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Dear reader: If you are reading this booklet it probably means that you are somehow related with the world of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. With this booklet we want to present one of the biggest international projects in Europe for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science students: EESTEC, the Electrical Engineering Students' European Association. Our Association is present in more than 50 European universities, creating a network which provides all our members a unique opportunity to create contacts and participate in international events all over Europe. This network keeps growing year after year, as this opportunity is always open to new committees and members. Therefore, we would like you to take a deep insight in EESTEC through the pages of this booklet and find the possible benefits you can get from our association. Thank you very much for your interest. EESTEC International Board

The Electrical Engineering Students' European Association is a non-political, non-profit organisation of electrical engineering and computer science (EECS) students. Our association has Local Committees (LCs) in 52 universities from different cities in 28 European countries.

Our aim is to offer international opportunities to all our members, promoting and developing international contacts with other students and professionals. All these objectives are possible through the organisation of international events, where students can get in touch with foreign cultures, learn in foreign universities and develop their social and professional skills.

These events are free for all our members, and lasting about one week. Participation is therefore suitable and easy for all the students! International Knowledge Academic Travelling Sharing


Culture Friendship

What is EESTEC? The best opportunity for students to get involved in international activities. Activities in which they can learn, make friends, meet other cultures and visit other countries... Everything while they are adding value to their career through international experience.

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Aachen Amsterdam Ankara Antwerp Athens Banja Luka Belgrade Bucharest Budapest Cosenza Craiova Delft East Sarajevo Eskisehir Famagusta Gdansk Gliwice Groningen Hamburg Helsinki Istanbul Izmir Krakow Lille Linkoping Lisbon

Ljubljana Lugano Madrid Maribor Munich Nantes Nis Novi Sad Podgorica Riga Rijeka Sarajevo Sheffield Skopje St. Pertersburg Tallinn Tampere Trieste Tuzla Vienna Vilnius Warwick Wroclaw Xanthi Zagreb Zurich

Workshops Knowledge is not only achieved in University. There you can get the basis to start your career, but there are always extra skills and experience that can't be found in classrooms. This is why EESTEC organises international workshops that cover any modern technology on the market and more. Our workshops are one week long events focused on a specific technical topic, during which you will attend laboratories, conferences and of course, also have time to visit the city and have fun with the other participants.

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Our Activities

Exchanges After those hard exams, projects and lessons, everyone needs some days of leisure. Our exchanges are leisurefocused events, usually also lasting one week, which offer you the possibility to visit all Europe, meet other cultures and traditions, taste foreign gastronomy or see places you had only dreamed of. Meet new friends, take a break from the school life. Skiing, going to beach, or just visiting other countries. Meeting other cultures has never been so easy!

Training Events To achieve success in your career and projects, not everything is theory and academic knowledge. Are you a good leader? How good are your communication skills? Do you have experience managing a team? Our training system offers you the best trainings in communication skills, leadership, team building, fund raising and many others!

And much mo re !

Cultural Benefits EESTEC Spirit You may have heard that during your studies in University, you will live the most beautiful years of your life. Not everything is academic in university, and of course not in EESTEC either. One of our most important aspects is the cultural and social importance that our events have. In all our events you will find students like you, willing to make new friends and create international links. EESTEC Spirit is something that can't be explained, you have to live it. It's the experience of having friends in more countries than you could have ever thought. It's sharing good moments and having fun with other EESTECers. It's living together the experience of our events, and the friendship built during it which lasts much longer after the event finishes.

What can I get?

Academic Qualit


Soft Skills A very important part for each student's education is which skills they get during their life in university. Besides theory on electronic devices, programming or mathematics, you will need to know how to develop projects, manage teams, or make presentations. You can achieve these skills not only by our training system, but also with experience in an international and friendly environment.

International Projects In EESTEC you will achieve experience organizing and participating in international events and other projects. You will achieve skills to develop yourself in a foreign environment, useful for your academic and labour life. Besides the immediate benefits of travelling to our events, we also have several international projects in which you can get involved: cooperate in our half-yearly magazine, become a trainer to train local and international members, take part in our online Job fair and CV database "Lykeion" and many others. Everything in international teams and suitable for every kind of student!

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EESTEC Lykeion is joining highly qualified and motivated students, companies and universities in Europe inside a unique platform, allowing them to advertise themselves, search the database for published information and individuality.

Find your opportunity! Enter your CV in unique database, which is viewed by international companies and universities ● Apply for internships and jobs in high-tech companies ● Apply for Bachelor, Master and PhD studies on technical universities worldwide ● Follow the latest news and notifications of your future employer By registering on Lykeion you'll extend your chances to get noted by companies and you'll have the possibility to establish direct communication with the most well-known universities, companies and experts from the whole world. ●

Electrical Engineering Students' European Association Mekelweg 4, 2628 CD Delft. The Netherlands - EESTEC International. December 2012 External Affairs Department, Publications and Administration Department. Some rights reserved, licensed under

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EESTEC is a non-political, non-profit organization of and for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) students of universities, i...

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