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Frankfurt 2013

Frankfurt Book Fair — Hall 5.0 C 41-42

Illustration: Riske Lemmens - The frozen sea

International Rights Catalogue

Picture book Age: 2+ 25,5 x 21 cm 112 pages, end papers incl. Full color illustrations

The world in my hands Kristien Dieltiens Illustrated by Milja Praagman A collection of the most beautiful finger- and hand-poems for children from 2 to 7 years old. The collection also contains nursery rhymes for babies and young toddlers. The author has included classics like ‘Itsy bitsy spider’, but she has also written plenty of new rhymes. Once shown, children will keep asking for the poems and the corresponding gestures. Hand- and finger-poems are good for the development of the child’s fine motor skills. They furthermore stimulate the language development of the child. Themes: finger-poems, nursery rhymes, hand-games

Pedro and the secret of Saint Nicholas Coby Hol Illustrated by the author Saint Nicholas is sad. He leaves the table and hasn’t eaten one single bite. Pedro understands what’s the matter. Saint Nicholas is feeling alone. Pedro knows how to make Saint Nicholas happy again. He goes to the animal shelter and chooses a cute little dog for Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas is overjoyed with the surprise. And also all the other servants are fond of Saint Nicholas’ new pet. In this warm picturebook Pedro shows how little people with a big heart can make a difference. Themes: Saint Nicholas, pet, being lonely


Picture book Age: 3+ 20,5 x 20,5 cm 32 pages, end papers incl. Full color illustrations

Picture book Age: 3+ 26,5 x 18,5 cm 32 pages, end papers incl. Full color illustrations

The story of the lost sheep Kathleen Amant Illustrated by the author There once was a shepherd named Elias. He had a flock of one hundred sheep. He loved his animals very much. Every day, he counted them to see if they were all still there. One day Elias only counted 99 sheep. He decided to go looking for his lost sheep. Elias looked everywhere but he couldn’t find it. Where could the animal be? The bible story of the lost sheep retold to toddlers. In the same series: The story of Noach, The story of Christmas Themes: sheep, shepherd, bible, fatherhood

Vasco, the soccer-pig Edward van de Vendel Illustrated by Alain Verster

Picture book Age: 4+ 20,5 x 20,5 cm 32 pages + end papers Full color illustrations

Matteo gets two wonderful presents for his birthday: a soccer ball and a little pig. That pig is Vasco. Matteo and Vasco do everything together: eat, snore, watch television,… Matteo’s favorite game is soccer. Vasco doesn’t know much about soccer. But that’s not so bad: Matteo simply goes looking for real soccer-opponents. And Vasco goes along. Because that’s what you do when you’re someone’s soccer-pig. Funny story about the friendship between a boy and his pet, and about soccer. Themes: soccer, pig, friendship, goalkeeper


Picture book Age: 4+ 26,5 x 20,5 cm 32 pages, end papers incl. Full color illustrations

Christmas with Baby Edward van de Vendel Illustrated by Merel Eyckerman It was the first day of Christmas and everyone was angry. I was angry because I wanted a magic box and not a pair of socks. Dad was angry because he wanted a digital camera and not a puzzle-book. Mum wanted peace and quiet, and smiling faces. But everyone was arguing. And my little sister didn’t want to come downstairs. ‘It’s Christmas! A baby is born!’ she yelled. Will this ‘baby’ bring the family closer together? Touching story about how a family becomes tighter because of an ordinary, yet wonderful experience. Themes: Christmas, birth, being angry, kitten

Belladonna has a Halloweenparty Mieke Hallemans Illustrated by Ina Hallemans Belladonna and the other witches are preparing the Halloween-festival. But then strange things happen. The pumpkins in Belladonna’s garden are trampled. One night, Zea’s haunted house is covered in spawn. The witches want to know who the culprits are and at night they hide in the garden. Suddenly three brooms land in the vegetable garden. Three young witches wildly start do dance around. Tulipa and Malva decide to teach them a lesson. Again an exciting story about Belladonna and her witchfriends. In the same series: Belladonna learns to fly, Belladonna gets a visitor, Where is Belladonna? Themes: witch, Halloween, bullying, dancing 4

