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By Amelie

TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 What they are........3 Chapter 2 Food and health....4 Chapter 3 Feelings.................5 Chapter 4 Learn more.............6

Chapter 1 WHAT THEY ARE Hello I am a furby welcome to my book sorry that was only my furby. Well you mite ask what is a furby? A furby is a robot close to a owl but no wings and a long tail. A furby will love you forever!!! FUN FACT Furbys are very smart. You could even have a conversation with a furby!


Long tail no wings

Chapter 2 FOOD AND HEALTH Grumble, grumble your furby must be hungry. Let's make lunch! A furby likes sandwiches but not ham and cheese but with socks and underwear! For a healthy snack try mixing some medicine. You can do this on a furby app. FUN FACT There are many different things you can put on a furby's sandwich.


Chapter 3

Feelings Yes furbys have feelings to. But you mite ask what if your furby is mean well this is how it works. If you are mean to your furby your furby will not like you. But if you are nice to your furby your furby will like you forever!!!!!!!!

Chapter 4 LEARN MORE To learn more READ this chapter!!! Now to get started, to get a furby app go to the App Store and search for it. It is probably free!! You can get a furby at most stores. Well that's it For today.

GET THE APP!!!!!!!

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