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We would like to offer special thanks to Jaanika Tigasson from Sparkling Group, Martti Siimann from OKO Restaurants and Aivar Hanson from Flavours of Estonia, all of whom helped with their advice and energy. We also want to thank Heidi Vihma, who transformed all the information into engaging reading. And sincere thanks to Juta Ristsoo for the translations and Aleksander Karu for the design. And naturally, we thank all the restaurateurs whose passion and love for their work made this publication possible. ••• Need quick and convinient access to variety of Estonian gastronomy? CheckSpot works closely with hotels and tourist information points. Download now.

Publisher: OÜ Eesti Info, Texts : Heidi Vihma Translator: Juta Ristsoo Designer: Aleksander Karu Cover photo: Kristian Kruuser

Welcome to Estonia! Eesti Info OÜ is a media company creating marketing materials for tourists and business travelers coming to Estonia. We are providing product development, design production and distribution. Our maps, guides, magazines and interactive Experience App connect both locals and tourists to food, drink and entertainment. Gastronomy Guide – Dining Recommendations is one of our newest exclusive publications that compiles the best restaurants in Estonia for visitors who appreciate good food, ambience and would like to experience our country through its gastronomy. We’re confident that every restaurant included here is special in its own way and worth a visit. The restaurants are chosen very carefully, based on the assessments of the White Guide Nordic, the Silverspoon competition and the food critics. In addition to highly rated restaurants, we also included recently opened new and interesting places that are worth discovering. Bon Appetit!

Katrin Weiss

Ken Marten Mällo

Business Relations Eesti Info OÜ

CEO Eesti Info OÜ

White Guide The Nordic restaurant guide leads the way to Estonia’s best restaurants. Estonia is increasingly gathering attention as a gastronomy-destination. Last year the White Guide Nordic selected the 30 best restaurants in Estonia and published them along with the best from the other Nordic and Baltic countries in its publication. The White Guide presents reviews of the food and beverages served in each restaurant along with a description of the service and ambiance, which are all reflected in the score. Most of the restaurants represented here have also been featured in White Guide. The methodology for the White Guide’s evaluations and ratings of the Estonian restaurants are available at White Guide Nordic 2017 can be downloaded from the App Store or purchased from Peter Hansson Business Relations White Guides AB

The area of Estonia is small, but its cuisine is great. And it has become so very quickly. During the last decade or so, the restaurant landscape has been enriched by many unique eateries. Our location and past have made Estonian cuisine very unique – we are on a frontier not only geographically, but also gastronomically. Like other Nordic people, we also prefer pure and crisp flavours. But the local cuisine also has much in common in the Germans, with whom we shared a cultural space for centuries, and with our close neighbours the Slavs. The success of fusion cuisine has also enriched our dining tables with flavours from around the world. The greatest concentration of excellent restaurants is in Tallinn’s Old Town, but places worth discovering can also be found in other city districts, in the vicinity of the city, and even further afield. Wishing you exciting taste experiences,

