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Helping IBM consolidate their world-wide language training Background

IBM is the leading company information technologies including computer system, software, storage system and microelectronics. In 2005, IBM decided to implement e-learning as part of their language training offering. E-learning would be used to complement the face-to-face classroom training that was already in place. IBM’s objective was to find a global provider that could supply flexible e-learning to all IBM employees worldwide, provide high quality standards across all markets, and reduce the company’s total investment in language training. Execution

After a careful analysis and evaluation of providers, IBM chose EF Corporate Language Training as their partner and Preferred Supplier for online language training. e project was launched in October 2005 at IBM headquarters in Brussels. Together, IBM and EF identified a global project leader who coordinated the deployment of lan-

guage training worldwide. As part of their on-going development and cooperation, EF and IBM meet twice per year to report results, and identify improvements of processes and products. Benefit

e first year concluded with high student satisfaction and excellent results. On average, students moved up one language level and the overall feedback was very positive. Today, EF supplies training to IBM in approximately 40 locations around the world, with over 1,000 employees involved in online training. Introducing e-learning with EF as a single provider, has helped IBM consolidate their worldwide language training efforts and has allowed them to reduce their total investment in language training while maintaining a high level of quality. As a result, they are now thinking of consolidating their language training even further by choosing a single supplier for all language training worldwide.

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Afteracarefulanalysisandevaluationofproviders, IBMchoseEFCorporateLanguageTrainingas theirpartnerandPreferredSupplierforonline languagetrain...


Afteracarefulanalysisandevaluationofproviders, IBMchoseEFCorporateLanguageTrainingas theirpartnerandPreferredSupplierforonline languagetrain...