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Case Study 2

Elisabeth Mozingo ARTS 224-001

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McDonald’s Situation

Along with adding a group of limited time only foods and drinks to their menu, McDonald’s has decided to up their game by hosting the International Currency Exchange. In this special event customers will be able to trade any amount of foreign currency for any of the new Worldwide Favorites menu items.

Challenges One challenge McDonald’s might face with this campaign would be that they will lose a lot of money practically giving away all these free food and drink items, even though it will cause many customers to probably buy other things as well.

Goals The goal is to capture the attention of the audience using foods from other countries and the International Exchange event.


Project Strategy Audience

The target audience would be people who happen to have any amount of foreign currency in their possession which will give them a place to put that spare change to use.

Strategy Promoting the use of different countries food styles, using the worldwide currency. Images of other countries flags help attract attention the event.

Successes/Failures I think they successfully gained the audience’s attention with this event and that it was definitely a unique campaign event that really allowed customers to basically get free product. However, I do not think the product itself was worth all the hype that McDonald’s was giving it.


Inspiration Images


Falooda An Indian Rose Drink What is it? Falooda is an Indian Rose drink mostly taken as a dessert kind of drink. It’s origins come from India and it has actual rose elements in the drink itself

Problem McDonald’s is not known for super good quality drinks so this will be a challenge to encourage people to want to come try the drink.

Audience The audience is people that would buy something so unique from McDonald’s

Unique Selling Points It is brand new and a unique drink from a different country that many people would have never tried before

Purpose and Accomplishments The purpose of the ad is to invite people to try the new drink and I hope people will enjoy it. I want to have a picture of the drink itself with a gradient background that draws attention to the drink in the middle of the page, which is a little similar to my Starbucks ad but hopefully a bit more unique.




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Ad Campaign Case Study  

Ad Campaign Case Study