Heidi Vihma Restaurant critic Estonia


20 Horisont Tornimae Street 3, 10145 Tallinn +372 624 3000 / Tue-Sat 18.00 - 22.00 / Mon, Sun closed

8 Aleksander Chef’s Table Kohtu 10A-7, 10130 Tallinn +372 60 22 222

22 Korsten Põhja pst 27a, Tallinn +372 511 7811 / Mon-Sun 12.00 – 23.00

10 Art Priori Olevimägi 7, 10123, Tallinn +372 600 33 53 / Mo-Th 12.00-23.00 Fr-Sa 12.00-00.00 Sun closed

24 Leib Uus 31, Tallinn 10111 +372 6119026 / Mon– Sat 12–15, 18–23 / Sat 12–23 / Sun Closed

12 CRU Viru 8, Tallinn, Estonia +372 6140085 Mon-Sun 12-23

26 MIX Vana-Posti 11/13, Tallinn +372 6220 998 / Mon – Sun 12.00-23.00

14 Dominic Vene 10, Tallinn, Estonia +372 641 0400 / Mon-Sat 12.00-24.00 / Sun 12.00-21.00 / Photos: Lauri Laan

28 NOA Ranna tee 3, Tallinn +372 5080589 / Mon-Thu 12.00-23.00 / Fri-Sat 12.00-00.00 Sun 12.00 - 22.00 /

16 Farm Müürivahe 27B, Tallinn +372 517 3261 / Every day 12:00 - 00:00

30 NOA Chef’s Hall Ranna tee 3, Tallinn +372 5080589 / Wed-Sat 18.00-00.00

18 Gloria Müürivahe 2, Tallinn +372 640 6800 / Mon-Sat 17.30-23.30 / Sun closed

32 Ribe Vene 7, 10132, Tallinn +372 631 3084 / Mon: 17–23 / Tue–Fri 12–15/17–23 Sat 12–23 / Sun Closed /

34 Salt Vase 14, Tallinn +372 5188510 / Tue-Fri 12-14.00 / 17.00-22.30 / Sat 17.00-22.30 Sun, Mon: Closed

50 Pull Rotermanni 2, Tallinn 10111 +372 5382 5000 / Mon–Thu 11.00–23.00 / Fri-Sat 11.00–24.00 Sun 12.00–20.00 /

36 Tuljak Pirita tee 26e, 10127 Tallinn +372 53022020 / Mon-Thu 12.00-23.00 / Fri-Sat 12.00-00.00 Sun 12.00 - 22.00 /

52 Rae Meierei Dunkri 5, Tallinn 10123 +372 5343 8366 / Open every day 12.00-00.00



Vegan Restaurant V Rataskaevu 12, Tallinn +372 6269087 / Sun-Thu 12:00–23:00 / Fri-Sat 12:00–00:00

Hõlm Ülikooli 14, 51003 Tartu +372 730 4008 / Mo-Fr 18:00-23:00 / St 17:00-23:00

40 Von Krahli Aed

58 Noot A. H. Tammsaare 4a, Pärnu +372 440 1012 / open every day at 12.00–23.00

Juur Valukoja 10, 11415 Tallinn +372 60 707 05 / Mo 11:30 - 17.00 / Tu-Fr 11:30 - 22.00 Sat 16.00-22.00 / Sun closed /


60 OKO Sadama tee 1, Kaberneeme jahisadam +372 53 00 4440 / Open: May-September Th 17:00-22:00 / Fr-Su 12:00-22:00

46 Mon Repos Narva mnt 92, Tallinn + 372 50 70 273 / Main hall Mon-Thur 12-23 / Fri-Sat 12-24 / Sun 12-22 Chef’s Floor Wed-Sat 18-23 /

62 Pärnu Rannahotell Restaurant Ranna pst 5, Pärnu +372 444 4444 / info@rannahotell Mon–Thu 12:00-21:00 / Fri–Sat 12:00-22:30

48 Paju Villa Vabaduse puiestee 88 +372 507 6242 / Mon-Thu 12:00-23:00 / Fr-Sat 12:00-00:00 Sun 12:00-22:00 /

64 Ruhe Sadama tee 10, Neeme küla, Jõelähtme vald +372 56279007 / / Mo-Su 12.00-22.00 From 1st September Thu-Sat 13.00-22.00, Sun 13.00-21.00

Rataskaevu 8, Tallinn +372 626 9088 / Mon-Sat 12:00-00:00 / Sun 12:00-23:00

Aleksander Chef ’s Table Alexander Restaurant that is located at the Pädaste Manor on the island of Muhu has been one of the top-ranking restaurants for years, and therefore, been a guiding light for Estonian restaurant culture. The Alexander is only opened during the summer season. However, during the autumn-winter season, head chef Matthias Diether prepares seven-course relaxed fine dining meals inspired by the flavours of the Nordic islands in Tallinn. On four nights a week, the head chef ’s home, which is located in one of the oldest mansions on Toompea Hill, becomes a dinner club, welcoming food enthusiasts who along with excellent food and wine also enjoy pleasant conversation. The elegant dinner table accommodates up to 20 guests.


