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Tailor-made English at Volvo Background

Since 1927, Volvo Car Corporation has been dedicated to safety and innovation. Today, Volvo has production centers all over the world and sells cars in more than 100 countries. Volvo Cars was concerned with creating relevant language-training courses for their employees. ey wanted a language training provider who could teach them the language of their industry and provide a tailormade program that would cater to all levels of staff and language level. Execution

EF Corporate Language Training worked with Volvo Cars to create learning targets for all students in order to ensure no over-or-under learning. Students were then segmented into groups based on need and level. is segmentation helped identify the best type of training for each employee. Volvo uses different EF Corporate language training products to meet different needs. Top managers with an immediate need are sent abroad to EF’s Executive Institutes to participate in full immersion courses, or they receive 1-1 private in-

company training at Volvo facilities. Specialists are given focused group training. In order to ensure that course material is relevant to all, groups are created by taking into account the need and level of the students. Online training is given to those who need a more flexible language learning program, such as those who travel often. EF teaches “Volvo English,” or classes specifically tailored to meet the exact training needs of Volvo employees. Employees often bring materials from their jobs into the classroom. A class might cover specific industry vocabulary, practicing a presentation in English or writing emails. EF teachers are adept at adapting industry specific language and materials to the classroom. Benefit

Volvo Car’s high commitment to its employees combined with EF’s strong ability to deliver unique tailor-made solutions for all levels, has resulted in satisfied and well-trained employees ready to meet future challenges. Volvo employees have identified the relevancy of the language training to their job as one of the key success factors.

“e course never stopped being relevant to my work solution.” Name: Svenn Age Lokken Company: Volvo Norway Position: Head of Information “A thorough analysis prior to the course clarified my existing level of knowledge and established the areas I need to improve. Consequently, instruction could begin straight away. During the course we were constantly checking to see that we were heading in the right direction. We consistently used material directly linked to my profession, so the course never stopped being relevant to my work solution.”

About EF Corporate Language Training EF Corporate Language Training is world's the premiere provider of language training services for companies. EF was established in 1965 and has helped more than 10 million students and over 1,000 companies learn a new language. EF Corporate Language Training offers a full range of tailor-made training in-company, online and abroad or in any combination. EF's Value Based Learning method guarantees the highest return on your company's language training investment. Thanks to over 40 years of experience, professionalism and impressive results, EF's language programs enjoy a 98% satisfaction rate. EF Corporate Language Training is an EF Education First company. For more information on EF Corporate Language Training please visit:


EFCorporateLanguageTrainingworkedwith VolvoCarstocreatelearningtargetsforallstu- dentsinordertoensurenoover-or-underlearning. Studentswereth...

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