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TAMIL YOUTH ORGANISATION RESPOND TO THE DRAFT RESOLUTION ON SRI LANKA AT HRC 25 The first draft of the resolution on Sri Lanka that is to be tabled at the UNHRC in March 2014 by the United States, United Kingdom, Montenegro, Macedonia and Mauritius was circulated earlier this month. The Tamil Youth Organisation that represents and works closely with the Tamil youth and Tamil students of the diaspora is immensely disappointed by this draft resolution. We see this as yet another failure of the United Nations to fulfil their duty. The decision to avoid the use of the word ‘Eelam Tamil’ anywhere in the resolution to identify the people that suffered in the hands of the Sri Lanka is an insult to the people and the nation they represent. The world leaders and members of the International Community that claim to ‘engage’ with and shine a ‘spotlight’ on Sri Lanka’s issue have brought the Eelam Tamil’s national question no real solution. We acknowledge the importance of a resolution on Sri Lanka to address more than 60 years of oppression of Eelam Tamils. However the resolutions from the past three years have failed to even take into consideration the Eelam Tamil nation, the victims of the crimes committed by Sri Lanka, and rather they have given and still continue to give time and space for the Sri Lankan state to continue the genocide of the Eelam Tamil nation. The United Nation’s High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navanethem Pillay’s report and the US sponsored resolution frames the issue as a problem of a minority and between religious groups, devaluating and completely avoiding looking at the reality, a conflict between two nations. Recognising the failure of the draft resolution to address the national question, we the Tamil Youth Organisation, representing Eelam Tamil youths: 

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Reiterate to the International Community that we are the Eelam Tamil nation who with a historical, traditional, cultural, linguistic, collective consciousness have a homeland called Tamileelam, in the north and east regions of the island. Call upon the International Community to look at the issue in the island as a problem between two nations as the only first step in finding long lasting peace. Reaffirm that what is faced by the Eelam Tamil nation since 1948 is genocide perpetrated by the Sri Lankan state. Reaffirm that the 2009 massacre was the peak of the protracted genocide since 1948 and any solution that ignores this systematic approach and looks solely at this period is pointless and meaningless to the national question of the Eelam Tamils. Urge the International Community to stop the ongoing genocide and prevent the annihilation of the Eelam Tamil nation by the Sri Lankan state. Call upon the International Community to set up an independent international investigation into crimes of genocide to seek true accountability of the crimes committed since 1948. Reaffirming the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, reminding that it is the responsibility of the International Community to ensure the full enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedom of people, we urge the International Community and the UN to create the conditions and mechanism to implement the right to self-determination of the Eelam Tamil nation in the homeland and diaspora immediately through a democratic referendum.

Signed by Tamil Youth Organisation (Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom)

NZ Must Support International Inquiry Into Sri Lanka War Crimes Allegations Tuesday, 11 Mar 2014 Press Release Contact: Jan Logie MP New Zealand needs to lend its support to an independent international investigation into allegations of war crimes in Sri Lanka, Green Party human rights spokesperson Jan Logie said today. "The Human Rights Council session presents an opportunity for New Zealand to push for accountability and protection of human rights action in regard to the worrying situation in Sri Lanka," Ms Logie said. "Our representatives at the United Nations should be doing all they can to support an independent investigation into alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka. "Five years after the bloody civil war ended in Sri Lanka there has been no accountability for thousands of civilian deaths and this puts the lives of people today at risk, as well as future peace in the region. "The Sri Lankan Government has set up a number of internal processes that have been discredited," Ms Logie said. "Given this was the regime in power during the final months of the civil war this seems hardly surprising. "Those who speak out for human rights in Sri Lanka today face intimidation and abuse. "New Zealand's inaction in speaking out over human rights abuses last year during the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting was shameful. "New Zealand cannot continue to bury its head over human rights issues," Ms Logie said. "It is vital that we speak out on behalf of those who have died in the Sri Lankan conflict and those that continue to suffer persecution. "The people of Sri Lanka need a way forward from the trauma of the civil war. "New Zealand is still accepting Tamil refugees under the UN quota system and they deserve to know that we are advocating on their behalf internationally. "Countries such as New Zealand need to support the long overdue international investigation into the allegations of war crimes and abuse," Ms Logie said.

TCC, National Council and TYO put together what can be described as a fun full day, with sports to interest all ages, ethnic food and ended the day with a formal prize giving. Medals and trophies celebrated our victors. We found the day to be rewarding. We thank all of our supporters and we hope to see you all again next year. Find more pictures on our facebook.