Kohtu 10A-7 +372 60 22 222

Art Priori Art & Restaurant Art Priori, an exclusive art restaurant in the Baltics – where all the senses are in play. The interior is inspired by Gothic architecture and filled with marvelous paintings by the Old Masters of Europe. Museum-quality art is taken out of its usual environment – to support the elegance and the palette of senses offered at Art Priori. People come to eat, but also for emotions and impressions. Our credo is – “Art is not only on the walls, but also on the plates!” The cuisine is inspired by the surrounding nature and Nordic cultural roots. The dishes are kept simple and extraordinary by serving healthy, ecologically pure, lactose-free food. We enhance the classic and make it into something special and unique. Text: N. Dodonova


Olevimägi 7 +372 600 33 53

Cru Restaurant at the Bocuse d’Or level The Cru kitchen is managed by head chef Dmitri Haljukov, whose achievements include a fourteenth-place finish at the 2015 finals of the Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, which has been called the Olympics for chefs. From time to time, the master himself introduces the dishes in the dining room. The Cru menu is classically elegant, as well as creative and original, as befits a restaurant on the main street of the Old Town. The beverage menu provides surprises related to both wines and various other drinks. The restaurant is in a building that dates back to the 15th century and has been renovated with a sense of piety, by combining the atmosphere of the late Middle Ages with contemporary cosiness.


Viru 8 +372 6140085

Dominic Wine restaurant in a medieval merchant’s house The wine selection, which is among the best in the city, gives Dominic every right to call itself a wine restaurant. The wines and beverages not only complement the meals, but are a significant component of the taste experience. The restaurant’s main hall – the family room in this historical home of a medieval merchant – is considered to be one of the best preserved medieval residential spaces in Tallinn’s Old Town. In addition to gastronomic enjoyment, Dominic also offers a diverse selection of cigars, which can be enjoyed in a cosy cigar room.


Vene 10 +372 641 0400

Farm Contemporary Estonian food in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town Farm has created an idyllic and romantic atmosphere in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town, where birds sing and flowers bloom. Local Estonian food is served at Farm, which has been eaten here for centuries. However, it is prepared with a contemporary approach based on today’s gastronomic values. The menu compiled by recognised brand-chef Dmitri Rooz and head chef Mihkel Kalbus is like a tour of Estonia’s forests, fishing holes and farms. The beverage menu includes world-class drinks along with the best products from local wineries, cider and beer breweries. Both Tallinners and tourists will greatly appreciate the taste journey provided by Farm.


Müürivahe 27B +372 517 3261

Gloria Restaurant since 1937 The luxurious charm of the 1930s has survived at Gloria. Time has progressed slower then and the guest has always been king. This nostalgic restaurant, built into the city wall, has hosted Prince Charles, Pope John Paul II, the Rolling Stones, Sting, and Hillary Clinton, as well as many other crowned and uncrowned heads. The menu in this restaurant, with its perfected starched white linens and sparkling silverware, is mostly comprised of classics. But not exclusively. Dmitri Demjanov, the grand old man of Estonian restaurateurs and the founder of Gloria, was the first to give simple Estonian peasant food a taste and appearance worthy of a restaurant. And his version of an authentic Estonian favourite – Mulgi kapsad – is still on the menu.


Müürivahe 2 +372 640 6800

Horisont Restaurant with the city’s best view If in the real world the horizon divides the sky and the land, then in the culinary world there are few peaks higher than Horisont (Horizon). Everything else seems below it. This is not only because Horisont, located on the Swissôtel’s top floor, offers guests an excellent view of the city, but because it always finds itself at the top of the restaurant rankings. With a menu full of surprises and a wine list of great depth, Horisont pleases the most discerning gourmets. But even casual diners can put themselves in the hands of the restaurant’s knowledgeable staff and avail themselves of an exceptional dining experience.


