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1.Log-in and platform

1) How to access EF online school? When to study? ●PC: Please type:, and input your user name and password. ●iPad: Please download EF Efekta Corporate from Apple Store, and input your user name and password. ●Android: Please download EF Efekta Corporate from Google Play, and input your user name and password. ●Student needs to take the initial assessment, with personal information filled. After receiving the test result, the student may start the online course on either PC or iPad. ●After completing 6 study units of each level on General English, student should take the final assessment on PC only (Remark: The final assessment doesn’t apply on iPad.)

2) PC version,iPad and Android version of EF online school ●All the versions are the same. You may download EF Efekta Corporate from Apple Store on your iPad or from Google Play from your Android tablet. All the study activities are synchronized with PC actions.

3) Headphone ●EF provides free headphone for students who are taking Efekta Premium and Efekta Private Course.

4) Internet requirements ●512 kbps. We recommend taking online study under 1M( 1024 kbps)or above. 5) Internet browser requirements – we recommend using any of the following browser ●Internet Explorer 8 or above; ●Google Chrome; ●Firefox

Page-2 1) Personal information ●You can change your personal information at any time. Please make sure you have filled up with valid contact number, so that the study advisor can arrange you a call when any problem occurs.

2) Does the system save study activities? ●Yes. When you log in next time, you may continue study from the stage interrupted last time.

3) If the answers are mistaken, must it re-watch the movie from the beginning? ●You can either re-watch the movie from the beginning or just click the button of “Reply this segment” from where you wish to listen again. 4) English Fluency Test and Online Conversation Class (applying to Efekta Premium and Efekta Private courses)

5)Does it need to make an appointment of EFT? How long is the test? How many times of EFT in a year? How to cancel? ●Yes, the EFT needs to reserve online in advance. There are 3 tests per 12-month license. It takes 30 to 45 minutes for each test. If you’ve decided not to turn up for the test, please cancel the reservation 48 hours in advance; otherwise, it would be recorded as absent. Please kindly note that there is no EFT in basic licenses.

6) Does the online-conversation-class topic change according to various range of class English? ●Yes.

7) Can the student drop out of an online conversation class? How long does on class last? ●You can drop out any time during the class. Each class lasts 45 minutes. If you are lack of participation (for example less than 30 minutes) during the class, you will not receive the teacher’s feedback report form, nor be recorded as attend.

Page-3 1.Assessment and study goals 1) Must the student complete e the initial assessment or level assessment at a time? ●You must complete all the sessions of initial assessment at a time; otherwise, you are not able to get the final result. ●Regarding the level assessment, we recommend you completing all the sessions at a time. However if you didn’t achieve the graduation criteria of 70%, you may re-take the test. 2) Are level assessment and EFT the same framework? ●Level assessment is taken at the end of each level, proposing to document your achievements, as well as to activating the course components of next level. ●There are 3 EFTs per 12-month license, aiming to help the student being placed in a proficiency band according to his/her test result. 3) What is there is no test reminding after completing 6 units of a level? ●The study contents of EF’s Online School are structured in 16 levels engaging 6 units covering listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Only when you successfully complete 70% of each sessions, you are eligible to take the level test. Please check the progress management system, through course, units, study progression, and classis English, to ensure whether you have achieved the above proportion; for the session which has not yet reached 70%, please continue to complete the remaining activities.

FAQ ANA English  

FAQ ANA English

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