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IRINI: Any recent activity you did or event you attended? TALIA: Snowboarding. I learned how to snowboard this winter and I love it. It’s totally my new favorite sport. I: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Location and job-wise? T: Hopefully traveling or having a steady job in NYC, Cali or Tel Aviv: Places where there is good high tech companies in these cities where I can get a job. ­ I: What is your biggest dream/goal? T: My dream is to be able to travel everywhere, live there for a few months, and have enough money to do it. Also, to have a freelance job doing what I love while im traveling.

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I: Who is your role model/someone you look up to? T: I don’t have a role model. I never really wanted someone to follow. I would just go along with the flow in life. But I do love reading blogs about people who eat healthy and lost a lot of weight. I look up to those who really work hard to keep a healthy, fit lifestyle. Being active has become a part of my lifestyle. I: Where do you get your design inspiration from? T: Online – pinterest is my favorite site. I don’t know what I would without it. I just love looking at other designs to get ideas and combine it together. It also helps me come up with my own idea as well. I: Name your biggest pet peeve. T: Horrible eyebrows. My friends call me the eyebrow enemy.You don’t want to talk to me if you have horrible eyebrows. I: What’s your favorite movie and why? T: The ugly truth and Step up. Channing

Tatum and Gerard butler are so hot. I: How would you describe your style? T: People have called me sporty spice. I love wearing sneakers with work out clothes. They are just so comfortable. But also when I dress cute, I would say between chic to hipster. I can wear anything from crop shirts and high waisted pants, to cute flats and a top, to sneakers. I: What are five things you can’t live without? T: Make up – Mascara and eyeliner the most. My laptop – Better than the phone. Music – Gotta have the tunes. Tweezer – remember eyebrows. So important [laughs]. Avocado – If they ever stopped selling it I’d go crazy. It’s my favorite food and pizza, obviously. I: If you had the day off from everything and had no work to do, what would you do? T: If it was summer and the weather was nice I would go on my friend’s boat and tan. I love tanning. And if it was winter I would sleep all day or watch breaking bad. I: If you were given $1,000,000, what would you do with it? TALIA: I would buy a boat. Summertime sounds great with one! I: If you cold re-live one experience, which would you pick to live through again? T: Study abroad at Tel Aviv University. It was the best experience. Didn’t have to worry about working, classes were a joke and got to work out, tan, and go to bars pratically every other night. It was way to short of a semester.

T: Honesty. I hate people who lie over nothing. It’s so pointless to lie. I: If you were a winner of a free trip to your favorite place and could bring only one person, who would you bring and why? T: My best friend tori. We are practically sisters and always have the craziest and best times. We would get to meet other guys, party, and have an amazing and crazy time. I: What is your most epic Halloween costume? T: Harley quinn. My boyfriend was joker and people were obsessed with us. I felt so famous for that night [laughs]. People took pictures with us and were saying “omg I love you Harley quinn.” Now I know what it’s like to be a celebrity....somewhat [laughs]. I: If you could have a super power for a day what would you choose? T: The power to make anything appear where I am. Like, if I want a pair of shoes or food or money, I would say ‘give me this’ and it just appears right in front of my eyes. Would make life so much easier [laughs]. I: What is a first impression someone has had of you? T: I’ve been told a lot people said “wow you seemed like the biggest bitch” but actually think I’m funny and chill once they get to know me and understand me and my jokes [laughs].

I: What is the most important thing for you in a relationship, whether it be a friendship or relationship?

APRIL 2014 | Interview


Interview Magazine Spread  

Interview with Queens College graphic design student, Talia Barkai.

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