New Year Grease musical Student art exhibition

Most students at EF Academy New York live in comfortable on-campus dormitories.

.................................................................................. A sampling of New York campus activities


EF Academy

vancouver, canada Dr. Claudia Trew BA & MA in English (Hons); PhD in English Literature With over 25 years of educational experience, Dr. Trew brings a wealth of knowledge to the school. She has taught English for 22 years, almost half of which were spent teaching A1 English in the IB Diploma programme. She believes that EF Academy and the programmes we offer share the same goal of providing high quality, rigorous academic programmes in settings that foster intercultural understanding.


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

Opening Fall 2014


Programmes offered: IGCSE, North American High School, High School Preparation, International Baccalaureate Diploma (Launching September 2015)

Accommodation type: Student Residence ................................................................................ ................................................................................

Surrounded by the snow-capped Coast Mountain Range as well as the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver is a nature-lover’s paradise. Far more than a scenic city, Vancouver offers endless access to the arts, an eclectic mix of cultures, and a wide range of outdoor activities, ranging from snowboarding and skiing to kayaking, hiking, biking, and more.

Getting to Know Vancouver Located on the Pacific Coast, Vancouver is one of Canada’s most spectacular cities. It’s also one of the most eco-friendly cities in North America; Vancouverites are especially committed to preserving their natural environment, including the wealth of pristine waterways, trees, and mountains surrounding them. The city is home to several top universities, and also played host to the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The great outdoors are an extension of the classroom in the eco-friendly city of Vancouver.

EF Vancouver Campus Opening in September 2014, the school will feature high-tech multimedia classrooms, relaxing student lounges and state-of-the-art science laboratories and academic facilities. The campus is a short distance from the seashore, shopping, restaurants, and worldclass sports facilities.

Getting Around Vancouver is just 40 km from the United States border, and three hours from the popular U.S. city of Seattle, Washington. Bus and ferry are both popular ways of getting around Vancouver. The region is also served by two major passenger railways and two sightseeing rail tours.

Student Life When not studying, students may enjoy Vancouver’s wide range of outdoor activities, as well as organized student clubs and trips to the region’s universities, ski resorts, and more.

Accommodation Students at EF Academy Vancouver live in comfortable, on-campus dormitories.


“Every day is a new adventure.” – Eddie, South Korea

Eddie, South Korea “The best thing about studying at EF Academy is that every day is a new adventure. Whether I’m in class, on a service trip, or just hiking or skiing with friends — I’m learning and making memories at the same time.”


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

Vancouver is less than three hours from the U.S. city of Seattle.

vancouver Student Life Those who live in Vancouver enjoy an active lifestyle with a focus on nature and the great outdoors. Vancouver’s gorgeous coastline has plenty of green space and there’s always something new to explore, such as skiing, rock climbing, kayaking, or hiking in the nearby mountains and rain forest. Students play an active role in establishing clubs and sports programmes at the EF Academy Vancouver campus. EF faculty and staff also help students plan excursions and service experiences whenever possible, be it a day trip to Capilano Suspension Bridge, an environmental excursion to Grouse Mountain, or a fair at the University of British Columbia.

EF vancouver Activities

................................................................................. Sports Football Basketball Skiing Biking Swimming Clubs Student Council Rock Climbing Business Surfing Stand-up Paddle Board French Club Photography Service Opportunities Amnesty International Beach Cleanup Excursions Seattle and Victoria Plumper Cove Marine Provincial Park Visits to top universities School Events Multicultural Day Spirit Week Lunar New Year Student art exhibition


Experiential learning is an important part of the academic curriculum at EF Academy.

A sampling of Vancouver campus activities


“Every day — every year — builds upon the next. Together, they create a foundation for lifelong success.” – Brian Mahoney, Headmaster, EF Academy New York


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

Academic Programmes As a four-year high school, EF Academy offers a range of esteemed academic curricula, including IGCSE, A-Level, and IB Diploma courses. EF Academy admissions counsellors help each student choose the programme best suited to his or her individual personality, learning style, and career goals, ensuring the ultimate pathway to university and beyond. Students are encouraged to participate in all four years of study to gain the ultimate foundation for success.

The Ultimate 4-year Pathway to University UNITED STATES & CANADA


ib diploma

Grades 9 & 10

Grades 11 & 12

igcse A-Levels or UNITED KINGDOM Years 1 & 2 IB diploma Years 3 & 4




“I’m doing real experiments. It’s the best way to learn science.” – Omid, Iran

A-Level pathway to university



EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

igcse programme grades 9 & 10 1 or 2 years

a-level Apply to programme University 2 years


A-Level Programme

earned A/A* grades — 3 times the UK national average

.......................................................................................................................................................................... Age: 16-18 Grade Level: Grades 11-12 Programme Length: 2 years Locations offered: Oxford (UK), Torbay (UK) Best suited for: Students preferring to focus on a select group of subjects, or those seeking entrance to top universities within the United Kingdom .......................................................................................................................................................................... A-Level exams are a standard entry requirement for United Kingdom universities — some of the top learning institutions in the entire world. EF Academy’s A-Level programme ensures that students achieve the best A-Level results in competitive subjects like Math, Science, and Economics through a hands-on learning environment and class sizes of just 15:1.

Curriculum As part of the two-year program of study, students select three to five courses based on their university and career goals. EF Academy counsellors help students choose the right combination of A-Level courses to ensure the best chance of acceptance to top universities. For instance, prospective medical students choose A-Level subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, and Statistics, while prospective lawyers might study Politics, Philosophy, and Law.

