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Staring steve Your creation

And a secret character you haft to guess

By Daniel

What is minecraft ? Hissssss oh no a creeper. First I got to tell you what it is and what the game is. Ok so minecraft is not your average world or game minecraft is like Legos so if you like Legos you will like minecraft. You can spawn a creeper (Creeprr) and an endrman (end-rman) so now you know that we can move on.

Controls Crunch crunch crunch weeeeee I am flying. Controls are the most inpotint partly diagram explains how to move. You can fly by double tapping space and to jump you tap it once. Once you are in the air you can go up by holding space and to go down you press left shift. If WSAD doesn't work for you you go to options controls and Scroll down and you see WSAD you press forward up left left arrow right right arrow and back down.

Sneaky snoopers Waaaaaa a sad ghast BOOM a creeper zip an endrman and then mrrrrrrrr a zombie the most sneakiest one is the endrman it can teleport over to 15 blocs so if you hit one it will go away you can kill one in survival but it is pretty hard to concur it like the endr dragon in survival and I will show you a diagram of the inside of the creeper.

Awesome cool pro stuff End portal so to make it you need to get 12 end portals and12 eyes of the ender. So first you haft to put up 3 end portals on one side and diagonal from that you put 3 more portals and keep doing that until you have 3 on each side of 4. Then you get your eyes of the ender and put all of the 12 eyes into groups of 3 and then go into it.

Awesome cool pro stuff You can make weird looking portals like this

Am I in the nether because there are ghasts and zombie pig men and there is fire and it is not my average world and HOW DO I GET OUT! Calm down you can get out and you can live so to get in you need too make the portal so to do that you need to get some obsidian and flint and steal and you put 4 on the bottom and on the side you put 4 and the same is for the other side. And 2 on the top then you put flint and steel on it then BOOM you get an nether portal.

This is a part of the nether world, it might look like this or otherwise there will be lava and other stuff

You can make weird looking portals like this

Cool Ida's


About the author Hello I am Daniel I am 8 and I loved minecraft from 2nd grade I am now in 3rd grade and have the best teachers in the world mrs Ducky and ms Bailey and Henry did a persuasive argument and it was so good his mom got him it and he talked so much of it, it got me interested so my cousin got his and gave it to me and my username is dreamdstroyres



I dedicate this book to c.j


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