Tornimae Street 3 +372 624 3000

Korsten Korsten, Love & Good Food Korsten (in Estonian korsten means chimney) shares its building with the Kultuurikatel, a creative hub installed in a former power plant. It’s very easy to find – there’s no other landmark like the chimney built in 1948 that towers above the junction between Kalamaja and the city centre. The restaurant has successfully been adapted to this extraordinary location and atmosphere, creating a pleasant environment in the gigantic hall that still feels somewhat rough and unrefined. The open kitchen supports Korsten’s industrial style. The menu, which has been designed by head chef Jaanus Krass, is Mediterranean, and Kristjan Markii, the head sommelier of the Carmen Group, one of the best in Estonia, is in charge of the beverage selection.


Põhja pst 27a +372 511 7811

Leib Simple, but with a great spirit Of the restaurants offering new Estonian cuisine, Leib has the clearest signature: simple, always inventive and surprising, but not overly frivolous. The depth of the beverage menu deserves special attention, and Kristjan Peäske, the exceptionally competent sommelier, will help you choose a beverage to suit your meal. Even if you have your favourites, do not to rush your order –the sommelier may suggest something totally unexpected. In addition to the excellent food, drink, and service, the Leib Restaurant also has a unique atmosphere. The dining room and, during the summer the garden, is filled with a special buzz that only develops when lots of people are enjoying themselves.


Uus 31 +372 6119026

Mix Mix mixes continents and countries The modern kitchen at Mix daringly combines the cuisines and culinary traditions of various countries, while also preserving balance and harmony. Head chef Vladimir Iljin has a creative nature, and his own personal vision of fusion-cuisine. His original recipes combine the tastes of Central Europe and the Mediterranean, creating delicious new syntheses. The beverage selection is sufficiently diverse to support the head chef ’s fantasies. And the service is caring and attentive. The reservedly peaceful interior design of the cosy dining room, located on the ground floor of the My City Hotel, creates a pleasant background for the taste experiences.


Vana-Posti 11/13 +372 6220 998

NOA Between the land and the sea NOA is located on the border between Tallinn and Viimsi, right on the seaside. Here the sea is visible from every table. The à la carte restaurant is located right next to, but separate from, the Chef ’s Hall with its degustation menu. The two sides of this restaurant, which differ in appearance, but have an integrated approach, combine to form a perfect whole – a world unto itself on the border between the city and the country, the land and the sea. The raw ingredients, which are mostly very simple, is not the only thing that makes the food at NOA special. It is the preparation, side dishes and presentation that are surprising, beautiful, and break with tradition. The beverage menu is also substantial, and is a worthy partner for the kitchen.


Ranna tee 3 +372 5080589

NOA Chef’s Hall The head chef offers the best The rise to the top by the NOA Chef´s Hall was rapid. It was named Estonia’s best restaurant in the year that it opened. There are not many head chefs that restaurant guests know by name, but Tõnis Siigur, the head chef at NOA, is definitely among them. Whereas, Siigur did not acquired his fame as a TV chef (the media can achieve anything), but with his restaurants. A young talent, Orm Oja, the other head chef, is also representative of the Siigur school. A degustation menu is offered, along with the suitable wines and juices. The menu is unusual, fantasy-filled and opulent. The scope of the gastronomical experience is expanded by the open kitchen and presence of the head chef.