Picture book Age: 4+ 21,5 x 30 cm 32 pages, end papers incl. Full color illustrations

Picture book Age: 4+ 30,5 x 21,5 cm 32 pages, end papers incl. Full color illustrations

The frozen sea Jan Simoen Illustrated by Riske Lemmens Sam plays at the beach every day. He is a pirate, a pilot or a submarine captain. The entire summer, the sea plays along. Also in fall, Sam goes to the beach. He screams at the sea, and the sea screams back. In winter, Sam can’t go to the beach. Too dangerous, mum thinks. Only when there is a little bit of sun, mum takes him along. Something incredible has happened: the sea is frozen. Sam waits impatiently until the sea comes back to life… A beautiful childhood memory takes shape in this playful picturebook. Themes: sea, fantasy, playing, season

A very special cat Greet Bosschaert Illustrated by the author

Picture book Age: 4+ 30,5 x 21,5 cm 32 pages + end papers Full color illustrations

Billy is a small, grey indoor-cat. He has a sweet owner. Billy is often alone and then he is bored. One day he goes further than the gutter. But he can’t find the way home again. Eventually he ends up in Snip’s garden. Snip is an indooroutdoor cat. He has a wonderful life. Billy stays and gets a new name: Topolino. Topolino likes it very much in the garden, but he misses his sweet owner… A recognizable story for cat-owners and children who like to explore their environment. Themes: cat, being bored, indoor-outdoor, run away


Picture book Age: 5+ 30,5 x 21,5 cm 32 pages, end papers incl. Full color illustrations

Danny dances grandma happy Twiggy Bossuyt Illustrated by Esther Platteeuw Tomorrow there is a party. It’s Danny’s birthday. But nobody is happy. Grandma is very sad and angry, because grandpa is in love with someone else. When grandma thinks about grandpa, she has to break something. She yells: ‘When HETHERE comes to the party, I’m not coming!’ But then Danny gets angry. He takes grandma on a journey in his fantasy. Grandma lets go of her grief and dances at Danny’s party with… grandpa. With the love and fantasy of her grandchild, grandma can let go of her anger and start living again. Themes: grandma, divorce, family, dancing

Looking for me Ed Franck Illustrated by Kris Nauwelaerts Kitiko is adopted. Now his mother is expecting a daughter. Kitiko wonders if she will still love him as much when the baby is born. While his mother is repairing a painting, Kitiko wonders around in the museum. He falls asleep and flies straight to Africa. In his dream he finds his sister Ayosha. Together they walk through the desert, the forest, the prairie,… Kitiko isn’t afraid when his sister is with him. Suddenly her skin becomes paler. Is she still his sister? Exceptional picturebook about the doubts and questions adopted children have when they get a brother or sister. Themes: adoption, sister, being black-white, art


Picture book Age: 5+ 30,5 x 21,5 cm 32 pages + end papers Full color illustrations

Picture book Age: 6+ 21,5 x 17,5 cm 96 pages, end papers incl. Full color illustrations

That’s a good hat! Riet Wille Illustrated by Annemie Berebrouckx Author Riet Wille is a language-wizard. She collects her most fun poems, rhymes and riddles for young readers in this big collection. Everything is written for children who have just begun their reading-careers. Now they can also enjoy wordgames and language-jokes. More than 50 poems about animals, school, your body,… are combined with playful illustrations. Cheerful collection of poems with riddles and jokes. Themes: poetry, joke, riddle

The square – Winter warmth Hilde Vandermeeren Illustrated by Frank Daenen

Picture book Age: 6+ 26,5 x 20,5 cm 104 pages + end papers Full color illustrations

A big book for young readers about the children and the residents of the square. Moon, Greg and Tom play in the snow, go sleighing, build a birdhouse,… They don’t get along with officer Pete Perfect and the annoying neighbor Kate. With diverse genres of texts: riddles, look-and-search illustrations, interesting facts, letters, diary fragments, and a little comic about the lazy ant Bo. First part in a new series about ‘The square’. Themes: square, child, friendship, neighbor


Kito and Boris

The world of Cat and Sparrow - Summer

Aimée de Jongh Illustrated by the author

Katrien Vandewoude Illustrated by Xavier Truant

A fun comic for young readers. Boris

A collection of stories about Cat and

the bear and Kito the rabbit are the

Sparrow. Cat loves to lay under a tree.

best of friends. They are having all

Sparrow is sitting on a high branch. Cat

sorts of adventures in the forest. They

is the boss and wants Sparrow to leave.

also like a good joke once in a while.

