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EF Frontline: English for customer-facing staff

Airline Cabin Crew The airline industry now carries around 3 billion people annually, with the strongest growth in demand – of 6% – coming from international passengers. Never has the airline industry needed to cater to the international traveller more than it does now. Neither has it been more competitive, and those who cater to the international traveller best have the advantage. For airlines that means speaking English; not just for more efficient and responsive customer service, but also as a critical factor in any potential emergency communications and situations. Better cabin crew English means better performance: • Service effectiveness: Clear communication keeps cabin service running smoothly and reduces unpleasant exchanges with frustrated flyers. And the quality of these interactions can directly affect your reputation and brand. • Safety: As the number one priority of all cabin crew, it is imperative that clear instructions are delivered and understood in the event of an emergency. • Retention and mobility: Internationalization and expansion of airline alliances in particular has resulted

in the need for greater employee mobility; without language barriers. Better English proficiency also ensures that you retain your best employees. This is where EF can help; as specialists in language training, EF understands the unique and complex challenges presented by language learning for Airline cabin crews. We know that your ideal language solution will offer: ✓✓ Tailored content: You need a solution that can bring customer-facing staff up to an adequate level of proficiency quickly and efficiently, teaching them Airline-specific vocabulary as well as general hospitality English. ✓✓ Complete flexibility: Cabin crew employees are on the move constantly, making traditional classroom training impossible. You need a solution that can bring the training to the employee, wherever they are and whenever they have time to learn.

EF Education First is the world’s leading provider of language training for companies and the public sector. Over 1,500 public and private sector organizations worldwide put their trust in us for a reason – we have proven time and again that our training solutions generate real results.

EF Frontline: Airline Cabin Crew We have worked closely with major airlines to develop a series of online lessons specifically for Airline Cabin Crew. Interactive exercises to learn faster:

This highly-specified 3-month course includes 18 hours of content divided into 3 units. It is designed to give cabin crew employees the specific English vocabulary and skills they need for their jobs in the shortest possible timeframe. The course is particularly designed for cabin crew employees and is separate from EF’s Aviation English course. The course covers a variety of tasks and situations in which cabin crew need to communicate with the public such as: • • • • • •

Boarding and greeting passengers Handling passenger requests Offering assistance to passengers Selling onboard merchandise Seating and associated rules Handling health and medical issues

• • • • • •

Buckling up and electronic devices Dealing with passenger concerns Serving a meal and customer service Explaining emergency procedures Dealing with dietary restrictions Landing and connecting flights

If you want to maximize client satisfaction, ensure passenger safety and gain a competitive edge, your cabin crew staff needs to be able to communicate well in English. EF Frontline for Airline Cabin Crew is the perfect way to bring your employees up to speed in the least amount of time possible.

A series of multi-media exercises teaches users vocabulary, grammar, listening skills and more in a short time. Interactive role-plays, matching words to pictures, selecting appropriate answers and filling in the blanks are just a few examples of the types of activities contained in the course.

Advanced Speech Recognition (ASR) to promote confident communication: EF’s core objective is to give learners the self-confidence to speak English in any type of real-life situation. ASR technology hones in on speech patterns and improves pronunciation fast – a vital skill in your communication- centric industry.

Progress reporting to measure your ROI: At the end of their course students will receive a performance report generated by EF’s state of-the-art reporting tool. This allows you to gauge the improvement each student has made and monitor your return on investment. A certificate is also delivered upon successful completion of the course.

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