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Origins of the Conflict In 1833, Britain merged three kingdoms — the Tamil-speaking Jaffna kingdom in the north and east, the Sinhalese-speaking Kotte kingdom in the southwest and the mixed but largely Sinhalese Kandy kingdom — into a unitary state. Capital placed near the former capital of the Kotte kingdom. Tamils became a minority in the new colony. ‘Upon independence from British rule in 1947, island was left a unitary state with a first past the post electoral system ‘Sinhala Buddhist fundamentalism became a powerful force in the early-mid 1900s. Successive governments have engaged in ethnic outbidding — trying to show that they are the more pro-Sinhala Buddhist party — by imposing discriminatory policies against the Tamils.

1948: Tamils of Indian origin (13% of the population) disenfranchised 1940s: Economic neglect of Tamil areas begins 1950s: State-sponsored colonization begins 1956: Sinhala made the sole official language throughout country (The result of this act shown in Chart 1) 1971: Limits placed on admission of Tamil students to universities (Chart 2) 1972: Buddhism becomes state religion 1981: Jaffna public library burnt, destroying over 95,000 ancient manuscripts

Hayfever (Allergic Rhinitis)

ngz;fspd; cly; MNuhf;fpak; gpw;Nru;f;if czTfs; (Suppliments) ,d;iwa ngz;fs; Ntiy> tPl;L guhkupg;G kw;Wk; gy fhuzpfshy; rpwpJk; Xa;tw;wtu;fshff; fhzg;gLfpd;wdu;. ngz;fs; gw;wp Nkw;nfhs;sg;gl;l Ma;Tfs; gpw;Nru;f;if czTfis md;whlk; cl;nfhs;Stjd; %yk; gad;ngwyhk; vd;gjid ep&gpj;Js;sd. “My;gh iyg;Nghapf ;” mkpyk; (Alpha – Lipoic acid) gy fl;bfSs;s #yq;fs; Neha; mwpFwp ( Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) vd;gJ xt;nthU 20 ngz;fSf;F xUtiuj; jhf;FfpwJ. N`hNkhd; rkepiyapd;ikAk; ,uj;jj;jpy; FSf;Nfhrpd; msT mjpfhpj;jYk; ,jw;F Kf;fpa fhuzpfshf mikfpd;wd. ,Lg;G typ> mjpf Kfg;gU> vil mjpfupj;jy;> khjtplha; xOq;fpd;ik kw;Wk; kd mOj;jk; vd;gd ,e;Nehapd; rpy mwpFwpfs;. My;gh iyg;Nghapf; mkpyk; cs;s khj;jpiufis cl;nfhs;tjd; %yk; ,uj;j mOj;jk;> kw;Wk; FSf;Nfh];> nfhOg;G Mfpa FiwghLfs; rPuhfpd;wd vd;W Muha;r;rp xd;wpd; %yk; ep&gpff ; g;gl;Ls;sJ. khjtpyf;Fk; gP itl;lkpDk; (Vitamin B) khjtpyf;fpd; NghJ ngz;fSf;F gy cly; rk;ge;jg;gl;l cghijfs; (Premenstrual Syndrome) Vw;gLfpd;wd. ngz;fspd; ,g;gpur;ridfs; gw;wp Nkw;nfhs;sg;gl;l Ma;thdJ gP itl;lkpd; cs;s czTfs; cl;nfhs;Nthiu ntFthfg; ghjpg;gjpy;iy vdf; fz;lwpe;Js;sJ. mjpYk; iuNghgpytpd; (Riboflavin) kw;Wk; ija;akpd; (Thiamine) Nghd;w gP itl;lkpd;fis cz;Nghu; mjpf ed;ikailfpd;wdu; vdTk; fz;lwpag;gl;Ls;sJ. nkf;dP rpak; (Magnesium) rk fhy Ma;nthd;W epj ; ;jpiuAk;> cly; nkf;dP rpak; msTk; xd;Wf;nfhd;W njhlu;G gl;bUf;fpd;wJ vdf; fz;lwpe;Js;sJ. Muha;rpfF ; l;gLj;jg;gl;l epj;jpiuapdi ; kahy; mtjpAw;w 100 Ngupy; 60 egh;fSf;F mtu;fsJ ,uj;jj;jpy; nkf;dPrpak; msT Fiwthff; fhzg;gl;lJ. ,tu;fsJ epj;jpiuapdi ; k gpur;rid jpdKk; 320 mg nkf;dPrpak; khj;jpiufs; cs;nfhs;tjd; %yk; VO thuq;fspy; rPh; nra;ag;gl;lJ. itl;lkpd; A, C, E kw;Wk; fy;rpak; fUg;ig Gw;W Nehiaj;j jLf;Fk; rf;jp ,t; itl;lkpd;fspy; fhzg;gLfpd;wJ.