Because they are based upon a British tradition of learning, success in A-Levels requires a high level of English competence and experience with the British learning culture. Independent study is a large part of the A-Level curriculum. Faculty members assess students regularly to ensure success in this challenging learning environment. Most A-Level courses have two units in the first year and two units in the second year. Unit assessments typically take place through exams in January and June and may involve coursework or other practical assessment. EF Academy teachers provide monthly tests to gauge students’ readiness for their yearly A-Level examinations. In 2012, 34% of EF Academy students achieved grades AAA or higher, and 45 % received A/A* on A-Level exams.

available courses* Sciences

Social Studies



Biology Chemistry Physics

Sociology Philosophy Information & Computer Technology (ICT) Media Studies Psychology

Business Studies Economics Accountancy Law


Mathematics Maths Maths (Statistical) Further Maths

Arts Visual Arts

*Subject offerings vary slightly by campus and student interest.


“To truly be part of society, you must consider your place in it.” – Alma, Spain

Students scored

10 %

higher on IB exams compared with world average

IB pathway to university


igcse programme/ grades 9 & 10 1 or 2 years


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

ib diploma Apply to Programme University 2 years

International Baccalaureate Programme ............................................................................................................................................................................. EF Academies in New York, Oxford and Age: 16+ Torbay are IB World Schools, offering the IB Diploma Programme. EF Academy in Grade Level: Grades 11-12 Vancouver is pursuing authorization* as an IB World School, delivering the Diploma Programme Length: 2 years Programme. *Only schools authorized by the IB organization can offer any of Locations offered: New York (USA), Vancouver (CAN), its three academic programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), or the Oxford (UK), Torbay (UK) Diploma Programme. Candidate status and interested school status give no guarantee Best suited for: Students seeking a well-rounded world view; that authorization will be granted. For further information about the IB and its those seeking admissions to universities in the United States programmes, visit or other top locations ............................................................................................................................................................................

The International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) is an internationally recognized qualification that prepares students for university study. The rigorous curriculum is grounded solidly in the concepts of inquiry, internationalism, and understanding. And because EF Academy is truly international in nature, it allows students to live the ethos of the IB Diploma every day. As part of the IB Diploma curriculum, students follow five courses of study, ensuring breadth of knowledge in languages, social studies, the experimental sciences, mathematics and the arts. In addition, the programme has three core requirements that challenge students to apply their knowledge and understanding: the Extended Essay independent research project, the Theory of Knowledge course, and a Creativity, Action, and Service component. Hands-on

coursework is a prominent aspect of the entire programme, allowing students to gain an even deeper appreciation for the subject matter they are studying. Students have organized events for Amnesty International, built houses in Nicaragua, and tutored students in their school communities. Students take written examinations at the end of the programme, which are graded by external IB examiners. They also complete assessment tasks throughout the two-year programme. Universities around the world offer university credit to those students who score highly on IB exams. That means that successful IB candidates may complete university studies in less time than peers who studied an alternate university preparation curricula.

The IB Curriculum The International Baccalaureate Diploma curriculum includes six core subject groups and three core requirements.

Core Subject Groups* Language A1 English A1 Russian B Mandarin B Spanish B Norwegian Korean Vietnamese German Thai Portuguese

Second Language English B Mandarin Ab initio Spanish Ab initio French Ab initio

Individuals and Societies History Psychology Economics Business and Management Philosophy

Experimental Sciences Biology Chemistry Physics Environmental Systems and Societies

Mathematics Mathematics Math Studies

The Arts Theatre Arts Visual Arts

Core Requirements Extended Essay Prepares students for university-level research and writing by allowing them to undertake an in-depth study of a specific subject of their choice. The research culminates in a 4,000 word essay.

TOK (Theory of Knowledge) Builds critical thinking skills by examining different ways of knowing (perception, emotion, language and reason) and different kinds of knowledge (scientific, artistic, mathematical and historical).

CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) Requires that students actively learn by doing creative projects or service activities outside of the classroom, be it launching a club, organizing an event, or serving the community.

* Subject offerings vary slightly by campus and student interest.


“I’m learning more than math and science. I’m learning what I’m capable of.” – Eric, Taiwan

build A strong foundation for high school success

igcse pathway to university



Grades 8 or 9 or equivalent

EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

IGCSE programme A-Level or Apply to grades 9 & 10 IB diploma University 1 or 2 years 2 years

International GCSE Programme ............................................................................................................................................................................. Age: 14-16 Grade Level: Grades 9-10 Programme Length: 1 or 2 years Locations offered: New York (USA), Vancouver (CAN), Torbay (UK) EF Academy schools are accredited by the University of Cambridge International Best suited for: Students seeking an even stronger foundation Examinations Centre. in Western learning ............................................................................................................................................................................ The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is the world’s most popular globally recognized qualification for students 14–16. Schools worldwide have helped develop Cambridge IGCSE, which provides excellent preparation for A-Levels, IB Diploma, and other pathways to university. EF Academy offers the IGCSE curriculum for Grades 9 –10 at its New York and Vancouver locations, and for Secondary Education at its Torbay campus.

The Curriculum

The international equivalent of the GCSE, the IGCSE programme has long been a primary method of qualification in the United Kingdom and now offers international students a renowned pathway to success in A-Levels, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, and North American High School Diploma. Students who enrol in Grades 9-10 form an even stronger foundation in the American and British education systems. IGCSE also gives teachers two additional years to understand students’ strengths and learning styles, and to help them prepare for university admissions.

Students receive an IGCSE qualification for each subject successfully completed. IGCSE students are externally assessed based on oral and written exams at the end of the programme. EF Academy students have consistently scored among the highest in the world.

Students select a core group of subjects (English, Math and Science), as well as an elective group of studies (foreign language, humanities, information technology, and more). Students choose their courses based on personal interest or career goals. Because the IGCSE was specifically developed for international students, cultural awareness and English language skills are also important elements of the curriculum.

available courses* Native Language Mandarin Chinese Spanish

Humanities/ Social Sciences History Business Studies

Second Language English Literature English as a Second Language

Sciences Combined science that incorporates Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Mathematics International Mathematics that incorporates Algebra, Functions, Geometry, Trigonometry and Probability

Arts Visual Arts Theater Arts Physical Education Wide variety of individual and team sports and activities

*Subject offerings vary slightly by campus and student interest.


