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Helping Renault create a global standard for English Background

Renault is one of Europe’s leading automotive brands with 130,000 employees and presence in 118 countries. Renault has over 100 years of successful operations and continues to expand internationally. In order to foster continued international growth, Renault employees need to be able to communicate across countries and have a good grasp of English as well as specialized vocabulary related to their industry and job level. When searching for a training supplier, Renault needed a company that could ensure a standard level of training among all employees and deploy language training quickly and easily in all locations. EF Corporate Language Training proved to be the global provider that best matched these demands. Execution

EF Corporate Language Training worked closely with Renault to tailor-make a global language training program that exactly fit Renault’s needs and could be easily deployed internationally to many countries. EF’s extensive industry specific

and business courses are a key factor in Renault’s training. e standard training solution used for all Renault employees is customized at the individual level so each employee receives a tailor-made course plan that exactly suits his or her needs based on profession, job level, and need for specialized vocabulary. Benefit

EF has been working with Renault for over 5 years. Close to 20,000 Renault employees all over the world – from factory workers to middle management to specialists – have benefited from English training with EF. Being able to use the same standard product and reporting in all countries has given Renault numerous advantages and has ensured that the language training standard is the same no matter the location. Employees find it easier to communicate across borders and ondemand reports allow managers to easily evaluate learner’s progress. Continued focus on product improvement ensures that employees remain satisfied with the training.

“We chose EF for its ability to deliver customized courses.” Name: Fabienne Jungman Company: Renault Position: Global Training Manager “Given our company’s need for high level English, we chose EF for its ability to deliver customized courses and allow us to evaluate each learner’s progress throughout the course.”

About EF Corporate Language Training EF Corporate Language Training is world's the premiere provider of language training services for companies. EF was established in 1965 and has helped more than 10 million students and over 1,000 companies learn a new language. EF Corporate Language Training offers a full range of tailor-made training in-company, online and abroad or in any combination. EF's Value Based Learning method guarantees the highest return on your company's language training investment. Thanks to over 40 years of experience, professionalism and impressive results, EF's language programs enjoy a 98% satisfaction rate. EF Corporate Language Training is an EF Education First company. For more information on EF Corporate Language Training please visit:


andbusinesscoursesareakeyfactorinRenault’s training.estandardtrainingsolutionusedforall Renaultemployeesiscustomizedattheindividual levelso...

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