Mf;fk; : SSP

Around 1/5 of New Zealanders suffer from hay fever and out of this, 1/3 of these people have an onset before the age of ten. People with hayfever react to environmental particles such as dust, pollen, mould and pets. These are known as allergens or triggers, as the body’s immune system reacts to them, by causing inflammation of the nasal passage and other symptoms as listed below. The two main types of hayfever are perennial, meaning reactions to allergens occur throughout the year and seasonal which more commonly occur during spring, summer and autumn. SYMPTOMS  Blocked/Runny nose  Sneezing frequently  Itchy/Watery eyes  Coughing  Headache LIFESTYLE AND HOME REMEDIES Hayfever is a common condition, and to many sufferers is considered a nuisance, impacting on the quality of life. If you are worried about any symptoms you may have, please seek medical advice. Some practical measures to reduce the impact of hayfever include:  Saline Washes – Soothens and clears the nasal passages  Avoid known allergens/triggers  Keep a clean environment by regularly washing bedding and vacuuming with a filter  Steaming – Inhaling the steam from boiling water (with the option of adding a small amount of Vicks) to reduce congestion

Mf;fpyhe;J rikay; fhyp/g;sth; kQ;R+hpad; Njitahd nghUl;fs; 1 3 3 3 3 rpwpJ rpwpJ 1 Njf;fuz;b 6 gw;fs; Njitf;Nfw;g Njitf;Nfw;g Njitf;Nfw;g

fhyp/g;sth; ntq;fhak; (nky;ypajhf eWf;fpaJ) gr;ir kpsfha; fha;e;j kpsfha; jf;fhsp ntq;fhaj;jhs; (Spring onion) nfhj;jky;yp ,iy NrhahNrh]; cs;sp (nky;ypajhf eWf;fpaJ) cg;G vz;nza; kpsfha;j; J}s;


 

fhyp/g;stiu rpW Jz;Lfshf ntl;b nfhjp ePupy; Nghl;L tbj;J vLf;fTk; tbj;njLj;j fhyp/g;stUld; cg;G> kpsfha;jJ ; }s;> kQ;rs; J}s; Nrh;j;J gpul;lTk;

 

gpd;dh; ,ij vz;nza;apy; Nghl;L nkhW nkhWg;ghFk; tiu nghhpjJ ; vLf;fTk; jf;fhspia nfhjp ePhpy; Nghl;L Njhy; ePf;fp kpf;]papy; Nghl;L mjDld; gr;ir kpsfha;> fha;e;j kpsfhiaAk; Nrh;j;J miuj;J nfhs;sTk;

   

xU rl;bapy; rpwpjsT vz;nza; Cw;wp nfhjpjj ; Jk; eWf;fp itj;Js;s ntq;fhak;> cs;sp Mfpatw;iw Nghl;L tjf;fTk; ntq;fhak; ed;F tjq;fpaJk; mjpy; miuj;J itj;Js;s jf;fhspia Nrh;f;fTk; mjDld; cg;G> Nrhah Nrh]; Nrh;j;J ed;whf fpswTk; Fok;G ed;F jbj;J tUk; NghJ nghhpj;J itj;Js;s fhyp/g;stiu Nghl;L fpswp ,wf;fTk;

,Wjpahf nfhj;jky;yp ,iy kw;Wk; ntq;fhaj;jhs; Mfpatw;iw nky;ypajhf eWf;fp J}tp tplTk;

Written by: Tamil Youth Organization Recipe Given by: Mrs G Diana

This issue we decided to visit a house in Mt Albert, and discovered a very authentic dish called ‘Neerthangai Mor Kulambu’. So my first question was, what on earth is a Neerthangai? The english name is actually ash pumpkin or winter melon. I think you can make this exact same curry with Surrakkai. Aunty made this dish for us in less than 15 minutes which was very impressive. Her family enjoys this dish mostly with roti but after tasting it I think it will be a nice addition to a vegetarian rice meal.

500g 1 stem 1 medium ½ tsp ½ tsp ½ 1 ¼ cup 2 tbsp

Neerthangai Curry leaves Onion Fennel Seed Mustard Seed Lemon Yorgurt Vegetable oil Salt (to taste)

½ cup 5 5 1 tsp

Grated Coconut Dried Chillies Green Chillies Split Bengal gram (Kadalai Parruppu) Cumin Seeds Turmeric Power Water

1 tsp ½ tsp ¼ cup

For this dish you need one pot and one frying pan, or a wok.

  

Wash and clean the Neerthangai, Cut into small pieces. Cook the Neerthangai, ½ of the sliced onions with levelled water and salt (small amount, you can add more later) Grind the yogurt until thin and keep aside.

 

Soak the cumin seeds in ¼ cup water for 5 minutes and grind it along with grated coconut, Kadala paruppu, dried chillies and green chillies. Once the Neerthangai is well cooked (Soft) add the grinded paste and the thinned yogurt

   

Heat the oil in a sauce pan. Once the oil is hot add the fennel and mustard seeds. Fry the onions and the curry leaves in the oil on Medium High heat. Pour this into the curry and squeeze in half a lemon Check the salt, add more if required.

