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4th European Conference on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Architecture and Planning Call for Papers

EESAP4 Send your abstract before 11th April 2013

Venue Miramar Palace Donostia-San Sebastiรกn, Spain Dates 1, 2, 3 July 2013

The European Conferences on Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Architecture and Planning, raise, in its fourth edition, the topic “Rethinking: reduce, reuse, recycle.” The 3 R’s of sustainability: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, are constantly mentioned in debates, speeches and in every forum in which sustainability is a topic to cover. Up to now, society efforts have emphasized especially the promotion of the third “R”, recycling, considering it the “easily” achievable objective through short and long term actions, playing down the importance of reduction and reuse. Considering the population growth, the increasing use of natural resources and the consequent reduction of these resources for future generations, we must RETHINK about how to act in the near future, both in the architectural and urban fields. The implementation of the sustainability criteria can not disregard the need to conserve natural resources, and taking into account its life cycle, maximize reuse, reducing the consumption of energy required for the processes.

Organizing Committee

Important Dates

Rufino J. Herández Minguillón PRESIDENT University of the Basque Country

Abstract dubmission deadline: Until April 11, 2013

Vicente Gascón Summer Courses UPV/EHU Raffaelina Loi Calidad de Vida en Arquitectura Research Group. University of the Basque Country Victor Araújo Corral Calidad de Vida en Arquitectura Research Group. University of the Basque Country

Scientific Committee Servando Álvarez University of Seville Víctor Echarri University of Alicante Helena Granados Architect Agustín Hernández Aja Polytechnic University of Madrid Jose María Sala Lizarraga University of the Basque Country Eduardo de Oliveira Universidade de Porto. Agencia de Energía de Porto Matheos Santamouris University of Athens Alvaro Soto Polytechnic University of Madrid

Notification of acceptance: As of April 30, 2013 Conference Registration: As of May 2, 2013 Early registration: Until May 31, 2013 Full paper and registration justifying submission: Until May 31, 2013 Conferences Dates: From 1 to 3 July 2013.

Thematic areas 1. Sustainable Architecture and Energy Efficiency 2. The city and the Sustainable Planning 3. Evaluations and Monitoring with TIC Technologies.

Conference Structure The scientific content of the Conference is organized into four main elements: Magisterial talks offered by professionals and visiting researchers, renowned in Europe, who will present different experiences and aspects related to the theme of the Congress. Free communications The Scientific Committee will select andgatherthe work of researchers, which is related to the different themesof the Congress.The theme exhibition will last for 15 minutes,followed by a space for discussion and / or questions. Roundtables

Isabela Velazquez Architect

With the participation of speakers of each conference, touching on the topics discussed during the meeting.

Rufino J. Hernández University of the Basque Country

Poster Session

Fernando Bajo University of the Basque Country

Constituted by a set of works that are presented in print format, and synthesize the work done by researchers

about the topics touched on during the Conference. Publication The free papers and posters presented will be collected in a publication on-line, registered with ISBN.

scientific committee, and in that case, the author must revise and resubmit within the term established by the organization.

Information for authors

The Scientific Committee’s decision, which will be unappealable, will be sent by email to the participating authors in the process

Check in the web page the instructions and needed forms to send the communication proposals/posters.


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EESAP Prize The Scientific Committee will give a prize for the bestvalued communication. The prize, consisting of a certificate, will be given during the Conference.

Selection and evaluation The Scientific Committee will revise the received proposals according to the following evaluation guidelines: The Scientific Committee will apply the following evaluation criteria:

Enrolment in Conference will be available from May 2, 2013 until the capacity is exhausted. Enrolment will be bonus until 31 May. The authors that will take communication in the Conference, mustbe registered on it. Ordinary fee (until 31st May): 100 euro Special fee (from 1st June): 120 euro Registration information: Tel. +34 943219511 |

Previous proceedings Consult and download previous publications:

Affinity with the Thematic Areas and Objectives of the Conferences

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Topical content of the communication

Applicability / Practical value

Pedagogical interest of the communication

Technological interest of the communication

The selection of the summary of the communication (abstract) might be conditional on the review by the author of the text under the selection criteria of the

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Videos You can watch some of the talks and communications presented on previous editions on EESAP YouTube Channel.. YouTube Chanel >

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Sustainability in Architecture and Planning. Call for Papers