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Case Study: Alitalia

Flying high with English skills Alitalia (Compagnia Aerea Italiana) is Italy’s leading airline, serving 25 million passengers in 2011 with its 156 aircraft operative fleet across a network of 95 destinations (summer season 2012). Alitalia is a member of the SkyTeam alliance and in 2010 the company joined the airline industry’s leading trans-Atlantic Joint Venture with Air France-KLM Group and Delta Airlines.

ALITALIA’S NEED: In 2009, Alitalia merged with

EF’S SOLUTION: Training hundreds of mobile

RESULTS: EF’s Online School has been a total

AirOne Airline and became a completely private company which signified a deep change in its market positioning. In order to continue providing the highest levels of customer service, it became necessary for cabin crew to standardize their English language skills to communicate efficiently with passengers coming from all over the world.

staff members is not easy: Alitalia’s cabin crew is constantly on the move, so traditional classroom learning was not even an option. EF’s Online School offered the required flexibility for Alitalia staff, whose proficiency was at different levels, to study at the level and the pace that best suited them. In addition, through online learning, cabin crew were able to study whenever and wherever they wanted. Such flexibility would simply not be possible with traditional classroom training.

success for Alitalia, with employees voluntarily committing to training goals and targets. Learners appreciate the school’s flexibility, and training managers consider the continuous reporting to be valuable in order to track the employees’ progress. Live virtual conversation classes have also allowed employees to practice speaking with people from all over the world - something that they do every day on Alitalia flights. Thanks to the training program, Alitalia expects its staff to quickly reach their target levels.

With customer satisfaction as its priority, ALITALIA provides top quality ground and inflight services with distinct Italian style.