Ash-Gourd and Health - Quick Facts Ash-gourd is loaded with nutrients. It's an excellent source of vitamin B1 (thiamine), a good source of vitamin B3 (niacin), and vitamin C. It is also rich in many minerals like calcium. Its high potassium content makes this a good vegetable for maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Containing almost 96% water, this gourd is a dietician’s delight. Be sure to include this vegetable in your weight-loss diet. In Ayurveda and other traditional eastern medicine, ash-gourd is used as a general tonic for its restorative properties. In Ayurveda, ash-gourd is also used as brain food - to treat mental illnesses and nervous disorders such as epilepsy, paranoia, and insanity. Ash-gourd is alkaline in nature and hence has a cooling and neutralizing effect on stomach acids and as such used effectively for treating digestive ailments like hyperacidity, dyspepsia, and ulcers. Ash-gourd juice is a popular home remedy for peptic ulcers. Ash-gourd juice is also used to treat diabetes. Ash-gourd is also useful in treating respiratory disorders like asthma, blood-related diseases, and urinary diseases like kidney stones. Every part of this fruit is useful. Ash-gourd leaves are rubbed on bruises to heal them, while the seeds are used for expelling intestinal worms. The ash made from burning the rind and seeds are mixed with coconut oil and used to promote hair growth and to treat dandruff.

Written by: Tamil Youth Organization Recipe Given by: Eelachchudar Subscriber


Fl;b N[hjp vl;L tajhd Fl;b NIhjpf;Ff; flTs; topghL vd;why; kpfTk; gpupak;. mts; jpdKk; jdJ jha;> je;ij> my;yJ mf;fhTld; NfhapYf;F nry;ths;. NIhjp> vg;NghJk; Mh;tk; kpf;f Nfs;tpfis kw;wth;fsplk; Nfl;Lj; njupeJ ; nfhs;tjpy; Mu;tKilats;. xU ehs; NIhjp jdJ mk;;khtplk; nrd;W> ‘mk;kh vd; ngaUf;Fg; nghUs; vd;d ? vd;W Nfl;lhs;. mjw;f;F NIhjpapd; mk;kh> rk];fpUj nkhopapy; “N[hjp” vd;gJ xsp vd tpsf;fk; $wpdhu;. rpy rkaq;fspy;> mf;fh ? eP vd;Dld; filf;F tUthah? mf;fh ? #upad; Vd; ,utpy; njuptjpyi ; y? Nghd;w gy Nfs;tpfisf; Nfl;L mtsJ rNfhjupiaj; njhe;juT nra;ths;.; tpNrl jpdk; xd;wpy; mg;gh> mk;kh> kw;Wk; mf;fhTld; NfhapYf;Fr; nrd;whs; N[hjp. md;iwa jpdk; tpN;rl g+i[ Kbe;jTld;> g+rfu; flTs; topghL gw;wpg; Ngrpdhh;. N[hjp nghWikahf ,Ue;J g+rfupd; nrhw;nghopitf; Nfl;Lf; nfhz;bUe;jhs;. g+rfu; ‘flTs; vd;gJ xUth; jhd; Mdhy; me;jf; flTs; gy tbtq;fspy; ,Uf;fpwhh; vdf; $wp xt;nthU flTisAk; topgLtjhy; Vw;gLk; ed;ikfs; fpilf;Fk; vdTk; ciuahw;wpf; nfhz;bUe;jhu;. tpehafiu topgl;lhy;> cq;fs; tho;f;ifapy; cs;s gpur;ridfs; jPUk;> yf;\;kpia topgl;L te;jhy; nry;tq;fs; te;J NrUk; kw;Wk; ru];tjp Njtpia topgl;L te;jhy; fy;tpy; rpwe;J tpsq;fyhk; vdTk; g+rfu ; $wpf;nfhz;bUe;jhu;. ,jidf; Nfl;Lf; nfhz;bUe;j N[hjp rl;nld;W jdJ ifia cau;j;jp Iah ? ePq;fs; jw;nghOJ nrhd;dPu;fNs> ,t; cyfpy; flTs; xd;W jhd; vd;W> gpd;G Vd; ehk; xNu flTsplk; vy;yh nry;tq;fisAk; Nfl;ff; $lhJ vdf; Nfl;lhs;> N[hjpapd; Nfs;tpahy; tpag;gile;j g+rfu; “ cd; ngau; vd;dk;kh ? cdf;F vd;d tajhfpd;wJ vd N[hjpiag; ghu;j;Jf; Nfl;llhu;. gjpYf;F rpWkp Iah> vd; ngau; N[hjp vdf;F vl;L tajhfpd;wJ vd;whs;. NkYk; g+rfu; N[hjpaplk; ,d;W NfhtpYf;F eP ? ahu; $l vy;yhk; te;jpUf;fpwha;? vd tpdtpdhu;> ehd; vd; mk;kh> mg;gh> kw;Wk; mf;fhTld; te;Njd; vd;whs;. eP grp vd;why; ahuplk; nrd;W czT Nfl;gha;? vd; mk;khtplk;. eP gs;sp rk;gj;jg;gl;l cjtpfis ahuplk; nrd;W Nfl;gha;? vd; mg;ghtplk;. cdJ nghOijf; fopf;f ahuplk; Ngha; tpisahLtjw;F Nfl;gha;? vd; mf;fhtplk; ,Wjpapy; g+rfu; eP> cd; xt;nthU Njitf;Fk; cd; FLk;gj;jthplk; cjtp Nflfpwha; my;yth? mJ Nghy jhd; flTs; topghLk; xt;nthU flTs; topghl;bYk; xt;nthU ed;ikfs; cs;sJ vdTk; N[hjpfF ; k; rigNahu;f;Fk; tpsf;fpdhu;.