But Sparrow isn’t chased away so easily.

Together with them, you’ll go through

Slowly, Cat and Sparrow get used to

the seasons and discover who Kito

each other. Sparrow tells what she sees

loves, why Kito wants an umbrella on

when she flies over the gardens. Not far

a sunny day and which winter coat fits Comic

Boris best.

Age: 6+

off lives a handsome girl-cat. Cat writes Fiction

her a letter which Sparrow delivers.

Age: 6+

27 x 21 cm

The first part in a series of comics

21 x 15,5 cm

Funny story about a special

16 pages,

for young readers

96 pages,


end papers incl.

end papers incl.

Full color

Themes: bear, rabbit, forest, season,

Full color

Themes: cat, sparrow, garden,




friendship, opposites

An animal in the house

When I grow up, I’m going to be…

Liesbeth Van Bogaert Illustrated by Joris Thys

Moniek Vermeulen Illustrated by Joris Thys


Would you like to have a pet? A dog

Do you know what you want to be when

or maybe a cat? Or would you like a

you grow up? Do you want to work

parakeet or a snake? In this book you

inside? Or do you like to be outside? Do

can read what you have to do. Where

you want to have an adventurous job?

does a bunny live? What does a mouse

Or do you like to keep it calm? In this

eat? What does a dog like? Does a

book you can read everything about

parakeet like to be alone? Useful

seven common professions. How early

tips and interesting facts about seven

does a stallholder have to get up? What

common pets: dog, rabbit, cat, snake,

does a fireman have to do? What does a

parakeet, goldfish and mouse.

Age: 6+


teacher do when school’s out?

Age: 7+

24,5 x 16,5 cm

Everything a young child should

24,5 x 16,5 cm

A fun book about professions with

32 pages

know before it brings an animal in

32 pages

many interesting facts.

+ end papers

the house.

+ end papers

Full color illustrations


Themes: pet, tip, interesting fact

Full color

Themes: profession, interesting fact,



Lam and Lubber

Curl is a star

Reine De Pelseneer Illustrated by Claudia Verhelst

Brigitte Minne Illustrated by Suzy Castermans

It’s snowing! Lubber loves that. He

Curl loves music. She wants to sing and

rushes outside. Lubber wants to run,

be a star. She tries to sing but she can

fly, jump. His friend Lam prefers to

only oink. ‘Stop it,’ the other animals

play quietly. Boring, Lubber thinks.

complain. But Curl doesn’t give up. One

While Lam is making a snowman,

day it works: ‘lalala’ it sounds. Curl is

Lubber is running up and down the

singing! When the farmer hears Curl,

hill. But underneath the snow there is

he is over the moon: ‘That pig can sing!

a branch. Lubber falls and breaks his

It’s a miracle!’ Curl has to perform. She

leg. Lubber is sad. With a broken leg

becomes a real star. But Curl misses the


he can’t go outside anymore. And it’s


Age: 6+

almost his birthday. Lam has a plan…

Age: 6+

farm and her family…

21 x 15,5 cm

A funny story about a pig who wants

32 pages

A story about playing in the snow

32 pages

to be a star.

+ end papers

and friendship.

+ end papers

21 x 15,5 cm

Full color illustrations

Full color Themes: being busy, being quiet,

Themes: pig, singing, farm, family


opposites, breaking a leg, snow

Mr. Frank is a bunny

Mouse and Dragon - Knight savior

Moniek Vermeulen Illustrated by Florence Wauters

Dirk Nielandt Illustrated by Marjolein Pottie

It’s the first day of school. Mon will be

Mouse has a sword. She wears an

in Mr. Frank’s class. A big boy warns

armor. She is a knight. Dragon is her

Mon: ‘Mr. Frank is tough. Sometimes

best friend. The bossy Mouse often

he’s a wolf! Watch out! Or he’ll eat

pushes her friend’s patience to its

you!’ Mon is afraid. He thinks about

limits. Knight Mouse and Dragon go

Miss Mina. She was sweet and soft.

for a swim. They also go on holidays.

