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EEAS To Take Unilateral Action in Ivory Coast 02 Apr 2011

The  EEAS  has  passed  a  directive  to  take  unilateral  action  in  favor  of  Ouattara  and  his  militias      

The EEAS has voted to Support Ouattara as as the legitimate leader of Cote D'Ivoire. They have decided to show this by utilizing both air and land capabilities of military forces, targeting highly probable hideouts of Gbagbo with special forces and also implementing air patrols to hinder escape efforts and establish constant surveillance to soon capture and imprison Gbagbo. Furthermore, Gbago is to be tried in the ICC when captured. The EU is also set to double their aid to 50 million Euros for food and medicine. This is a bold step that has been taken by the EEAS and it remains to be seen how NATO and the United States will react to this measure.

EEAS To Take Unilateral Action in Ivory Coast