North American High School diploma ..................................................................................................... Age: 14-19 Grade Level: Grades 9-12 Programme Length: 2-4 years Locations offered: New York (USA), Vancouver (CAN) Best suited for: Students seeking a strong foundation in Western learning ..................................................................................................... EF Academy New York is authorised by the State of New York Education Department to grant official high school diplomas.

north american high school diploma pathway to university



EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

high school diploma grades 9 - 10 IGCSE Curriculum

Successful university candidates need a strong academic foundation. Our students receive a traditional North American high school education with a wide variety of academic subjects, sports, and extracurricular activities. Most importantly, they gain important study skills, learning habits and language skills that will prepare them for university. Our student body, world-class faculty, rigorous academic philosophy and global outlook provide a unique mix of assets not available in most high school settings. Students pursuing the North American High School Diploma follow the same rigorous academic curricula as other students at our EF New York and Vancouver campuses. Grades 9–10: IGCSE (p. 48-49) Grades 11–12: International Baccalaureate Diploma (p. 46-47) Students studying in our North American High School locations also have the option of sitting for their IGCSE and IB Diploma exams if they so choose. The credentials are globally recognized and, in the case of IB Diploma, may also be applied toward university credit.

High School Diploma Apply to grades 11 - 12 University IB Diploma Curriculum

High School Preparation Programme ........................................................................................ Age: 14-19 Grade Level: Grades 9-12 Programme Length: 3, 6, 9 or 12 months Locations offered: New York (USA), Vancouver (CAN), Oxford (UK), Torbay (UK) Best suited for: Students seeking a strong foundation in US and UK education systems who need to build strength in academic English skills and gain mastery of American and British educational requirements. ........................................................................................

EF Academy offers a special High School Preparation Programme for students who plan to pursue a high school education in either North America or the United Kingdom, but need additional English language support. The High School Preparation Programme is designed to enhance students’ language skills with special emphasis on academic proficiency. The course can be taken for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, depending on each individual student’s needs. The curriculum is designed to provide a foundation for academic study for students coming from a range of educational environments. It aims to acclimate the students to the philosophy of international education, which demands independent thought and study skills. Students will focus on improving their general language abilities. They will also develop the specific language skills needed to cope with a full English academic programme, including writing essays and making presentations. Following successful completion, students are admitted into one of EF Academy’s high school programmes: IGCSE, IB Diploma, or A-Levels.


Specialised Courses of Study At EF Academy, students can tailor their academic programmes to fit their individual career paths.



EF Academy offers numerous opportunities for students to gain an edge in the legal field. Debate Club helps students improve their speaking and debate skills, while Model UN provides insight into international issues and frameworks. Because of the school’s diversity and ongoing access to real-world perspectives, international law and human rights law are ongoing sources of student discussion. Other opportunities include live debate forums, a professional speakers series, Model UN conferences, English language preparation and mastery, job shadowing and mentorship opportunities in law.

Those interested in the field of engineering will benefit from EF Academy’s outstanding math and science curricula and the diverse opportunities for hands-on coursework that allow students to bring their studies to life. Engineering is based on the practical and creative application of mathematic and scientific methods. Whether seeking a career in chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical or structural engineering, students are able to tailor projects to meet their individual career goals. In the past, students have built windmills; studied the architecture of their home countries; and researched the chemical make-up of food and water as part of their EF coursework. Staff also assist with organizing job shadowing and mentorship opportunities in engineering.



Business — be it finance, economics, accounting or entrepreneurship — is one of the most popular career paths for students at EF Academy. Regardless of which global location students choose, they will enjoy a multitude of courses, clubs, speakers, and excursions relating to the business field. EF Academy students benefit especially from the school’s diversity. Fellow students offer personal insights regarding international business case studies, and numerous market structures can be studied and debated in every class meeting.

Students interested in the visual and performing arts take ownership of the creative process to bring their visions to light. Outside of relevant course work, they also have the opportunity to create costumes and choreograph dances for dramatic productions, write and publish their own literary magazine or newspaper, and showcase their works at photography and art exhibits. The rich creative opportunities allow them to build outstanding portfolios for the university admissions process in the fields of dance, music, fashion and graphic design.

The school also offers a professional speakers series related to marketing, entrepreneurship and finance. Job shadowing and mentorship opportunities in business, an alumni network with access to EF business professionals worldwide, and a student-led Business Club give students practical knowledge and experience.

Our school also offers film production with a professional film director, participation in local and regional art exhibitions, and job shadowing opportunities with professional theatre artists and musicians.

Medical/Dental Whether they are seeking entry to medical schools in the United Kingdom or pre-med programmes in the United States, students work with EF Academy to prepare fully for these selective fields of study. The school offers world-class science and higher maths courses, and specialized assistance includes UKCAT and BMAT preparation, UCAS applications and personal statements, work experience and medic-related internships, seminars on relevant medical topics, and extensive interviews by both academic tutors and medical experts. In the United States, the process for applying to medical school differs slightly, as students do not apply to medical school until they’ve successfully completed their undergraduate studies. In this case, students create a 5-year plan, focusing their efforts on gaining admission to universities that have high placements in medical school.


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

Oxford, Cambridge, Ivy League EF Academy offers intensive support for students aiming to attend the world’s most elite universities. The school’s university placement team maintains strong relationships with admissions counsellors at Oxford, Cambridge and Ivy League institutions to facilitate top offers for qualified students. With a keen understanding of what these schools demand from successful applicants, our team helps each student develop his or her passion and knowledge for a chosen field of study. Students learn how to meet the entrance criteria for top Oxford and Cambridge prospects, develop critical thinking skills, review mock interview questions, build strong communication skills, and select the right courses to optimise their overall application portfolios.