Mf;fk; : SSP

tpz;ntspf;Fg; gazk; nra;j ,e;jpahtpd; Kjy; ngz;kzp vd;w ngUikf;Fupatu; fy;gdh rht;yh> gy ngz;fSf;F xU Kd;khjpupahf jpfo;fpwhu; vd;why; mJ kpifahfhJ. xU rhjhuz gs;spapy; gbj;J> gyu; tpaf;Fk; gb jd; fdTfis epidthf;fp xU tpz;ntspg; nghwpapashuhf tho;e;J fhl;bdhu; fy;gdh rht;yh. 41 tajpy; cyf kf;fspd; el;rj;jpukhf tpsq;fpa xU ,e;jpag; ngz;kzpapd; tho;f;if tuyhW kw;Wk; rhjidfis gw;wp tpupthff; fhz;Nghk;. ,e;jpahtpd; fu;dhy; vd;w Cupy; 1961k; Mz;L [dtup 7k; ehs; gpwe;jhu;;. Mz;fs; kl;LNk <LgLk; tpz;ntspj;Jiwapy; 1982 ,y; Kjy; ngz;nghwpapyhsuha; fy;Yhupapy; Kjyplk; ngw;wtu; fy;gdh rht;yh. ,e;jpa gy;fiyf;fofq;fspy; tpz;ntsp njhlu;ghd rpwg;G Jiwfs; ,y;yhj fhuzj;jhy; ntspehl;Lf;F nrd;whu;. Nlf;]h]; gy;fiyf;fofj;jpy; (mnkupf;fh) KJfiyg;gl;lk; ntd;whu;. 1988 ,y; nghwpapay; gl;lk; ngw;w mtu; tpkhd Xl;Lduhf kl;Lkpd;wp thdT+u;jp kw;Wk; tpkhdk; > jhq;fpf;fg;gy;fSf;F gapw;rpahsuhf jFjp ngw;whu;. mnkupff ; h FbAupik ngw;wgpd; 1994 ,y; ehrhtpy; gy Rw;W Neu;Kfj;Nju;T kw;Wk; gupNrhjidfSf;Fg; gpd; 2962 Ngupy; ,tu; Nju;e;njLf;fg;gl;lhu;. 1988k; Mz;L ehrh mNk]; Muha;r;rpf;$lj;jpy; “xnru;nrl; Nknjhl;]; ,d;f;apd; “ Jizj;jiytuhf gzpahw;wpa mtu; tp{v];.b.X.vy; ,y; rpv/b Muha;r;rp nra;jhu;. tpkhdk; kw;Wk; fpislu;fis Xl;lf; fw;Wf; nfhLf;f jFjpr; rhd;wpjo; ngw;wNjhL kl;Lky;yhy;> Xl;lTk; mDkjp ngw;whu;. 1995 ehrh tpz;ntsp tPuu; gapwr ; pf; FOtpy; Nru;;e;j mtu;> mLj;j 2 Mz;Lfspy; “nfhyk;gpah tpz;ntsp Cu;jpahd STS-87 ,y; gazk; nra;tjw;F Nju;T nra;ag;gl;lhu;. 1997 ,y; Nkw;nfhz;l ,e;jg; gazj;jpy;> Rkhu; 32 kzpNeuk; tpz;ntspapy; ,Ue;J rhjidg; Gupe;J ntw;wpfukhf G+kp jpUk;gpdhu;. ,jd; %yk; tpz;ntspf;Fr; nrd;w Kjy; ,e;jpag; ngz; vd;w ngUikAk; ngw;whu;. tpz;ntspj;Jiwapy; ntw;wpfz;l fy;gdh > [_d; gpaup vd;w mnkupf;fiu kze;jhu;. Kjy; tpz;ntspg; gazj;ij ntw;wpfukhf Kbj;j fy;gdh rht;yh> mLj;j Ie;J Mz;Lfspy; jd;Dila ,uz;lhtJ gazj;jpw;F jahuhdhu;. 2000 kw;Wk; 2002 Mk; Mz;Lfspy; Nkw;nfhs;sf;$ba ,e;jg; gazk; gyjug;gl;l njhopEl;gf; NfhshWfshy; fhyk; flj;jg;gl;lJ. gpd;du; 2003 k; Mz;L [dtup tpz;ntsp Muhr;rpf;fhf> mnkupff ; htpd; nfd;db epiyaj;jpypUe;J nfhyk;gpah tpz;fyk; STS-107 mDg;gp itf;fg;gl;lJ. ,e;jpa tk;rhtsp ngz;zhfpa fy;gdh rht;yh cs;spl;l 7 Ngu; mjpy; gazpj;jdu;. 16 ehl;fs; gazk; nfhyk;gpah tpz;ntsp Xlj;jpy; Nkw;nfhs;sg;gl;lJ. ‘ehrhit nghWj;jtiu fy;gdhtpd; cly;> Mnuhf;fpak; kw;Wk; fy;tpj;jFjpfs; Nghl;bapd;wp mtiu Nju;e;njLf;fr;nra;jd. MW tpz;ntsp tPuu;fis nfhz;l mt;tpz;fyj;jpy; ,lk;ngw;w ,U ty;Ydu;fspy; fy;gdhTk; ,Ue;jhu;. mtuJ FO 25 NrhjidfSf;F Nky; Nkw;nfhz;L ngsjPf Ma;Tfis epiwT nra;jJ. tpz;ntspapd; vilaw;w #oy; > kz;Zyf nraw;ghLfis ghjpf;Fk; tpjk; kw;Wk; #upadpd; ntspg;Gw#oy; MfpaitNa mg;gazj;jpd; Kf;fpa Nrhjid mk;rq;fsha; tpsq;fpd. 2003 ngg;utup 1k; ehs; fy;gdh cs;spl;l 7 Ngu; nfhuk;gpah tpz;fyj;jpy; 16 ehs; Ma;it Kbj;J jpUk;gpf; nfhz;bUe;jdu;. Gtpia te;jila 15 epkplq;fNs ,Uf;Fk; gl;rj;jpy; ehd;fhfg; gpse;J ntWk; gOg;Gg; Gifahf Jz;L Jz;Lfshf ly;yh]; efuk; KOtJk; rpjwp tpOe;jJ. tpiykjpg;gw;w 7 tpQ;QhdpfSk; gypahapdu;. xU rhjhuz gs;spapy; gbj;J> gyu; tpaf;Fk; gb jd; fdTfis edthf;fp tho;e;J fhl;batu; fy;gdh. ngz;zpdj;jpd; ngUikf;F vLj;Jf;fl;lha; tpsf;fpa ,tu;> ,e;jpahtpw;F cyfg;Gfo; Nru;j;jtu; vd;why; kpifahfhJ. fdTfisf; fz;L me;j fdTfid edthf;ftjw;F tplh Kaw;rpNahLk;> KokdNjhLk; nray;gl;lhy; ntw;wp epr;rak; vd;w cz;ikia cyfpw;F czu;j;jp nrd;w tPug; ngz;iz ehKk; Nghw;WNthk;.