Luckily Mon discovers that Mr. Frank

On the beach they hear someone

is also very sweet and soft. He is in fact

calling for help. Prince is drowning in

as soft as a bunny.

the sea. Mouse thinks Prince is a loser.



If you can’t swim, you shouldn’t go in the sea in the first place…

Age: 6+

A warm and identifiable story about

Age: 7+

21,5 x 15 cm

how your imagination can play tricks

24,5 x 16,5 cm

32 pages,

with you.

48 pages

A new book with sturdy and funny

+ end papers


end papers incl. Full color

Themes: school, teacher, being

Full color




Themes: knight, dragon, holiday, friendship



The little Fabre

Aart de Zitter Illustrated by Bert Dombrecht

Brigitte Minne

The penguin-family Pingo lives on the

When the little Jan Fabre was born he

South pole. One day dad Pako makes

looked just like his deceased brother

a decision: they are moving to the

Emile. Emile had always been a good,

North pole. On the South pole it’s too

little boy. Jan on the contrary was a

crowded! Flying doesn’t work, so they

little terror, who unwillingly did things

buy a pingu-mobile. But every time


the family stops somewhere to buy

imagination brought himself and his

an ice-cream, strange things happen.

family often in trouble. But that same

Unintentionally, the young Puk always Fiction

gets into trouble…




imagination was the foundation of his Biography

Age: 8+


artistic creativity.

Age: 12+

24,5 x 17,5 cm

A hilarious travelling story, told by

26,5 x 20,5 cm

The childhood of the Belgian artist

128 pages,

Puk penguin, writer and creator of

144 pages,

Jan Fabre reconstructed. With

end papers incl.


end papers incl.

numerous art and family pictures.


Full color Themes: penguin, travelling, moving


house, migration

Themes: Jan Fabre, childhood, biography, artist

Puberty Time!

Toad, the wish-frog

Ellen Koyen Illustrated by the author

Veronique Benoit and Berti Persoons Illustrated by Leen Van Durme

When you hit puberty a lot changes:

Toad explores the pond. He has many

hormones race through your body,

exciting adventures. He also meets



several cousins, like the bullfrog, the

armpits, your breasts grow or your

waterfall-frog and the tree-frog. Some

penis becomes bigger,… What to do?

relatives are sweet and thoughtful.

Don’t worry: this book will guide you

Others are arrogant and mean. Toad,

through this exciting time in your life.

nevertheless, learns something new

You’ll not only read what happens

from every frog. The lessons Toad

with your body, you also get handy tips

discovers, children can use in their





and tricks about how to shave, how to


Age: 11+

choose the right bra,…

Age: 7+

21,5 x 15 cm

own lives.

26,5 x 20,5 cm

A mindfulness-workbook that

128 pages,

Tested and approved by teenagers.

18 slips of 4 pages

teaches children to come to

end papers incl.

This turn-around book guides boys

and a manual of

themselves in 18 steps.

Full color

and girls through puberty.

32 pages

illustrations Themes: puberty, sexuality, being in love, personal hygiene 10

Full color

Themes: mindfulness, frog, wisdom,


being happy


Picture books 2+ and 3+

Bouncing & tumbling

Cuddles & kisses

Bernie finds a piece of paper

Bernie and Flora

Siska Goeminne - Lieve Baeten

Siska Goeminne - Lieve Baeten

Annemie Berebrouckx

Annemie Berebrouckx

For little children who like to jump, crawl, trap, hop, run. Play along with the children in this book.

Cuddle along with the children in this book. You find a duck, a doggy, a cat and many other friends.

Bernie likes to collect things. One day he finds a beautiful piece of paper. It flies off. Bernie tries to catch it…

Flora wants to surprise her friend Bernie with a breakfast in the garden. But who stole all the flowers?

