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Modern Printed Circuits now have a plan to provide a full line of flex products. Within the next two to three years, we will be setting up a separate plant for flex.

“The industry needs to work on totally integrated automation processes to help designers from schematic entry through assembly.” We have a continuously refined registration process, which gives us the ability to hold a drill-to-copper clearance within 2 to 3 mils. We are creating processes to be able to do a 1-mil line and space. Our effort in improving these areas is ongoing.

Could you talk about how you got started with flex circuits and the company’s success with those products? We got started in flex because we were motivated by a few very high-tech military customers. They saw our registration capability and gave us R&D projects to do very highlayer-count rigid-flex boards. We completed those projects successfully and have now been building flex for about five years. We


What are the most promising new technologies you see in PCB prototyping? We have been working with a new technology that will help us achieve fine lines with more reliable yields. When the time is right, we will make an announcement. This technology will help us produce consistent quality on sub 3-mil lines; hopefully, down to 0.5 mil.

In terms of your business, where do you see the largest growth potential? I see the largest growth potential in providing turnkey products to our customers. When we make a PCB, buy components, and assemble them, we can provide the best overall turnaround time and prevent a lot of customer-related issues. Our turnkey turnaround time of from five to ten days provides a tremendous time-to-market value. When we provide value to our customers, our business grows. The second biggest potential is to create the same turnkey service, but do it completely online. This will provide the ultimate customer service and ease of doing business in this complex business environment. The industry needs to work on totally integrated automated processes to help designers from schematic entry through assembly and thereby aid them to quickly realize a design free from errors. This is the best way we can help them. We have superb engineering services, so designers can talk to experts and hash out any issues they might be facing with manufacturing or design. We work with customers on that level. ●

Modern Printed Circuits: Sierra Circuits  

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