rupj;jpu ehafp fy;gdh rht;yh

Phone interviews have been normal for many years now. That is not to say they are any easier, as many candidates still find them slightly anxietyproducing. As with all forms of job interview, there are guidelines worth sticking to to ensure it goes smoothly.

You’re not meeting the interviewer face to face, but you should be just as organised as if you were. You will still be expected to know about the company even if this is a first round interview, so make sure you complete your research fully. This will also help you to feel more confident if you know you’ve put in the groundwork. Review the job description and make notes on how you match the criteria. Look up typical questions asked in phone interviews and plan your answers. Also consider some question you would like to ask- although remember this is a first stage interview, so don’t ask about the salary or hours of the role.

It’s important to remove any distraction from the room; whether this is children, housemates or pets make sure everyone is aware of when your interview is taking place and that you’ll need peace and quiet. You may want to dress smartly despite the fact it’s on the phone as this can help you feel more professional; which in turn will help you to sound more professional. Rather than slouching on your sofa as if you were chatting with a friend, it is best to sit at a desk or a table with your CV, notes and laptop with the company’s website up in front of you. This means you will have all the relevant information to hand in case you need to refer to anything during your interview. It’s best to avoid eating or drinking because noises will be picked up over the phone and your speech will be affected. However, it’s a good idea to have a glass of water beside you in case your mouth becomes dry.

If you have experience of speaking on the phone in a professional manner then this will seriously benefit you. Therefore if you lack this or are nervous about how you come across, stage a practice run with a friend or family member. Their feedback will help you to perfect your performance ready for the interview. You could even record yourself and play it back so you can do your own analysis: are you clear? Do you need to slow down?