“My course schedule is my own personal pathway to university.” – Marcus, Norway


Check out our new destinations

Language Travel High school students

Have the summer of your life Learn a language abroad in an escorted group at your dream destination. Our all-inclusive courses combine language studies with fun activities and excursions. > Improve your language fluency with fun and interactive lessons. > Travel in an escorted group and make friends from around the world.

> Experience a new country and culture.

High School Year Abroad For students aged 14 to 18 Improve your English — and make memories that will last a lifetime — through EF’s High School Year Abroad. Spend a high school semester or year in the United States, the United Kingdom or Ireland, experiencing the culture, language, and customs that make each country so unique. Gain confidence. Expand your worldview. Learn English with High School Year Abroad and live the language with new friends from over 100 countries. Locations: United States, United Kingdom, Ireland Programme length: Semester, 1 year Accommodation: Homestay For more information, visit

Other EF Programmes For nearly 50 years, EF has been making the world a classroom. As the world leader in international education, EF offers programmes for all ages and abilities, specialising in language learning, educational travel, academic degrees and cultural exchange.

Hult International Business School

Top-Ranked One-Year MBA

EF University Preparation

Hult has five campuses across the world-Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, and Shanghai. Ranked in the top 1% of the world’s best business schools, Hult offers undergraduate and post graduate degrees for highly motivated young professionals and managers.

Jump start your career directly from university with a highly regarded, one-year Master degree in International Business, and Digital Marketing. If you are already a talented business professional with at least three years work experience, apply to Hult’s accelerated one-year MBA programme.

Gain the Academic English and university preparation skills you need for entrance into an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in an English-speaking country. Successful graduates are guaranteed entry to one of our 150 partner universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Singapore or Australia.

EF Language Courses Abroad Ages 16 and above. Study at one of our EF International Language Centres, located in 40 exciting cities around the world. With start dates every Monday of the year, you can study from two to 52 weeks. Our schools are fully accredited and our universitycertified courses are available for all ability levels.

Customized Language Courses Abroad Company-Sponsored Courses for Professionals

EF Academic Year Abroad Ages 16 and above. An EF Academic Year Abroad is the ideal way to immerse yourself in another language. Perfect your language skills and study academic subjects that interest you. Return home with language credentials, friends from around the world and memories that last a lifetime.

EF Language Travel

EF High School Year

Ages 10 to 18. Travel abroad in an escorted group with other students your age during the school holidays. You’ll improve your language skills during morning lessons, then put your new skills to use in real-life cultural situations. Enjoy daily sports, supervised activities and weekend excursions with new friends from all over the world. A safe and fun way to take your first trip abroad.

EF High School Year is a student exchange programme wherein a teenager travels to another country, lives with a host family, and attends a local high school. Living and studying for an academic year, each student becomes a vital part of his or her new community, returning home with fluency in a new language, deep understanding of another culture and lifelong friendships.

English in

Spanish in

French in

German in

Mandarin in

Italian in

Boston and Cambridge






EF Corporate Language Training Tailor-made corporate language training for companies and professionals. Customised programmes include EF Executive Institutes Abroad, the most advanced online business English school. EF is the trusted language supplier for over 1200 companies and organisations including HSBC, Xerox and IBM.


From EF Academy to Hult— Launch your Global Career with a U.S. Degree in London

“I have had so many amazing experiences at Hult, from creating my own NGO to being part of the London International Model United Nations secretariat. Now I am ready for the challenges of the future.” – Ana Maria Meshkurti ’13, Albanian Languages spoken: Albanian, Italian, English, Spanish

Enjoyed the diversity of life at EF Academy? Take the next step towards your global career with the world’s most international business school — Hult International Business School

The Hult-EF Academy Partnership

Hands-On International Experience

Thanks to the Hult-EF Academy strategic partnership, EF Academy graduates who fulfil Hult’s admissions requirements will enjoy guaranteed admission to our Bachelor of Business Administration programme. Students will also be offered the chance to complete Hult’s U.S.-accredited Bachelor programme in just three years, rather than the standard four years.

Ranked top ten in all five international categories by the Financial Times, Hult offers students unparalleled international exposure. Undergraduate students have several opportunities to study for a sixweek period at another one of Hult’s campuses in Boston, San Francisco, Shanghai, or Dubai. With a student body featuring more than 135 different nationalities, Hult offers students the same diversity in the classroom that they enjoyed at EF Academy, enabling them to graduate with a great set of international contacts.

U.S.-Accredited Degree in London Hult Bachelor of Business Administration students begin their studies in London — the knowledge capital of the world. Hult’s undergraduate campus is located in central London, in the heart of a thriving literary and academic district. Students can combine all the benefits of a U.S. degree with the unforgettable experience of studying in the heart of Europe.


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

Hult is dedicated to offering a practical business education that gives students the tools and skills they require for success in the global workplace.

Top 10 in all five international categories Financial Times, 2013 Start in London and then rotate to another of Hult’s campuses in Boston, San Francisco, Dubai, and Shanghai A truly global network — a student body featuring 135 different nationalities World-class faculty with international business backgrounds

frequently asked questions What are the main advantages of attending EF Academy?

What type of insurance do I need to attend EF Academy?

EF Academy is a boarding school that specialises in working with international students. With students from over 60 countries, we offer a global perspective that is unrivalled. Our experienced teachers are committed to guiding each student to his or her greatest individual potential.

Students must have complete medical and accident insurance. We recommend an insurance coverage offered through Erika Travel Insurance, which has been tailor-made for EF Academy students.

What is included in the total price of tuition and mandatory fees?

Medical school is highly competitive, and our university advisers work with prospective medical students to ensure they’re well positioned for entry into good programmes. We organise informational sessions, perform mock interviews, arrange work experience at hospitals, and tutor students to ensure they’re prepared for the BMAT, UKCAT, GAMSAT, MCAT and other aptitude tests. We also help students take advantage of open days at hospitals and medical schools, and pursue relevant work experience during school holidays.

