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airberlin Case study

Reaching new heights with online language learning from EF

Airberlin is the sixth largest Airline in Europe. With flights to 150 destinations in over 40 countries, it is the first choice for more than 35 million travelers. Airberlin technik is the maintenance provider for the airberlin Group, it employs around 2000 staff across Germany and provides aircraft maintenance services to domestic and a growing number of international Airlines.

EF Education First was chosen as the language training supplier for airberlin technik, the maintenance provider for the airberlin Group. With EF as their language training provider, airberlin technik aims to make communication more efficient, improve the training of their technical staff and speed up decision-making. The need: English language training is crucial for airberlin technik as English is the official language of the Airline industry, meaning that all technical exams and the vast majority of training documentation is in English. Also, communication between mechanics and the pilots of international airlines becomes almost impossible without English proficiency.

unlimited conversation classes with individual feedback from teachers was perfect. Another big benefit of these classes is that they expose learners to English spoken with different accents by people all over the world. This helps staff comprehend the description of mechanical problems faster and provide a better level of customer service.

EF’s solution: An online solution was vital for airberlin technik as they have a geographically dispersed workforce working irregular hours, making an in-company training solution unviable. Spoken English is very important for staff, so the fact that EF EfektaTM includes

The results: Airberlin technik employees have been making excellent progress in their language skills, with some completing one level in just eight weeks. The students are also very happy with EF EfektaTM, as shown by a 96% student satisfaction rating.

“The unlimited teacher-led virtual conversation classes, held around the clock, were very compelling for us. They mean our shift workers can participate in lessons in the middle of the night if that’s when they happen to have a spare time slot” Meike Dille Training & Development, airberlin Academy

Employees really recognize the benefits that better English can bring them. Ms Borhmann, Administrator in Warranty & Insurance, commented: “In the Aviation industry, English proficiency helps one’s professional development as it opens up more development opportunities.” Other students have highlighted how it has helped them in their role at work by increasing their confidence in writing and speaking in English. Initial training has been focused on technical staff, mechanics and engineers, but in the future it could be expanded to incorporate the wider airberlin group.

C13 case air berlin  
C13 case air berlin