Age: 2+ • 20 p. • Size: 19 x 20 cm

Age: 2+ • 20 p. • Size: 19 x 20 cm

Age: 3+ • 40 p. • Size: 25 x 30 cm Rights sold: Chinese (mainland), Korean Option: English, Arabic

Age: 3+ • 40 p. • Size: 25 x 30 cm Rights sold: German, English, Chinese (mainland)

My neighborhood, a world of differences

Princess Arabella and the babysitter

Silent night, holy night

The story of Noah

Kathleen Amant

Kathleen Amant

Ann De Bode

Mylo Freeman

Big cardboard book about a multicultural street. The scenes are made out of Fimo moulding clay.

A recognizable story about a child’s first encounter with a babysitter.

The first title in a new series Biblestories for toddles. The story of the birth of Jesus, the star, the shepherds and the three wise men.

The famous biblical story about Noah and the ark. The second title in the series ‘Bible stories retold to toddlers’.

Age: 3+ • 32 p. • Size: 26,5 x 18,5 cm

Age: 3+ • 32 p. • Size: 26,5 x 18,5 cm

Age: 3+ • 16 p. • Size: 34 x 25,5 cm Rights sold: Danish

Age: 3+ • 32 p. • Size: 30,5 x 21,5 cm Rights sold: Danish


Little grimy girl

Louie growls


Frow Steeman

Suzan Peeters Milja Praagman

Riske Lemmens

Inge Bergh - Marjolein Pottie

When Louie growls anything can happen. He turns into a dragon, a lion, an elephant,… until mum puts him to bed.

Funny story about two brothers with a lively imagination. They hear strange noises: is it a monster?

Age: 3+ • 32 p. • Size: 30,5 x 21,5 cm Rights sold: Korean, Russian, Danish

Age: 3+ • 32 p. • Size: 30,5 x 21,5 cm Rights sold: French

A funny book for bulldog-lovers. With cheerful details and recognizable situations. Age: 3+ • 32 p. • Size: 26,5 x 20,5 cm Option: Arabic

One day Madam Dustly discovers a little grimy girl in her bin. Who put her there? A funny and recognizable story. Age: 3+ • 32 p. • Size: 21,5 x 30,5 cm Rights sold: German

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Picture books 3+ and 4+

My book of nice sounds


Sleep-over teddy

Spider sparkles!

Edward van de Vendel Mattias De Leeuw

Annie van Gansewinkel Elisah De Bruycker

Annie van Gansewinkel Elisah De Bruycker

Frank Pollet & Moniek Vermeulen - Nicole Montagne

A playful picturebook about everyday sounds that are part of a loving home. The illustrations are full of funny details

Zuperman is bored. His and Zofie’s mum are having coffee downstairs. Suddenly he hears screaming: the mums are in danger!

The teddy bear Snug has a sleepover with one of the children from class. But at night he is homesick.

It’s Spider’s birthday. She wants a party, but none of her friends want to come…

Age: 3+ • 32 p. • Size: 25 x 25 cm

Age: 3+ • 32 p. • Size: 25 x 25 cm Rights sold: Chinese (mainland)

Age: 3+ • 40 p. • Size: 25 x 25 cm

Age: 3+ • 64 p. • Size: 20,5 x 20,5 cm

For you


The emperor can’t sleep


Milja Praagman

Jan De Kinder

Mouse is trying to show Pig how much she loves him. But she doesn’t know how… Tender story about love.

A picturebook about how teasing can end up in bullying. Shows the group dynamics of a class group.

Reine De Pelseneer Claudia Verhelst

Jaap Robben - Merel Eyckerman

A modern fairy tale with a fun text. Appealing cover with a luxurious, golden finish.

Tender picture book about the love of a grandchild for his grandmother. About dementia.

Age: 4+ • 32 p. • Size: 30,5 x 21,5 cm Rights sold: Danish

Age: 4+ • 32 p. • Size: 26,5 x 18,5 cm Rights sold: Chinese (mainland), Korean

Little bird, or the big secret

Age: 3+ • 32 p. • Size: 26,5 x 20,5 cm Rights sold: Chinese (mainland)

Age: 3+ • 32 p. • Size: 26,5 x 20,5 cm Rights sold: Chinese (mainland), Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Japan, English (USA), Spanish, Catalan

Neighbor reads a book

Millie Centipede

Little turtle’s journey

Koen Van Biesen

Stijn Moekaars Frank Daenen

Inge Bergh, Inge Misschaert Kristina Ruell

About the excitement of a special day at school. With colorful illustrations and funny details.