Meals, tuition, course literature, academic counselling, academic excursions, and accommodation.

What are the major differences between A-Level and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programmes? Both are rigorous two-year academic programmes that are recognized around the world. In general, the A-Level is ideal for students who prefer to specialise in just a few specific subjects. The IB is broad-based and is ideal for more well-rounded students. (See pages 44-47 for more details.)

In what ways does EF Academy help students apply to university? Advisers work individually with each student to develop a thorough application strategy. This mentorship begins soon after each student’s arrival on campus. We organise university fairs and visits, and coach students about interviews, applications, and aptitude tests, including the SATs. Most importantly, we ensure that students progress academically and achieve the best possible results on examinations. At the end of the process, we offer advice to students and parents about which offer to accept. (See pages 20-23 for more details.)

How do I find out if I meet the minimum requirements to study at EF Academy? Contact one of EF Academy’s admissions offices listed at the back of this brochure.

What is the student-to-teacher ratio at the schools?

I want to study medicine. How do I ensure I will be accepted to medical school?

Are there scholarships available? Yes. Each year we offer six scholarships through the Founder’s Scholarship programme. (See page 60 for more details.)

What housing accommodations are offered? Students have a choice of staying in residence, or with local host families.

How safe is it to live on campus, and what supervision does EF offer? The safety of students is our primary concern. Our campuses are private, secure and monitored by staff 24 hours a day. In addition, campuses are located in quiet residential areas. In New York, we have 25 acres of private grounds in the small community of Tarrytown. In Oxford, our campus is located in a neighbourhood popular with university professors. In Torbay, students are surrounded by a quiet seaside community. Dorm parents live onsite with the students. In Vancouver, our inviting student dormitories are part of a new state of the art campus with easy access to both downtown shops and the breathtaking British Columbia coastline.

On average, we maintain a student-to-teacher ratio of about 15:1. Some classes are as low as 5:1.


Tuition-Fees & Programme Start Dates Included in all academic programmes: • One-on-one academic counselling • Full academic timetable • Regular tutorials and academic reports • University preparation and counselling with a personal university adviser • Visits to universities and specialist colleges • E xclusive annual EF higher education fair • One IELTS or TOEFL examination fee • A range of clubs, sports and free time activities offered by the Activity Offices of each school


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

EF New York

EF Oxford

Tuition and fees*

Tuition and fees*

cost per term cost per year

IGCSE (Grades 9 & 10) IB Diploma (Grades 11 & 12) High School Prep

USD 12,900 USD 14,400 USD 10,900

A-Level (Grades 11 & 12) IB Diploma (Grades 11 & 12) High School Prep

USD 38,700 USD 43,200 USD 32,700

cost per term cost per year

GBP 8,300 GBP 8,300 GBP 6,500

GBP 24,900 GBP 24,900 GBP 19,500

Triple or quad room in student residence or twin room in homestay included in programme fee. Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided, Mon-Fri. Brunch and dinner provided on weekends. Homestay students have on-campus lunch included on weekdays.

Twin room in homestay included in programme fee. Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided, Mon-Fri. Brunch and dinner provided on weekends. Homestay students have on-campus lunch included on weekdays. Residence accommodation available for supplemental fee.

*Year = September-June

*Year = September-June

Programme start dates

Programme start dates

IGCSE (Grades 9 & 10) 2014: January, September 2015*: January, September

IB Diploma (Grades 11 & 12) 2014: September 2015*: September

IB Diploma (Grades 11 & 12) 2014: September 2015*: September

A-Level (Grades 11 & 12) 2014: January, September 2015*: January, September

High School Prep 2014: January, April, June, September 2015*: January, April, June, September

High School Prep 2014: January, April, June, September 2015*: January, April, June, September

Additional services

Additional services

Airport welcome Residence twin (per term) Homestay single (per term)

USD 145 USD 1,235 USD 350

Airport welcome Residence shared (per term) Homestay single (per term)

GBP 95 GBP 1,595 GBP 465

*Programme start and end dates for 2015 to be determined

*Programme start and end dates for 2015 to be determined

EF torbay

EF vancouver

Tuition and fees*

Tuition and fees*

cost per term cost per year

cost per term cost per year

IGCSE (Grade 9 & 10) IB Diploma (Grade 11 & 12) A-Level High School Prep

GBP 7,150 GBP 7,350 GBP 7,350 GBP 5,750

IGCSE (Grade 9 & 10) North American HS (11&12) High School Prep

CAD 11,500 CAD 12,400 CAD 8,500

GBP 21,450 GBP 22,050 GBP 22,050 GBP 17,250

Twin room in homestay included in programme fee. Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided, Mon-Fri. Brunch and dinner provided on weekends. Residence accommodation available for supplemental fee.

Twin room in student residence; breakfast, lunch and dinner Mon-Fri; brunch and dinner at weekends *Year = September-June

*Year = September-June

Programme start dates

Programme start dates

IGCSE (Grades 9 & 10) 2014: September 2015*: January, September

IGCSE (Grades 9 & 10) 2014: January, September 2015*: January, September

CAD 34,500 CAD 37,200 CAD 25,500

North American High School (Grades 11 & 12) 2014: September 2015*: September

IB Diploma (Grades 11 & 12) 2014: September 2015*: September

High School Prep 2014: June, September 2015*: January, April, June, September

A-Level (Grades 11 & 12) 2014: January, September 2015*: January, September

Additional services Airport welcome Residence single (per term)

High School Prep 2014: January, April, June, September 2015*: January, April, June, September

CAD 150 CAD 850

*Programme start and end dates for 2015 to be determined

Additional services Airport welcome Residence shared (per term) Homestay single (per term)

GBP 195 GBP 1,380 GBP 410

*Programme start and end dates for 2015 to be determined

Tuition and fees valid for courses starting in 2014. For students under 16, there is a guardian fee of GBP 550 per term (UK locations only).


