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Vale required a language provider with world wide presence Vale is a pioneer mining company that works diligently to transform mineral resources into the essential ingredients of people’s everyday lives. Vale is a global company that operates on five continents with headquarters in Brazil. It has a workforce of over 100,000 employees, including outsourced workers. Because of Vale’s internationalization plans, employees need to be on top of their English skills. e company looked for a provider that had a world wide presence and could help build their language policy. ey needed to have a clever and easy-to-use solution that had the capacity to deliver results to their employees. Together with EF Corporate Language Training (EF CLT), Vale made a conclusion that e-learning was the best tool to grow their language program. Vale liked the online school, Englishtown, which had all the requirements they were looking for: a user-friendly tool employees could access simply by going online, no software required, and unlimited access so that the employees could study anywhere, anytime. Measurable results would not

only make it easy for management to ensure that students are on-track, but that the training was cost-efficient. Above all, Vale also appreciated EF CLT as a service provider, not just a product. Vale and EF CLT have completed their third year working together and are now continuing onto their fourth. Approximately 1,700 employees today are enlisted in the program with EF CLT, both in the online and abroad programs. Employees who have achieved solid results with Englishtown were then sent on a two-to-three week intensive course in Boston, USA. Many of Vale’s executives have made excellent improvements and most of them have received promotions to international divisions. e results also show that, on average, Vale pays less for EF’s solution compared to other types of training. Because of this, Vale will increase their online training next year, growing the current number of online students.

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TogetherwithEFCorporateLanguageTraining (EFCLT),Valemadeaconclusionthate-learning wasthebesttooltogrowtheirlanguageprogram. Valelikedtheonli...


TogetherwithEFCorporateLanguageTraining (EFCLT),Valemadeaconclusionthate-learning wasthebesttooltogrowtheirlanguageprogram. Valelikedtheonli...