Usually companies give you an indication of the time they will be calling; however it’s better to be the one ready to answer any calls near that time. For example don’t let anyone who can’t speak English or any kids answer the phone. Answer all calls on that day with “Good Morning, ‘Full Name’ speaking”. Companies start judging you from the instant you pick up so avoid the HELLO. Saying Hello is like waving at an employer when he is ready to shake your hands.

It can be easy to forget who you’re talking to and start speaking informally. Listen carefully calm and give yourself time to think about your answers; it’s perfectly fine to pause between questions. If you need time to think simply notify your interviewer that you’re reflecting on the question for a moment. Also remember that just because the interviewer cannot see you, doesn’t mean they will not pick up on the fact you are distracted. Also don’t forget to say thank for the opportunity before you end the call.

Silky Crime

Silk of course comes from the silkworm, which is actually a caterpillar not a worm. Raised by professional keepers the silkworm has been totally domesticated.

The Cocoons

Reed Making

Adding Leases

Making the Saree

An egg hatches in 10 days and becomes a larva. The silkworm larva will eat leaves almost non-stop for 35 days increasing its weight 10,000 times from a tiny speck to a chubby grub. Silkworms are very delicate and will stop feeding if exposed to loud noises. When it is full grown, the silk worm climbs a twig and begins spinning a cocoon (a cage like structure). The silkworm produces a protein compound which is mixed in its mouth. When this stream of sticky fluid comes into contact with air, it hardens and becomes a continuous strand of silk that becomes the silkworm’s cocoon. The silkworm will spin a thousand yards of silk fibre in three days to form its completely enclosed cocoon. The cocoon will be the silkworm’s home for sixteen days as it transforms into a winged moth. What an incredible marvel of Nature’s intelligence! But here the story turns down. When the transformation is complete, the newly formed moth releases a fluid that begins to dissolve a hole in the cocoon so that the moth can leave. The silk farmers do not want their silk cocoons damaged so they kill the worms by tossing the cocoons into boiling water or hot ovens before they transform into moths and leave their cocoons. A small percentage of silkworms in cocoons are left to live so that a few moths will emerge to lay eggs for the next generation of silk machines. Dropping the cocoon in hot water not only kills the silkworm, but also dissolves the sticky coating the silk fibres and holding the shape of the cocoon. Silk workers gently dry and brush the outside of the cocoon to find the end of the silk fibre that made the cocoon. The cocoon is carefully unwrapped and wound around a spool. Five to ten individual silk fibres from cocoons are wound together to form one silk thread and several silk threads are wound together to form a yarn of silk. This is raw silk, just pure silk fibres without any chemicals or treatments added.

50,000 Silkworm are killed to make one Saree, which is gassed,

steamed, or boiled alive to prevent them from escaping from their cocoon as a moth by dissolving a hole in the silk cocoon. Is silk really worth this crime? I ask myself, as I go to temples without eating meat but wearing a nice ‘Pattu’ Saree, does god see the one murder I didn’t commit or the 50,000 we have funded?

Written by: Tamil Youth Organization For Eelachchudar Magazine



The Loom


Age old is a certainty in all our lives. An organization that has been providing great service to seniors in Auckland is Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust, a nonprofit organization that is serving in Onehunga. Many senior citizens move to New Zealand to be closer to their families and loved ones. However, many members of their family are working or at school. Seniors begin to feel lonely, depressed and bored. By meeting even once a week, these feelings start to decrease and seniors benefit from the services provided by Shanti Niwas. These benefits include: • Reduces loneliness, social isolation and depression • Builds capacity and community belonging. Seniors feel • • •

self-worthy Enhances quality of life through involvement in physical fitness and nutrition programmes Empowerment which helps seniors to take ownership Maximises independence of older people with health difficulties by working in a positive way Seniors respect and cultural values are safeguarded

• Statement of Purpose: To deliver culturally appropriate community based support services with emphasis on furthering the delivery of aged care services, health awareness and healthy life style education, assistance with settlement in the New Zealand society, networking and partnership with other agencies. We make sure that our seniors are respected and their Positive ageing program • Central Auckland/South Auckland, 14 Spring Street,

Onehunga, Auckland – Tue, Wed and Thursday, Friday (Special needs) 10.30am – 2pm

Special Needs Group – Friday, 10.30am – 2pm • North Shore: Glenfield community centre, Bentley Ave, st


Glenfield 0629 – 1 and 3 Thursday of the Month, 10.30am – 12pm Pakuranga: Anchorage Park Community House, 16 Swan st rd Crescent, Pakuranga – 1 and 3 Wednesday 10am – 1pm

KHUSHI – Elder Abuse and Prevention Service Free Psychologist session on Tuesday from 10.30am – 12.30pm,

by appointment Psychologist: Shagufta Jabeen, NZ Registered Psychologist. Free Counselling Service, on Thursday from 10.30am -12.30pm, by appointment Counsellor: Rupal Patel, is a current member of New Zealand Association of Counsellors. Specialises in relationship, loneliness, anxiety, depression.