Shows Western children that ‘going to the doctor’ is not everywhere as obvious.

This poetic text and illustrations bring a subtle and moving story about child abuse.

Age: 4+ • 32 p. • Size: 20,5 x 20,5 cm

Age: 4+ • 32 p. • Size: 20,5 x 20,5 cm Rights sold: Portuguese (Brazil)

Age: 4+ • 48 p. • Size: 25 x 25 cm Rights sold: Korean, Chinese (Taiwan)

Hilarious story about noisy neighbors and the love for reading. With comic-like illustrations. Age: 4+ • 48 p. • Size: 25 x 23,5 cm Rights sold: French, German, Korean, Spanish, Catalan, English, Danish


Annemie Berebrouckx

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Picture books 4+ and 5+

The happy goldfish


The green pumpkin


Bas Rompa - Elsje Dezwarte

Klaas Verplancke

Brigitte Minne - Nils Pieters

About a goldfish who meets a blackbird. A modern fable about being happy with the small things in life.

Endearing daddy book about the different roles daddies fill: sweet applesaucedaddy or angry thunderstorm-daddy...

Herman Coenen Marieke Coenen

Age: 4+ • 40 p. • Size: 30,5 x 21,5 cm

Age: 4+ • 32 p. • Size: 30 x 19 cm Rights sold: Danish, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese (mainland), Arabic

There once was a pumpkin that wouldn’t turn orange. He felt like the odd-one out and was all alone.

A recognizable story for children who have a younger brother or sister. Lion has to learn to live together with puppy Prince.

Age: 4+ • 32 p. • Size: 25 x 30 cm Rights sold: Chinese (mainland)

Age: 4+ • 32 p. • Size: 25 x 30 cm

The island behind the horizon

Elephant’s question

Jack the stacker

The dog Nino didn’t have

Leen van den Berg - Kaatje Vermeire

Bas Rompa - Kaatje Vermeire

An artistically illustrated picture book about the many aspects of love. For both children and adults.

An enthralling story about letting go of the things you know and about looking behind the horizon.

Edward van de Vendel Anton Van Hertbruggen

Pieter van Oudheusden Benjamin Leroy

Age: 5+ • 32 p. • Size: 33,5 x 23,5 cm Rights sold: Chinese (Taiwan + mainland), Portuguese (Brazil), Danish, Swedish, Spanish, Korean, German

Age: 5+ • 32 p. • Size: 33,5 x 23,5 cm Rights sold: Chinese (mainland)

Nino has an imaginary little dog. But one day he doesn’t have the dog he doesn’t have anymore… he gets a real dog.

There is nothing to do on Monkeyisland. All the food is gone. Is there another island behind the horizon?

Age: 5+ • 32 p. • Size: 33,5 x 23,5 cm Rights sold: Chinese (mainland), Danish

Age: 5+ • 32 p. • Size: 33,5 x 23,5 cm Rights sold: German

The Big Bad Wolf

Karina paints

Grandma’s doll collection

The doctor and Davy’s army

Jonas Boets - Nils Pieters

Frans Lasès Pieter Van Eenoge

Brigitte Minne Pieter Van Eenoge

Edward van de Vendel Pieter Van Eenoge

Karina is an artist. She paints whatever she feels deep in her heart. A story about being yourself in what you do.

A beautiful story about a grandmother who has to make room for the important things in her life.

Davy is ill. The doctor says that there is an army inside Davy. The army has to fight against an enemy…

Age: 5+ • 32 p. • Size: 26,5 x 20,5 cm Rights sold: Chinese (mainland)

Age: 5+ • 32 p. • Size: 25 x 30 cm Rights sold: Korean

A hilarious story that turns the classical fairy tales of the Big Bad Wolf upside-down. Age: 5+ • 64 p. • Size: 30 x 19 cm

Age: 5+ • 32p. • Size: 26,5 x 20,5 cm

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Picture books 5+

A nice place in heaven

When Willy found his wings

The dove that couldn’t dive


Brigitte Minne - Debbie Lavreys

Inge Bergh - Alain Verster

Anne Provoost - An Candaele

Wolf loves his grandma. He wants her to be happy all the time. Also later, when she will be in heaven.

