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EF and the Beijing Olympics: a successful partnership! China may have taken home the most gold medals during the Olympics 2008, but one gold medal they forgot to mention in the count was China’s gold in learning English! Thanks to EF, China won this category hands down. As the Official Language Training Supplier of the Beijing Olympics, EF mobilized teachers and staff to help train key Olympic staff in English. From curriculum development, face-to-face instruction and online training, to an off-site English boot camp for judges, EF dedicated significant resources and minds to the task at hand. The results are impressive: 5,000 Chinese judges, translators, competition organizers and staff all benefited from training. Additionally, 20,000 frontline McDonald’s staff and crew received practical English preparation to cope with the influx of foreign tourists in their stores during the Games. A half million EF Olympic English booklets were distributed. Together with the Beijing Olympic Committee, EF pub-

EF Language Learning Solutions EF Language Learning Solutions is the world’s premier provider of language training services for companies. Since its founding in 1965, EF has worked with more than 1,200 companies and helped more than 15 million students learn

lished “Olympic 100” on common phrases and sentences and “English for the Paralympics Games” written with Chinese athletes in mind to help them communicate with the world.

The 2008 Olympic Games took place in Beijing, China, between 8–24 August 2008, with over 10,000 athletes competing in 28 different sports. 5,000 olympic staff together with 70,000 volunteers helped make the games the largest and most watched in history, with an estimated 4.7 billion viewers tuning in to some of the televsion coverage.

EF Founder Bertil Hult had the honor of being served as a judge at the Beijing Olympics, one of the first foreigners to run with the Olym- under­took intensive training with EF. She says, pic Torch on mainland China. He said, “As the “EF gave me great support in learning English. Chinese saying goes, a journey of one thou- My EF teachers helped me build up my confisand miles starts with a single step. The steps dence to speak English and provided customwe took bearing the Olympic Torch, are a ized teaching materials that were very helpful.” symbol of the small steps we are making here to the larger goal of helping China talk to the world in English. EF and the Olympics share the same ideals: commit“After studying English with EF, I am ment to international friendship now confident to face the world. And I and cultural exchange.” The reviews have been positive. Tang Lin, Judo Women’s Gold Medalist in Sydney 2000, who

can play my role as a judge in front of an international audience with great pride.”

Tang Lin, Judge Beijing Olympics, Judo Women’s Gold Medalist in the Sydney Olympics 2000

a new language. EF Language Learning Solutions offers a full range of tailor-made training: in-company, online, and abroad, or in any combination. EF’s approach guarantees the highest return on your company’s language training investment. Thanks to over 40 years of experience,

professionalism, and impressive results, EF’s language programs enjoy a 98% satisfaction rate. EF Language Learning Solutions is an EF Education First company. For more information on EF Language Learning Solutions please visit:


The reviews have been positive. Tang Lin, Judo Women’s Gold Medalist in Sydney 2000, who lished “Olympic 100” on common phrases and sentence...

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