Scholarship Opportunities EF Academy is committed to rewarding students for their achievements and helping them reach their goals. Our annual Founder’s Scholarship campaign gives six exceptional students the opportunity to attend our schools in the UK, Canada, and the US. It covers 50% of tuition and accommodation for the two-year IB Diploma and A-Level programmes.

Application Criteria

All applications must include:

Founder’s Scholarship applicants should be highly motivated and demonstrate excellence in academic achievement and English language proficiency. They should also present themselves as well-rounded students, demonstrating extracurricular achievements in athletics, music, community service, leadership, or other personal areas of interest.

• Most recent high school transcript • Letter of recommendation from the candidate’s school and/or class teacher • Evidence of English-language proficiency (an internationally recognized qualification or the EF free English test) • Evidence of other relevant talents and achievements (copies of award certificates, audio files exhibiting musical talents, etc.)

Application Process Candidates can apply to their local EF Admissions Offices with their completed Scholarship Application Forms. Each EF Academy admissions office worldwide can nominate a maximum of five candidates locally for submission to the central scholarship board, by no later than December 31, 2013. All applications are reviewed by the central scholarship board that will choose candidates for telephone interview. Telephone interviews will take place before January 31, 2014, and results will be announced in February 2014.

A 300-500 word essay outlining the following: 1. Applicant’s ambitions for the future 2. How he or she can contribute to the EF Academy community 3. Why he or she should be awarded the scholarship. For more information, visit founders-scholarship/

scholarship Covers 50% of tuition and accommodation

“I have dreamed of studying Western medicine since I was a young girl. The Founder’s Scholarship helped make that goal possible.” – Jasie, Taiwan


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

Application for Admission 2014/2015 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Student personal data _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  Male  Female Family Name _________________________________________________________ First Name(s) ________________________________________ DOB________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________________ City _________________________________________________ Postal Code ________________________ Telephone Number ____________________________________ Mobile Number ___________________________________ Email____________________________________________________ Did you hear about EF through a representative? If yes, what was the name of the EF representative? _______________________________________________________________________

Parent/legal guardian Name of Parent/Legal Guardian__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address (if other than above) ______________________________________________________________ City ________________________________________ Postal Code _______________ Telephone Number ____________________________________ Mobile Number ___________________________________ Email____________________________________________________

Current/previous education School Name _________________________________________________ School Address ___________________________________________________________________________________ Class and Grade Point Average __________________________________ University/Career Choice (if known) __________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Grades 9-10 in North America 2014 January Grade 9  2014 September Grade 9  2014 January Grade 10  2014 September Grade 10  2015 January Grade 9  2015 September Grade 9  2015 January Grade 10  2015 September Grade 10  Grades 11-12 in North America 2014 September Grade 11 2014 September Grade 12

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High School Preparation Programme 2014 Winter Term 2014 Spring Term 2014 Summer Term 2014 Fall Term 2015 Winter Term 2015 Spring Term 2015 Summer Term 2015 Fall Term


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IB Diploma Programme 2014 September  2015 September  A-Level Programme 2014 January 2014 September 2015 January 2015 September International GCSE in Great Britain 2014 September (1 year) 2014 September (2 years) 2015 September (1 year) 2015 September (2 years)


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course information _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

                             

 

EF Academies in New York, Torbay and Oxford are IB World Schools, offering the IB Diploma Programme. EF Academy in Vancouver is pursuing authorisation as an IB World School delivering the Diploma Programme. Only schools authorised by the IB Organization can offer any of its three academic programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), or the Diploma Programme. Candidate status and interested school status give no guarantee that authorisation will be granted. For further information about the IB and its programmes, visit


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accommodation _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Homestay – twin*

      

Residence – shared*

  

Residence – twin*

  

Homestay – single* (incl. in course price)

(shared residence incl. in New York course price only)

Residence – single*

*Homestay twin accommodation is included in the course tuition for Oxford and Torbay campuses. Homestay twin accommodation or shared residence hall accommodation in triple or quad rooms is included in the course tuition for New York campus. Residence twin accommodation is included in the course tuition for Vancouver campus. For tuition pertaining to homestay single accommodation and for tuition pertaining to shared residence hall accommodation in Oxford and Torbay, please refer to page 59 or contact your local admissions office.

Do you smoke?  Yes  No Do you have special dietary requirements (halal, vegetarian, food allergies, etc.)?  Yes  No If yes, please specify:

Do you have any existing medical conditions/ allergies?  Yes  No If yes, please specify:

Optional EF travel services Do you wish to buy Erika’s medical and accident coverage?  Yes  No Do you wish us to arrange an airport greeting and transport to your school or host family?  Yes  No Do you wish to talk to us about arranging your flight?

 Yes  No An additional fee will be charged for these services. For fees please refer to page 59 and Terms and Conditions or contact your local EF admissions office.


application agreement _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I apply to enrol the person named as a student of EF Academy. I have read and agree to the conditions outlined on the overleaf. I undertake to pay all tuition, accommodation, and associated fees incurred by the student as they become due in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. I authorise EF Academy to take appropriate action in the event of a medical emergency. The signature below as a parent/legal guardian will also constitute my consent for the student to participate in all EF Academy programmes, including activities offered.

