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Providing TeliaSonera with costeffective online language training TeliaSonera is one of Scandinavia’s leading companies and works with Telecom, mobile and fixed broadband, primarily in the Nordic and Baltic countries and Spain. EF Corporate Language Training has delivered language training to TeliaSonera for the last five years. Göran Dahl is the business trainer responsible for training programmes and communication between TeliaSonera’s educational functions. How did you first come in contact with EF and their online language training? – We started using EF already in 2003, but only for the Finnish market. For the organizational customer teams working across borders, especially between Sweden and Finland, the language training facilitated the collaboration. Contacting EF to see what they could offer was natural for us when we started reassessing the training options available on the Swedish market two years ago. Easy to follow up

TeliaSonera was looking for effective language training, with a good price and that was easy to follow up.

other method that can match the concept and the speed which online language training offers.

– We wanted more than just training, not just buying the tires for the car. EF prepares the participant properly, individualises the process and makes it easy for us to see if the participant is successful. e price tag is also important, says Göran Dahl.

Tired of traditional training

Göran Dahl was previously responsible for more traditional competence development at TeliaSonera. He thinks that e-learning often provides a broader range. – Everything you want to do should have some kind of branch into interactive training and I would personally like to see EF’s educational concept applied in more areas. I’m pretty tired of all traditional solutions, concludes Göran.

The advantages of studying languages

Many companies combine a traditional and an interactive training course in a so called “Blended mix”. However, Göran Dahl thinks that when it comes to languages, the training can take place on the Internet only as long as the basic competence is there. – I got quite upset when teacher-led training was purchased earlier. In the business world, there’s simply not enough time to sit at a school desk for long periods of time (to learn a language). Göran has himself tried EF’s language training and thinks it is fantastic. – You work on your own with your words, get support through anonymous discussion groups and there’s no risk that the training progresses too fast or too slowly. I find it difficult to see any

“I find it difficult to see any other method that can match the concept and the speed which online language training offers.” Name: Göran Dahl Company: TeliaSonera Position: Business Trainer

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–Wewantedmorethanjusttraining,not justbuyingthetiresforthecar.EFpreparesthe participantproperly,individualisestheprocess andmakesiteasyforus...


–Wewantedmorethanjusttraining,not justbuyingthetiresforthecar.EFpreparesthe participantproperly,individualisestheprocess andmakesiteasyforus...