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By dylan

Sweden food

Did you know? some u.s.a. People like pancakes and sea food to?

Sweden has some food We have but eat them a different way then we do. Like pancakes they eat there's thin and whipped cream and jam. Sweden also love sea food like fish, crayfish and shrimp.

Sweden schools In Sweden schools kids have to start at age six or seven and when there in third grade they lear to Speke English so when they get to high school you have master speeking English .

Sweden life as a kid After school, kids often go to a place called fritis .seventy-five of the kids belong to sport clubs. Young people can do home work, play games and hang out with friends until there parents get home.

Sweden game and sports

Soccer is a favorite summer time sport of both kids and adults. Also horseback ridding is a popular sport to. During the winter, Sweden likes down hill skating.

Did you know? The u.s.a. People Likes house back riding to?

Hi my name is Dylan and I'm 9 and sometimes I like to read, sometime i like to play with Legos, sometimes I like to swim, sometimes I like to hang out with friend.

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