Phone us: 09-6221010 Email: Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust, 14, Spring Street, Onehunga

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Turnover on the stomach and place the hands on the floor beside the pectoral muscles. Place the hands, palms down, under the shoulders on the floor. Inhaling, without lifting the navel from the floor, raise the chest and head, arching the back. Obtain as complete a stretching of the body as possible. Retain the breath, and then exhale while slowly lowering to the floor. Rest, and then repeat 4 to 5 times.

You guys seriously need to try this one out!! It’s seriously amazing and super easy to make. The reason for the ‘part one’ because trust me, there’s going to be many more nutella recipes coming your way. I’m a crazy fan of nutella!!! Seriously! I’m probabily the number one fan of nutella hehehe… I’d love to try anything ‘NUTELLA’. So mark this page and give it a go and you’ll NOT regret it. :D Here’s what you need to make this ah-mazing brownie:  1 cup NUTELLA  ½ cup sugar  2 eggs  1/3 cup butter (at room temperature or slightly melted)  ¾ cup flour  1 teaspoon vanilla 1. 2.

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Preheat the oven to 350oF (176oC) In the microwave, heat the Nutella until it things out a bit (approximately 2 minutes. Stir it well. Mix together butter and sugar using an electric or hand mixer. Add in eggs, vanilla & nutella and mix well. Add in the flour. Bake for 30 minutes!!! Easy as that!!

Make sure you leave it out to cool for about 10 minutes before serving. Best served with ice cream!!

mmmmmm… soo soft and chewy

1. Lemon-Honey Face Scrub To remove dead skin, retain and provide moisturizing benefits, and brighten your complexion  2 tablespoons of honey  1 tablespoon of lemon juice  1 tablespoon of olive oil  1 ½ tablespoons of sugar Blend ingredients in a bowl, apply to face, and rinse with warm water 2. Avocado and Oatmeal Scrub for Oily Skin To provide moisture, soften and keep skin looking healthy  2 teaspoons of finely ground oatmeal  1 teaspoon of avocado  1 teaspoon of honey Blend ingredients in a bowl forming a thick paste. Massage the mask onto damp face in a circular motion, and then rinse with warm water 3. Salt, Lemon, and Sugar Scrub To exfoliate and brighten your complexion 2 tablespoons of salt Juice from half of a lemon Add sugar until the mixture is solid but not dry Blend the ingredients in a bowl and gently massage the mask into skin. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes, and then rinse with water

4. Baking Soda Blackhead Scrub To eliminate blackheads  1 tablespoon of granulated sugar  1 tablespoon of baking soda  2 tablespoons water Blend the ingredients in a bowl. Massage the mixture onto damp skin, and rinse with warm water

5. Banana and Sugar Face Scrub To exfoliate and nourish your skin  1 ripe, peeled banana  ¼ cup of granulated sugar  ¼ cup of dark brown sugar Mash the banana in a bowl; add the other ingredients blending them into a paste. Massage the paste onto your face, leave on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with warm water


Pannaiyaarum Padminiyum


Romance Comedy Action Storyline Performance

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Directed By Produced By Starring Music By

Arun Kumar M.R. Ganesh Vijay Sethupathi, Jeyaprakash, Iyshwarya Rajesh and Thulasi Justin Prabhakaran

An emotionally uplifting work, the film steers away from the commercial zone by constantly rewarding us with characters that not just entertain but stay with us hours after we leave the cinema hall. A slice-of-life story of four characters set against a village backdrop featuring a Padmini car in the centre. Even with a dawdling narrative, the film never ceases to amaze you with heartwarming performances and music, laced with humour at regular intervals. A village landlord (Jayaprakash) falls in love with a Premier Padmini car at first sight. He gets to look after the car when its owner, his close relative, leaves town to visit his pregnant daughter. Pannaiyar, as the landlord is called by his village folks, hands over the car keys to his driver Murugesan (Vijay Sethupathi), who falls in love with it too. The car becomes a lifeline of sorts to the villagers, who use it to transport a dead body, pick up stranded people on the road, carry goods from neighbouring village and even compete with a government bus, which happens to be the only motorized vehicle besides the car in the village. Before you know it, the entire village falls in love with the car. But the rightful owner of the car is Panniyar's relative, who is likely to take away the car sooner or later. It's not the relative who takes the car away from them but a very close family member. Will the car return to Pannaiyar, who has been looking after it like his own son and bring back joy in his life?

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This is a TYO NZ March Publication Eelachchudar is a Community magazine aimed to inform and entertain Tamils of New Zealand. We also focus...

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