About how parents have to let go of their children so that they can find their own way in life.

Edward van de Vendel Alain Verster

Age: 5+ • 32 p. • Size: 30,5 x 21,5 cm Rights sold: Arabic, Chinese (mainland)

Age: 5+ • 32 p. • Size: 33,5 x 23,5 cm Rights sold: Danish, Chinese (mainland)

Nobody and I

The secret of the nightingale’s throat

Bart Mertens Benjamin Leroy Nobody was all alone. He had nothing to do and nowhere to go. Until one day, something appeared…

Peter Verhelst - Carll Cneut An original adaptation of the fairy tale by H.C. Andersen. Awarded 7 times.

It’s graduation day. The young doves have to do a diving-test. But Telemarcus is sure he will fail miserably…

A girl falls on the earth. Out of her suitcase a woman appears. She gives the girl milk and a name. About the circle of life.

Age: 6+ • 32 p. • Size: 33,5 x 23,5 cm Rights sold: Italian, German, Chinese (Taiwan + mainland), Norwegian, Danish

Age: 6+ • 32 p. • Size: 30,5 x 21,5 cm

A little piece of heaven

When love was tired

Pieter van Oudheusden – Stefanie De Graef

Paul Verrept Tim Van den Abeele

An enthralling tale about striving for perfection and about the bond between pupil and master.

An intriguing story about how love is nurtured by love. With artistic and powerful illustrations.

Age: 8+ • 32 p. • Size: 25 x 30 cm Rights sold: Portuguese (Brazil)

Age: 8+ • 32 p. • Size: 33,5 x 23,5 cm Rights sold: Chinese (Taiwan)

Age: 6+ • 32 p. • Size: 25 x 30 cm Rights sold: Portuguese (Brazil)

Age: 7+ • 72 p. • Size: 25 x 30 cm Rights sold: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Slovenian, Korean, Danish, Swedish, Afrikaans, Portuguese (Brazil), Armenian

Who’s knocking on my door?

Thirteen running deer

A child in Flanders field

All kinds of talk!

Bart Moeyaert Gerda Dendooven

Edward van de Vendel Mattias De Leeuw

Wouter Sinaeve - Nyklyn

Geert De Kockere Klaas Verplancke

A poetical folk tale about greed and revenge. Powerfully illustrated.

A fantastic story about the bond between a brother and sister, and about totem-animals.

Age: 8+ • 32 p. • Size: 25 x 30 cm

Age: 8+ • 160 p. • Size: 21,5 x 17,5 cm Rights sold: German


About living as a child in Flanders Field, a place where WWI left many marks, during the 80’s. Age: 8+ • 80 p. • Size: 24,5 x 16,5 cm

Sparkling and humoristic dialogues between animals about philosophical subjects. Funny illustrations. Age: 8+ • 72 p. • Size: 19 x 14 cm Rights sold: French, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean, Russian, Chinese (Taiwan)

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Picture books 8+ and Young readers

The Blue Bird

The queen with no land

The girl and the soldier

The colors of the ghetto

Maurice Maeterlinck Do Van Ranst - Carll Cneut

Paul Verrept Berlinde De Bruyckere

Aline Sax - Ann De Bode

Aline Sax - Caryl Strzelecki

A modern adaptation of the worldwide known, magical story about the pursuit of happiness.

A modern fairy tale about a princess who is born on the day the kingdom of her parents is destroyed.

A warm novel about the friendship between a blind, little girl and a black, African soldier.

Intriguing graphic novel about the life in the ghetto of Warschau during World War II.

Age: 10+ • 96 p. • Size: 19 x 14 cm

Age: 14+ • 176 p. • Size: 22,5 x 13 cm Rights sold: Danish, English

Whistle as you are

There I am

You rustle in me

Diet Groothuis Merel Eyckerman

Dirk Terryn - Sabien Clement

Frank Adam - Milja Praagman

Edward van de Vendel Carll Cneut

A playful and appealing collection of poems that can be used in class with children from 6 up to 12.

A collectors-item! Poems about animals, marvelously illustrated by the internationally awarded Carll Cneut.