Ranna tee 3 +372 5080589

Ribe Ribe combines the classic with the trendy Ribe has been among the top ten restaurants since it opened ten years ago. Local raw ingredients have always been preferred at Ribe, although new ways of approaching them have been sought and world flavours have been added. The team at Ribe has a special talent for combining tradition and innovation, the classic with the trendy. On the one hand, this is a classical restaurant, where food, drink and service are combined into a harmonious whole. And yet, during its ten years of operation, Ribe has “imported� many world food trends to Estonia. The beverage menu collaborates with the head chef ’s gastronomical games, by supporting both the classic and the trendy, and offering a generous selection of wines and craft beers.


Vene 7 +372 631 3084

Salt Salt is like a Tower of Babel for gourmets The tiny Salt Restaurant, brimming with tables, is more alive than any other restaurant in Tallinn. The room is almost always filled with diners, many of them regular customers – once you’ve been to Salt, you’ll surely return. The food is prepared in an open kitchen under the gaze of the guests. And the menu provides gastronomic fireworks. One could say it’s the Tower of Babel for gourmets. Peru, Laos, Sweden, China, Malaysia, France, Japan, Italy Thailand – they’re all represented. Baroque excess, some snob might say with a shrug of the shoulders, but it suits Salt and even the most ambitious dishes are perfectly executed.


Vase 14 +372 5188510

Tuljak A new look for the golden Sixties A history that stretches back more than half a century, a successful reconstruction of its excellent Sixties architecture, and an extraordinary location make the Tuljak special. Once called the Flower Pavilion CafÊ, designed by Valve Pormeister was built in 1965. Now the original solution has been restored, and furniture and lighting true to the period has been installed. The menu skilfully combines the classic with the modern, and the beverage menu is more varied than usual. The service is pleasant and efficient. In the summer, the restaurant expands onto a terrace, with an extensive view of Tallinn Bay – a wonderful place to enjoy the sunset!


Pirita tee 26e +372 53022020

Vegan Restaurant V A paradise for vegans It’s possible that Vegan is Tallinn’s smallest restaurant. Even if it’s not the smallest, it’s definitely the eatery with the most exciting selection of raw ingredients in Estonia – tempeh and seitan, tofu and tahini, avocado and coconut, quinoa and couscous, sweet potatoes and celeriac. Everything is vegetarian, and gluten-free and wheat-free dishes can also be found on the menu. Despite his youth, head chef Mikk Mägi, one of the founders of the restaurant, has written several vegan cookbooks. It seems there’s no limit to his imagination – he keeps finding new and exciting ways to prepare vegetarian raw ingredients. And the tiny dining hall with a historical interior in the centuries-old building is worth a visit all on its own.


Rataskaevu 12 +372 6269087 v/

Von Krahli Aed The embassy of pure food in the heart of the city The historical plastered walls, sturdy ceiling beams, and lots of greenery (it’s a garden after all!) confirm that the award for the best restored building in the city has gone to the right place. The small restaurant seems more like a cosy and homey dining room. Friendly service and affordable prices have contributed to its continued popularity. Upside-down main courses are the restaurant’s speciality – you choose a meat, fish or cheese to complement the various vegetable main dishes, rather than the other way around. Or you can opt to eat only the vegetables. For example, colourful beet noodles with black lentils, asparagus, carrots wrapped in seaweed and red beet cream – isn’t that tempting!


Rataskaevu 8 +372 626 9088

Silverspoon As is true in other countries, many restaurant rankings are also compiled in Estonia. For the locals, the most authoritative of them is the Silverspoon competition, and many of the restaurants in this guide have also received that award. The Silverspoon is special because the judges come from very different walks of life and have different taste preferences. They represent a cross-section of Estonian society and value that which is most important to ordinary consumers when they are dining out. The association that organises the Silverspoon competition is an independent organisation that collects the funds necessary for the competition with the help of sponsors, both companies and private individuals. More information can be found at:Â

Marje Hallik-Wilson & Dimitri Demjanov

New Places to Discover

Juur Back to the roots Inspired by Nordic cuisine, local ingredients, crisp northern flavours and masterful gastronomy come together at the Juur restaurant. The restaurant’s team is reviving local food preparation methods in a new and innovative form. And they believe that much worth discovering still exists in Estonia’s forests, fields, and bodies of water that can enrich our dining tables. Approaching pure and organic Estonian raw ingredients with new methods brings onionskin pollen, whey sauce, ash meringue, chocolate moss, carrot sorbet and chaga mushrooms and other delights to our plates. A phenomenon all its own is the Juur coffee selection – the coffee menu is longer than the wine card in some restaurants.


