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providing them with stackups and guidelines for feature sizes. To help them improve their design abilities, we are providing them with such tools as a stackup planner, a material selector, and online DFM assistance so that they can be independent. Those efforts are helping them to provide us with good files to produce their boards.

Let’s talk about how the technology in your manufacturing has changed over the years. Because of the wireless revolution, more and more functionality is being designed per square inch of real estate. This requires finer and finer traces, spaces, and the use of sequential lamination processes, which challenges layer-to-layer registration. This defined the change required in our manufacturing processes.

“Customer relationships have always been directly dependent upon the level at which you are meeting the customer needs.� 21

Modern Printed Circuits: Sierra Circuits  

Interview with Ken Bahl – CEO of Sierra Circuits; Highest Quality Rigid-Flex PCBs; The “Ground” Myth in Printed Circuits; Isola’s Organic Sy...

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