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Ingrid Lee

the wulf. 4.20.14 8pm

ON USER-DIrected listening for two lecturers performed by Ingrid Lee and Todd Lerew

pink noise studies

for pink noise, binaural mics, resonant vessels and various textures performed by Ingrid Lee and Todd Lerew

Performed in accordance with the california balloon law, sb 1990 performed by Todd Lerew


for voices and piano performed by John Eagle, Jacqueline Gordon, James Klopfleisch, Ingrid Lee, Todd Lerew, Justin Scheid, Chris Schunk, Christine Tavolacci, Danny Wood and Sariah Wong

CONCERTED PITCHING for two flutists performed by Christine Tavolacci and Justin Scheid

NOTES Ingrid Lee presents experiments on focused listening. On Userdirected Listening focuses on the individual listener’s sonic experience shaped from their divided attention between two sound sources, while Pink Noise Studies plays with a shared listening experience. The Symbiosis Suite is an excerpt of a set of sympathetic resonance pieces in which the outcome of each piece is dependent on the collective listening of the performers. In Todd Lerew’s Concerted Pitching, two flute mouthpieces are connected by a long, clear tube. A ball inside the tube acts as a stopper which is sufficiently tight-fitting that it acoustically separates the chamber into two segments, yet remains free to roll laterally, thereby altering both sounding sources simultaneously. Two performers act jointly to explore the sonic capabilities of this interdependent system.

New Works by Todd Lerew and Ingrid Lee  

the wulf, Los Angeles Apr 20, 2014