Document checklist  All available high school transcripts, including English translation  Evidence of English Proficiency  Statement of Purpose

 Letter of Recommendation  Copy of passport photo and information pages

Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian _________________________________________________________________________ Date________________________________________________


Terms and Conditions Please complete the Application for Admission on the previous page and return it to your local EF Academy (EF) office. If the application is accepted, we will send a confirmation of your acceptance to the programme, along with an invoice detailing the payments due. Please note that if you are enrolling in a programme that begins within 30 days, we reserve the right to charge you for the courier service needed to receive your visa documents. Academic requirements Students are required to have a certain level of English for admission to EF Academy. Students can either take a SLEP/IQPT test at an EF office or supply official TOEFL/IELTS scores. Please see specific English level requirements for each programme on page 63. Admission to specific programmes such as the IB Diploma Programme and the A-Level Programme is conditional on English testing upon arrival at the school. Should the test result not fulfil the admission requirements for the EF Academy programme, the student will be offered an English language preparation course. Academic criteria for examination entry Students who do not perform satisfactorily in their course work will not be entered for external public examinations by EF Academy. Students will be formally assessed at least twice a year. The assessment will take into account: • Course work • Internal examination results • Attendance • Effort in class and homework • Public examination potential Students who do not meet the criteria of the programme will not be allowed to proceed with their original course but will be offered an alternative course or invited to withdraw without a refund. School Organisational Policies The School has policies on Health and Safety, Student Conduct, Sanctions, Complaints and Exclusion. These are made known to students on arrival and are available on request from the Headmaster/Headmistress. Expulsion Students are admitted on condition of the terms and rules published by EF Academy. EF Academy reserves the right to expel any student who seriously breaches school rules. There will be no refund in the event of expulsion. Health Students are accepted on the basis that their health is adequate to participate in full time studies abroad. Parents or guardians are required to inform the school of any medical condition that may affect the student’s performance, behaviour or safety in the school. Any form of medical condition affecting the student together with information about any medication or regime required by the student must be made known in English to the school who will share this information, as appropriate, with the homestay parents and school officials. Accommodation Host family accommodation is included in the Programme Fee In Oxford and Torbay. Residence (Multi room) accommodation and homestay accommodation are included in New York Programme Fees. Residence (twin room) accommodation is included in Vancouver Programme Fees. Subject to availability, students may elect to stay in residence accommodation for an additional supplement in Oxford (full board) and Torbay (half board). Residence accommodation is not included during the Christmas holiday period. Students wishing to stay on campus over the Christmas holidays may do so for an additional fee based on availability. Contact your local EF office or representative for details. Summer accommodation is not available unless enrolled in a summer course. On application, students are requested to indicate accommodation preferences. Whilst EF Academy uses all reasonable endeavours to provide the accommodation requested, the school is not bound to provide a specific type of accommodation and if necessary an alternative arrangement may be provided. No change to the accommodation arrangements should be entered into without the prior written agreement of the EF Academy Headmaster/ Headmistress. In the case of an agreed change, the students will remain liable for the full accommodation payments invoiced or reserved at the time of application. Holidays No holidays will be authorised outside of the school calendar holiday dates and students not in school will be marked as absent. Should you choose to return to your home country or take a holiday during your course, your accommodation and meals will not be refunded. EF Academy is following the calendar in the country of study. No tuition will therefore be given on national public holidays. Airport Transfers Please indicate on your Application for Admission form if you would like an EF representative to meet you at the airport nearest to the school. The transfer fee covers the cost of administration, greeting services, and transportation. Please contact your local EF office or representative for details.


EF Academy | International Boarding Schools

Medical Insurance All participants are required to have adequate medical and accident insurance coverage. EF International Academy Ltd. has negotiated and entered into a tailor-made insurance group policy with the insurance provider Erika Insurance Ltd., under which EF Academy is the policyholder. Students may choose to be beneficiaries under the group policy, and will thereby be given the following benefits: protection against expenses incurred by accident or illness and coverage for loss or theft of baggage and personal effects. Full details will be sent to you along with confirmation of acceptance. Students who do not wish to be beneficiaries under this policy are obliged to obtain alternative insurance coverage and provide EF with a copy of the insurance policy in English. Please contact your local EF office or representative for details. Personal Property Students are strongly recommended to arrange appropriate insurance coverage for their personal belongings. No responsibility can be accepted by EF Academy for any loss or damage which may occur while the student is living in a homestay or in dorm/ residence. Methods of Payment/Deadlines The Application Fee and the Programme Fee can be paid with bank transfers or international check (contact your local office for instructions). Please note that all transfers must reference the full name of the student, school and booking reference number to ensure quick and proper credit to his/her account. Bank charges and commissions for both the sending and receiving banks should be paid by the sender of funds or they will be applied to the student’s account. To secure a place in EF Academy programmes, payment of the first term’s Programme Fee is payable immediately upon admission. The balance is due 60 days before the programme start date. Continuing students To secure a place for the following school year, continuing students — including students enrolled in the Preparation Programme — must pay one term’s Programme Fee by March 15. The balance is due 60 days before start of the school year. If any fees become overdue, EF Academy reserves the right to suspend or cancel tuition and to charge 1,5% interest on the balance per month or part thereof. Tuition and Fees EF Academy reserves the right to make adjustments to the programme content, programme fees and other fees due to international currency fluctuations, increase in transportation costs or any other factors beyond its control (including but not limited to force majeure events). Fees are subject to change during the period of enrolment. Fees published in this catalogue are valid for the academic year 2014/2015 only. All Fees are reviewed in August each year. Notice of changes will be given in advance. Included in the Programme Fee All tuition, shared accommodation including breakfast and dinner during the week and brunch and dinner at weekends, regular tutorials and university placement advice, and external examination fees are included in the Programme Fee. Please note that, inter alia, some fees such as the application fee, course materials and re-sit fees are not included in the Programme Fee. Academic Material and Other Fees (per Term)


Application fee (one time fee)



195 295

Academic field trips and activities





Materials and books fee





Cancellations, Withdrawals, and Refund Policy All cancellations and terminations must be made in writing to your nearest EF office or local EF representative. In all cases the Application Fee and any incurred Courier Fee are non-refundable. Cancellation prior to school start • Students cancelling 60 days or more before the start of the programme or continuing school year will be charged a cancellation fee equivalent to 7% of the Programme Fee. The student will receive a full refund of any remaining course fee except for the non-refundable fees mentioned above. • Students cancelling less than 60 days before the start of the programme or continuing school year will be charged a cancellation fee equivalent to 15% of the Programme Fee. The student will receive a full refund of any remaining course fee except for the non-refundable fees mentioned above. Withdrawals after arrival at the school A student who wishes to withdraw during the school year must give EF Academy 4 weeks advanced notice before the end of the term. EF will retain all fees for the following term and refund any remaining paid fees whether or not the student continues to attend lessons. Please note that although students may leave the school after their examinations, no fees will be reduced or refunded.

