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0 -18 months

Genuine YKK zipper to allow bottom to be opened for circulation of air or closed for warmth. Additionally, as baby grows/stands up, cocoon can be left open for feet to be exposed

Zipper guard and harness access on the back for transfering baby from cot to car to pram without disturbing baby

Two-way genuine YKK zipper with facing for easy nappy changes and harness access. Zipper is pulled up from the base and baby’s nappy is easily accessed day/ night while baby remains in the cocoon

Quilting to ensure filling remains evenly in place

100% cotton seamless lining for comfort 100% Cotton outer for comfort

Zip guard to protect baby from being scratched on chin + prevent baby pulling zip down

Unpadded sleeve with turn back cuff to keep baby’s hands warn and prevent scratching

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Enfant 000-18 months Autumn Winter 2013