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Boosting service excellence with online English training from EF Lindner prides itself on the world-class quality of service offered at its hotels. With more international guests visiting the hotels, the guest-employee interaction increasingly requires the use of good English. The need: Historically, Lindner had adopted a decentralized approach with each hotel arranging their own face-to-face language training. However, it became clear that this was leading to differing proficiencies across the hotels and was not the best way to ensure a single standard of service group-wide. Lindner therefore sought out an English training provider that could offer a unified training solution across all 36 hotels in Europe. The solution: Lindner chose EF’s cloud-based school, EfektaTM. Learning online means that all Lindner employees can be trained in the same way, to the same standards and can be measured against the same targets. Since spoken English is the most important skill for hotel-workers, EF’s teacher-led virtual conversation classes was of great benefit. Lindner was also impressed with EF’s Frontline course specifically created for the Hotels and Guest Services industry which includes all the vocabulary that front-desk staff need on a daily basis. In addition to customer-facing employees, management and strategic

This chain of four-star hotels & resorts across Europe prides itself on its innovative hotel concepts, forward-looking communication solutions and an extraordinarily large variety of well-being and spa possibilities. Their expansion over the last few years has been impressive, the number of hotels has tripled since 2

personnel working in the headquarters are also being trained: “We are looking to expand into new markets and believe that training key staff in English will expedite this expansion. It should improve internal communication efficiencies, speed up the research process and is a strategic priority for the whole business,” says Operations Director Gunnar von Hagen. The results: Initial results have been very positive: EF has delivered over 500 hours of study in the first 6 months, with the average student studying for over one hour per week. Encouragingly, the majority of students are on track to improve their English by one full EF level in a year, a healthy rate of progress. Some students are even set to improve by a very impressive 2.5 levels in a year. Thomas Raszeja, Assistant Manager Catering and Purchasing, studying with EF Efekta commented: “The online English course is perfect for me, it covers all the key language skills I need to master and it is very well-structured. The online conversation classes have really improved my confidence in speaking English”.

“It was imperative for us to ensure a consistent customer experience in each hotel as this builds a strong reputation internationally; online English training allows us to achieve this” Gunnar von Hagen // Corporate Director Operations and Central Project Management, Lindner

Lindner Hotels Case study

C13 case lindner  
C13 case lindner