A beautifully designed, cheerful collection of poems with contemporary poetry about recognizable themes.

Age: 5+ • 112 p. • Size: 21,5 x 17,5

Age: 8+ • 112 p. • Size: 21,5 x 17,5 cm Rights sold: French, Italian, German Options: Norwegian

Age: 6+ • 88 p. • Size: 21,5 x 17,5 cm

Mouse and Dragon – Help! Help!

Mouse and Dragon – Knight Mouse

Piggy’s book

Monty and Pam

Rien Broere - Soetkine Aps

Dirk Nielandt - Marjolein Pottie

Dirk Nielandt - Marjolein Pottie

Aag Vernelen Milja Praagman

The second collection of stories about Mouse, who’s a knight, and her best friend Dragon.

Mouse is a knight. Dragon is a dragon. Normally, knights fight dragons, but Mouse and Dragon are best friends...

Age: 7+ • 44 p. • Size: 24,5 x 16,5 cm Rights sold: English

Age: 7+ • 48 p. • Size: 24,5 x 16,5 cm Rights sold: Danish Option: English

Age: 8+ • 96 p. • Size: 24,5 x 17,5 cm Rights sold: Korean, Portuguese (Brazil) Options: French, Italian

When the trees are about to ride

Age: 10+ • 96 p. • Size: 21,5 x 13,5 cm

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A funny collection of two stories about Piggy’s adventures with his friends and parents. Age: 6+ • 88 p. • Size: 21 x 15,5 cm

A collection of the most beautiful love poetry written by Dutch and Flemish authors. Age: 15+ • 112 p. • Size: 21,5 x 17,5 cm

Collection of stories about two animals with very opposite characters but who are best friends. Age: 6+ • 96 p. • Size: 21 x 15,5 cm



Vic’s dogs Aag Vernelen Bert Dombrecht A funny dog story, about how the grass always seems greener on the other side of the meadow. Age: 6+ • 32 p. • 21,5 x 15 cm

Young Readers and Fiction

Scott doesn’t want to leave Moniek Vermeulen Leen Van Durme Scot is angry. He and his parents have to move house. But Scott doesn’t want to move away!

It’s fun being ill


Tine Mortier - Ann De Bode

Frank Geleyn Florence Wauters

Betty is ill. She has the chickenpox. Betty is examined by a fun doctor and stays at home. Her brother Bill is jealous. Age: 6+ • 32 p. • 21,5 x 15 cm

Age: 6+ • 32 p. • 21,5 x 15 cm

About a new boyfriend for mum. The children Flora and Finn come up with all sorts of plans to make Habib leave. Age: 6+ • 32 p. • 24,5 x 16,5 cm

A head filled with junk

Witch Depressy



Koen D’haene Leen Van Durme

Patricia David - Kristina Ruell

Marijke Umans Riske Lemmens

Inge Misschaert

Sonny’s mum drinks too much. Only when mum searches help with a doctor, things gradually get better…

When witch Depressy gets a dog, she isn’t excited. The dog pees in the house. But Depressy grows fond of her pet… Age: 8+ • 208 p. • 21,5 x 15 cm

Age: 8+ • 112 p. • 21,5 x 15 cm

Humorous and fluent story about the talkative and energetic Beth. In the same series: Wobble bottom and Gabble Babble

An enthralling thriller with a light and humorous undertone. Nora ends up in a new adventure of conspiracy and violence… Age: 12+ • 192 p. • 21 x 14,5 cm

Age: 8+ • 120 p. • 21,5 x 15 cm


Killer babe Inge Bergh A bloodcurdling thriller about a young woman who loses herself completely because of a traumatic experience. Age: 14+ • 144 p. • 21 x 14,5 cm

Everyone kept eating bread Do Van Ranst A gripping story about young people who are mutilated or killed by a ruthless war machine. Emotions lead people to unpredictable and dangerous actions.

In the dark Kristien Dieltiens A thrilling historical novel about the famous wolf child of Neurenberg, Kaspar Hauser. Facts and fiction are intertwined. Age: 15+ • 512 p. • Size: 21,5 x 15 cm Rights sold: Danish

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Age: 15+ • 448 p. • 21,5 x 15 cm


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Cataloog frankfurt li 0113