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Case Study: Polizia di Stato (Italian Police Force)

Providing better service with English language skills The Polizia di Stato has been working with EF since 2007; around 4,000 cadets in police academies, border police, railway police, junior and senior officers, police technicians and professional police athletes have been trained in this time. The Polizia di Stato is committed to providing the highest level of service nationwide and takes pride in the exceptional English skills of its employees. Need: Since they come into contact with tourists on a daily basis, the Polizia di Stato recognizes that speaking English is critical to provide a good level of service. It was important that they could provide a uniform level of training to all officers across the country with the least amount of administration possible. Solution: EF worked with the Polizia di Stato to design courses appropriate for the various employees who needed training. EF adopted a combination of general as well as Police and Immigration-specific English courses to train employees according to their job function. It was important that the training was engaging for the Polizia di Stato’s progressive workforce, so they chose to use EF’s

The Polizia di Stato’s primary goal is to cover every area concerned with public security. Their 105,000-strong workforce ensures legality and security across the country thanks to its articulate organization, strong commitment and high professionalism.

Online School to bring a multi-media, technological approach to learning. Results: EF’s Online School has helped the Polizia di Stato reduce costs and improve the ROI on their training investment. The Online School and the accompanying iPhone and iPad study apps are so appealing to the students that studying is at an all-time high. The average student completes one level every six months, which is very impressive progress. What’s more, administrative work has virtually disappeared thanks to EF’s comprehensive reporting systems, so Training Managers have more time to focus on other issues. EF and the Polizia di Stato continue to work together to provide the best level of service to the Italian people and everyone who visits the country.

“The interaction with qualified teachers, the flexibility and the rich content make the learning engaging and effective.” Fabrizio Gallotti, Chief Constable of the Police Training Department in Rome, Italy

Case Study: Polizia di Stato (Italian Police Force)