Late Arrivals, Absences, Course Changes Late arriving students and/or students that are absent during the course will not be granted a refund. Periods of absence may not be made up with free extension of the courses. Accommodation changes after arrival at the school are subject to a fee and require approval of the Headmaster/Headmistress. Re-booking Fee Each time you request a change after your initial application, you will be charged a re-booking fee equivalent to USD150/GBP100/ CAD150 payable immediately. This does not apply to students who are extending their course. Breakages, loss or damages Students are responsible for any damage caused by them to school property and household property of their homestay. Publicity Students and their parents or guardians agree that a student’s name, photographs or achievement details may be used for promotional purposes without written consent or compensation. Data Protection In order to be able to perform its obligations, EF Academy will need to collect certain information about each student including, without limitation, the student’s address, e-mail address, gender, phone number and date of birth. Any personal data collected by EF Academy is stored in secure operating environments that are not available to the public. EF Academy will not share such personal information about you with entities outside the EF group of companies or the school. By submitting your application for admission you agree that your personal data may be transferred to and stored in a country that is not a member of the European Union or part of the European Economic Area. Liability for the student Any liability for the student shall also infer liability on the parents or guardians of the students, and such liability is joint and several. Changes in the Terms and Conditions EF Academy reserves the right to make any addition, amendment or alteration to these Terms and Conditions in furtherance of our commitment to continuous improvement. Liability EF Academy will not be liable in any way to the student in the event of any service contracted to be supplied by EF Academy becoming impossible to supply, in part or in full, by reason of any cause outside the control of EF Academy (including but not limited to force majeure events). EF Academy will not be liable for loss, damage, or injury to persons or property howsoever caused, except where the liability is expressly imposed beyond exclusion by statute. Student and his/her parent(s) or guardian hereby agree to release and Indemnify and hold harmless EF Academy and its affiliates, which shall Include related entities, officers, directors, shareholders, agents and/or employees of any EF entity or others to the extent acting or purporting on aforementioned persons’/entities’ behalf (all of said persons/entities hereinafter being referred to as “Released Parties”), and agree not to sue the Released Parties for any claims that student, parent(s) or guardian may have arising from, or in connection with, any personal injury, bodily injury, mental anguish, emotional distress, physical, property, or other damage they may suffer from any cause whatever related in any way to student’s participation in any program or event related to the EF Academy program, including negligence other than from intentional or reckless acts by such parties. Student and his/her parent(s) or guardian hereby further agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless the Released Parties from any and all acts of God, war (whether declared or undeclared), terrorist activities, incidents of politically motivated violence, illness or quarantine, strikes or government restrictions or the acts or omissions of any other persons over which the Released Parties have no control, including without limitation, airlines, railways, bus companies, taxis, friends, and other students. Accreditation EF Academy in the U.S. and U.K. are IB World Schools, offering the IB Diploma Programme. All EF Academy programmes are organised by EF International Academy Ltd., Haldenstrasse 4, CH-6006 Lucerne, Switzerland. Please return this Application for Admission form to your local EF office. You will find the address on These Terms and Conditions apply to all admissions now made for courses commencing in 2014.

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Submit your completed application package Prospective students are welcome to apply either online or in person at local EF offices. An application fee of USD and CAD 295, GBP 195 is due upon submission of the completed application package.

Admission Requirements Grade 9/10 and IGCSE Ages 14-16, completed Grade 8 or 9, IELTS 4.5, TOEFL IBT 34/ CBT 103, SLEP 43 IB and A-Levels Ages 16-18, completed Grade 10, IELTS 5.5, TOEFL IBT 71/ CBT 194, SLEP 57 Preparation Programme Ages 14-18, open to all grades, IELTS 4.0, TOEFL IBT 19/CBT 60, SLEP 40 Student grades should demonstrate a strong academic level, with a minimum C average.


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EF Addresses and Contacts Headquarters EF Education First, Haldenstrasse 4, 6006 Luzern, Switzerland T +41 41 417 4631 F +41 41 417 4736

United States EF Education First, 100 Marymount Avenue Butler Hall, Tarrytown, New York 10591-3796 T +1 914 597 7241

Latin America EF Education First, Jaime Balmes 8, local 10 Col. Polanco, Mexico D.F T +52 55 5282 2150

Middle East & Africa EF Education First, Knowledge Village, Block 11, Office G06 P.O. Box 502988, Dubai T +971 (0) 4 44 62 500

Asia EF Education First, Tamara Center Lt. 4 R. 403 Jl. Jend. Sudriman Kav. 24 Jakarta 12920, Indonesia T +62 21 5203655

Accreditations and Memberships The EF school in Oxford is:

The EF schools in Torbay and Oxford are members of:

The EF school in Torbay is accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education:

The EF school in New York is accredited by:

The EF school in New York is a member of:

EF Academies in New York, Oxford and Torbay are IB World Schools, offering the IB Diploma Programme. EF Academy in Vancouver is pursuing* authorization as an IB World School, delivering the Diploma Programme. *Only schools authorized by the IB organization can offer any of its three academic programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), or the Diploma Programme. Candidate status and interested school status give no guarantee that authorization will be granted. For further information about the IB and its programmes, visit

EF Academy schools are accredited by the University of Cambridge International Examinations Centre.

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