Valukoja 10 +372 60 707 05

Mon Repos Inspired by the golden age of Kadriorg Mon Repos, located in a beautiful renovated wooden villa in Kadriorg, is both very old and very young – in the 1920s, a restaurant of the same name was located there. So, the opening that took place in October 2016 could also be called a reopening. When creating new dishes, head chef Vladislav Djatšuk, who became renowned at the Tchaikovsky Restaurant, was inspired by the golden age of Kadriorg, the Russian poet Igor Severjanin, and cookbooks from the past. An a la carte restaurant is located on the lower floor and four- to six-course degustation menus are offered on the upper floor. When it’s warm, the restaurant expands onto a terrace on the edge of the traditional Kadriorg Park.


Narva mnt 92 +372 50 70 273

Paju Villa Gourmet taste delights at the Paju Villa The newest restaurant in the NĂľmme suburb has established itself in the Paju Villa, a building that dates back to the first decades of the last century. The beautiful structure, which had fallen into hopeless disrepair, has been carefully restored and furnished in an elegant Nordic style. Although the Paju Villa has only been open for a short time, being part of the Siigur Restaurants Group, along with the top gourmet restaurants NOA, Tuljak and OKO, provides the new enterprise with a guarantee of quality. Keep an open mind, and be ready for a gourmet surprise. The actors are top quality and the beginning is very promising.


Vabaduse puiestee 88 +372 507 6242

Pull The favourite of meat eaters Fish lovers, and even vegans, will be well-fed at Pull, but it is primarily focused on meat. In first place is beef cattle and other local animals, although you can find elk and even bear on the menu. The founders and owners of the Pull Restaurant are three men who can be considered to be most knowledgeable in Estonia about meat. The men’s skills and dedication is not limited to the compilation of the menu and skilful preparation of meat, but they will even meet you at the door. And visitors are always welcome and the service is professional. The large wine selection is worthy partner for the meat, whereas the more exclusive classics of the wine world are available by the glass.


Rotermanni 2 +372 5382 5000

Rae Meierei Estonia’s only dairy restaurant Estonia’s first and only dairy restaurant continues a tradition that was once very popular here. When cheesemaking is underway, the master’s activities can be observed without leaving one’s table in the restaurant. The cheeses that are made on site arrive on the table in their freshest and most authentic form. In addition to the inhouse products, the dishes also contain various other cheeses. However, there is no reason to classify the Rae Meierei as a cheese restaurant – the menu also includes dishes that have nothing to do with cheese. And the Art Deco inspired interior design is a sight to see. The gigantic restaurant that seats 350 with its industrial-style interior, open kitchen and dairy looks like a large factory.


Dunkri 5 +372 5343 8366




Estonian Map 56- Hõlm 58- Noot 60- OKO 62- Pärnu Rannahotell Restaurant 64- Ruhe







Hõlm Hõlm is located in the Lydia, one of the most elegant hotels in Tartu. Its location on the slope of Toomemägi Hill, which is the symbol of Tartu, and its polished architecture and interior design make both the hotel and the restaurant very special and stately. The menu designed by head chef Lauri Ülenurm combines an audacity to experiment with mature harmony and interesting techniques with pure raw ingredients, and quality with simplicity. The open kitchen provides the guests with an opportunity to participate in the birth of culinary art. In the abundant beverage selection, special attention has been to the champagnes and sparkling wines.


