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From Prototype to Production-Size Stan Wilson oversaw the reactor’s creation as project manager along with Charles Lehman, another engineer on the team. All of the production for the reactor and R&D facility was done in-house with Isola’s own design team. Initially, the team used a relatively small, 100-litre prototype reactor that allowed them to come up with a unique resin. From there, the team saw the need for a bigger reactor that would be more cost-effective and convenient for customizing their products. “We went from a 100-litre reactor to a 800-litre, production-sized reactor,” Wilson told us. “This allows us to run projects at production levels to be able to supply the market.” The reactor took years to design and build after modeling from the prototype reactor. “It was a pretty intense project,” Wilson recalled, “The company put a lot of funds into making this happen.” Going from the prototype reactor to the production-sized reactor was a twoyear process, with the reactor going into full production mode this past fall. It turns out it was worth the wait. “The feedback I’ve gotten has all

been positive.” Wilson told us. “It has surpassed our requirements and is working better than we initially thought in terms of reaction time, batch size, and consistency.” Since time to market is very important to Isola’s customer base when designing PCB boards, the convenience of the on-site reactor has also proven to be a major benefit. Isola is now able to respond quickly to changing market conditions and environments to help their customers and OEMs get their product to market faster. ■

Above: (From left) Charles Lehmann, Michael He, Stan Wilson


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