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BaseBall by Carl

Chapter:1 take me out to the ball game Some very important things you need to play baseball is a baseball glove a baseball bat and a Baseball helmet! But before anything you might want to practice but that's your choice and after you have warmed up you are ready to join a baseball team and that's when your baseball life starts if you think it's fun of corse

Chapter:two strike one strike two strike three your out

There are a ton of rules in baseball so I'm going to start with...bating rules. In the first league that's coach pitch you have five turns to bat! And if you miss them all your done bating and your out but if you slightly hit it you have one more turn to hit so try to at least try to even touch it. If you hit it run To first base and you want to run fast! If you hit it far enough you might be able to run to second or even third if you run to home plate it's a home run a home run is worth one point witch I think is not fare.

If you run out of bounds your out so be careful! If the ball touches you when your running your out. If you hit the ball in the air run!!! Really fast because all they need to do is catch it in the air and your out but if your on a base your safe but if you are already on a base and you did not hit it and you run when they catch it you are not out you only have to go to the base you were on before.

If you hit a grounder you want to run faster than an air ball because they can pick it up and through it to first baseman and the base man can tag you or touch the base and your out! They have the easy job. But after three people get tagged out it's your teams turn to be on the field!

Chapter:three I got it I got it

OK! Now it's time for field rules. When a batter runs to first base or any base through it to the person who's nearest to the player and they can either touch the base or tag the player. DO NOT THROUGH IT AT THE RUNNER!!! Or that would be bad.

If the runner runs Half way to your base and runs back you have to tag him or her this rarely happens but if it happens through it to the nearest baseman and he can tag him but if the runner is smart he will run back and keep doing this so sometimes you have to tag him! If a ball goes in the air catch it without it touching the ground if you catch it in the air he's out! There are three outs so three of those and your batting

Chapter:4 tips and strategies

When you are bating you want to bend your knees and then you will hit stronger and farther and when you are bating you want to focus on the ball so you have a better chance of hitting the ball you want your arms behind you up in the air and your arms bent a little and you will hit like a all star "well if you under stand how it looks like when you are bating and if you hit the ball

When you are catching you want to stay close to your base and if the ball comes to you get in front of it put your glove on the ground pike it up and touch the base or through to first base but if no one is guarding the first base and you think you got time to run to touch the base or even tag him if you are that fast or if the runner is slow but it doesn't matter

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