Ülikooli 14, Tartu +372 730 4008

Noot National traditions with a contemporary approach Both music and the sea have made contributions to the name of the NOOT restaurant (in Estonian noot means both a means of catching fish and a musical symbol). The musical NOOT makes the restaurant sparkle and shine; and the fish NOOT reminds us that the sea is only a few hundred metres from the restaurant. As befits the restaurant in a hotel and spa called Estonia, both the menu and interior design is based on national traditions. Rudolf Visnapuu, who is the head chef as well as the president of the Association of Estonian Head Chefs, approaches traditions and localism creatively, by supplementing old recipes with new technologies and pushing the boundaries of Estonianism.


A. H. Tammsaare 4a, Pärnu +372 440 1012

OKO Seaside taste experiences The OKO seaside restaurant is located in Kaberneeme, one of the most beautiful villages on the northern coast, only 40 kilometres from Tallinn. The sea view can be enjoyed from both the restaurant, with an interior design inspired by the Scandinavian archipelago, or the spacious terrace. The exciting and beautiful meals comprised of simple down-to-earth ingredients and fish from the local sea are prepared based on the original approach unique to the eateries in the Siigur Restaurants Group. High-quality wines to complement the meals are offered on the beverage menu along with Estonian ciders from the Jaanihanso cider brewery and OKO’s own craft beer.

Open: May - September


Sadama tee 1, Kaberneeme jahisadam +372 53 00 4440

Pärnu Rannahotell Restaurant Restaurant on the beach The Rannahotell is located only a few steps from the beach. The hotel, which was built in 1937, is one of the masterpieces of Estonian functionalism and a symbol of the Pärnu resort. The hotel restaurant is also worthy of the distinguished building, being the only eatery in Pärnu that is included in the White Guide Nordic, a guide to Nordic and Baltic restaurants. Herkki Ruubel, the young head chef, who has a very personal signature, has worked at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant as well as at the Noma, which has held the title of the world’s best restaurant for a long time. The menu that he has created is fresh as well as robust, full of surprising taste delights and unexpected harmonies. In addition to the a la carte menu, degustation menu are also available.


Ranna pst 5. Pärnu +372 444 4444

Ruhe Seaside restaurant in an old fishing village The Ruhe Restaurant is located in the seaside Neeme harbour on the north shore Estonia, only a half-hour’s drive from Tallinn. The model for the restaurant’s modern architecture and interior design was provided by the boat culture of the coastal people. Ruhe is the name of a fishing boat or skiff hollowed out of a tree trunk. One of them can be seen under the apple tree on the restaurant’s terrace. In German, Ruhe means peace and this is an appropriate description of the mood that reigns in the cosy restaurant in this old fishing village. The menu includes fish and seafood from both local and foreign waters. The Ruhe’s famous fish patties have remained on the menu through the years, and one will be surprised by the exciting desserts. There are five guestrooms on the second floor, which provide a comfortable space for enjoying the peace and quiet.


Sadama tee 10, Neeme küla, Jõelähtme vald +372 56279007

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8- Aleksander Chef’s Table 10- Art Priori 12- CRU 14- Dominic 16- Farm 18- Gloria 20- Horisont 22- Korsten 24- Leib 26- MIX 28- NOA 30- NOA Chef’s Hall 32- Ribe 34- Salt 36- Tuljak 38- Vegan Restaurant V 40- Von Krahli Aed 44- Juur 46- Mon Repos 48- Paju Villa 50- Pull 52- Rae Meierei

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Estonian Gastronomy Guide 2017-2018 - Dining Recommendations  

Publisher: Eesti Info OÜ, Texts: Heidi Vihma Translator: Juta Ristsoo Designer: Aleksander Karu Cover photo: Kristian Kru...

Estonian Gastronomy Guide 2017-2018 - Dining Recommendations  

Publisher: Eesti Info OÜ, Texts: Heidi Vihma Translator: Juta Ristsoo Designer: Aleksander Karu Cover photo: Kristian Kru...

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