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Modern Printed Circuits


is a global material sciences company that develops polymers for advanced multilayer printed circuit boards. Its R&D facility in Chandler, Arizona

recently expanded to include an internally designed, production-scale organic synthesis reactor that will allow the company to develop unique polymer resin systems. With the ability to create resins on site, Isola can distance itself from suppliers to enable completely proprietary products. However, building a reactor of this complexity is no easy task. We spoke with Stan Wilson, the manager of the Isola reactor project, about the process of developing with the reactor in-house and how it enables the company to be more efficient in all aspects of PCB development.


Modern Printed Circuits: Sierra Circuits  

Interview with Ken Bahl – CEO of Sierra Circuits; Highest Quality Rigid-Flex PCBs; The “Ground” Myth in Printed Circuits; Isola’s Organic Sy...

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