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Henkel ready to take new step with EF Henkel has been doing business in Russia for 15 years. It currently operates five production plants and one sales location, and employs more than 1,800 people.

ters. Reading, writing and verbal presentation skills required urgent improvement. EF LLS’s tailormade courses and flexible schedules met the employees’ needs.

Henkel has about 55,000 employees worldwide and is among the most internationally aligned German-based companies in the global marketplace. It is organized into three globally operating business sectors: Laundry & Home Care, Cosmetics / Toiletries and Adhesive Technologies.

EF Language Learning Solutions (EF LLS) became Henkel’s sole language training provider in 2006. For employees of Henkel, English was – and still is – an absolute necessity. They needed a clear method of training that would meet their business needs, show measurable results, and provide administrative support. The in-company solution was the most suitable solution for Henkel. When it came to using English, the employees’ main difficulties included holding presentations, attending intensive seminars, and writing business let-

The results have been outstanding and Henkel is now ready to take a new step in language learning. Not only will they continue offering incompany lessons to their employees, but also begin online training with EF’s online school and intensive courses abroad. Henkel is working with EF LLS because of their professionalism and results; EF LLS was able to implement the language training programs smoothly, and continues to provide the right support.

Today Henkel employees study approximately 3000 hours of in-company language training, which has shown great results. Some participants were promoted after their performance appraisal, which included an assessment of their English level improvement.

EF Language Learning Solutions EF Language Learning Solutions is the world’s premier provider of language training services for companies. Since its founding in 1965, EF has worked with more than 1,200 companies and helped more than 15 million students

learn a new language. EF Language Learning Solutions offers a full range of tailor-made training: in-company, online, and abroad, or in any combination. EF’s approach guarantees the highest return on your company’s language training investment. Thanks to 45 years of experience,

professionalism, and impressive results, EF’s language programs enjoy a 98% satisfaction rate. EF Language Learning Solutions is an EF Education First company. For more information on EF Language Learning Solutions please visit:

EF and Henkel  

EF Language Learning Solutions (EF LLS) became Henkel’s sole language training provider in 2006.

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