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WE ARE ONE And one million plus 4G customers later, why we’ve made 4GEE a no brainer.



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MESSAGE FROM FRANCOISE Welcome to our brand new digital magazine. Every quarter we’ll have the inside stories about the achievements, plans and people that make up this brilliant and critical part of EE. It’s been a very busy first five months since I joined CS and I set out our three priorities – performance, cost efficiency and people engagement. I’d like to thank everyone for the efforts you’ve made on service levels, absence, shrinkage, conversion rate and cost efficiency, where we’ve seen big improvements. There’s still a lot of work to do, especially on IT stability and Net Promoter Score. But from everything I’ve seen in CS so far, we have the right people to achieve all our objectives, for this year and for 2014. I hope you enjoy the magazine – it’s a reminder that, as Kevin Bacon says, we are all Connected and part of something special together at EE





Francoise Clemes became Chief of Customer Service in June.

LIFE Francoise is of French and Spanish origin, has two daughters and currently lives in London. She studied Neuroscience & Ergonomics at university in Paris. Her favourite holiday destination is the south of France, near to Spain. She wanted to be a concert pianist when younger and still plays a mean piano.

CAREER Francoise has been an HR professional for much of her career. She joined Orange in 1992, initially working for the satellite business in research, then moving onto the large accounts sales team. She moved into HR in 1997. She joined EE in September 2011 as Chief of HR from Orange where, most recently, she was Vice President for HR in Europe.


Keep it simple. Be positive. Of course it’s possible. You’re a pain in the ass.

There’s been a few changes and new faces to the Customer Service leadership team recently. Click the yellow arrow to read more about them and then answer the following question to win the table football from the Paddington office!



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ONE TO WATCH? Wearable technology - the third phase of the tech revolution after mobiles and tablets. The battlegrounds are being drawn by the big players with entrants such as the Sony SmartWatch 2 and Samsung Galaxy Gear, with more to come. Are they the next big thing or a premium priced fad that will phase out like ‘90s Hypercolour t-shirts? The Sony SmartWatch 2 could be the perfect Christmas gift for someone who has the latest Android phone or tablet. The Bluetooth powered wrist watch connects to any device running on Google’s Android operating system, including the Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy and the HTC One series. It can keep track of everything without taking your device from your pocket or bag – it can vibrate alerts, control music or show who’s calling. More than 200 plug ins are available on Google Play, from Fitness apps, Twitter, email and even the ability to control your smartphone camera. You can customise the watch face, change wrist straps and it’s water resistant too. Tom Randall from Sony told Connected: “Wearable technology is the upcoming



trend. The smartphone will always be the hub of your everyday communications, media and creativity, but companion products like smart watches will enhance these experiences, allowing features to be more accessible and convenient. We might one day have smart technology in the clothes we wear, sensors built into cufflinks or bracelets that could detect the early stages of a heart attack or stroke and dial emergency help on our phone.” Tommy Nevin, Senior Device Manager for Campaigns, agrees: “I absolutely believe smart watches will take off in the next year or so as health apps and contactless payments gather pace. I don’t think they’ll replace smart phones, but co-exist to compliment a manufacturer’s product eco-system.” Smart accessories have been hovering for years among early adopters without capturing the mass market. The price, the fashion and compatibility factors are all asking for high levels of customer commitment. But with Samsung now announcing Gear Glass to rival Google Glasses, it looks as though wearable technology may finally be coming into mainstream fashion.


Sony SmartWatch 2

Samsung Gear watch

£149.99 (£99.99 when purchased

(available in black and white) £299.99

with the Sony Xperia Z1).

(£199.99 when purchased with the Note 3).

How Bob Tilley, CS Communications Manager and wearable technology advocate, uses his Sony SmartWatch: • Sync up and swipe your SmartWatch to your phablet, together with a Bluetooth headset and listen to and switch music tracks wirelessly. • In a meeting I can see who’s calling and auto send a message to let the caller know. • Fake Call for SmartWatch App means if I’ve made eye contact with someone I don’t want to speak to I tap my watch and my phone rings. “Oh I’ve got to take this, must go!”

Click here to check out the Sony SmartWatch 2 in action.





Technology transformation

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? IT was a hot topic in our last Pulse survey so Connected spoke to the man with the plan - Fotis Karonis, Chief of Technology.

6 | NOV 2013 | CONNECTED


Technology transformation




Technology transformation

Q. Sir Clive Woodward, Rugby World Cup winning coach, said: ‘The side with the best IT wins.’ Do you agree and how does EE’s IT systems rate? A. I believe IT is fundamental – everything we do depends on computer systems and we spend more than £100 million every year on IT. I know our IT isn’t perfect, but we have a strategy in place to reduce the number of systems and increase existing capabilities, to equip advisors with the most appropriate tools. It’s particularly challenging right now because we’ve had to integrate two sets of systems from the existing brands and also launch new ones.

Q. What’s the hardest IT challenge? A. When we began our transformation programme we had more than 600 systems. We’ve reduced that by more than 100 already. Keeping such a variety of systems stable and working reliably is the biggest challenge. Advisors should be able to focus on looking after customers, unhampered by technology incidents. Behind the scenes, we’ve supported our 4G rollout with all the required IT systems – complex, challenging and extremely successful.

Q. IT figured strongly in the recent Pulse surveys – what’s your response? A. We get your feedback – it’s tough to hear. It’s not where I want to be and we’ve got a lot of IT people focused on tackling these system issues.

8 | NOV 2013 | CONNECTED


Technology transformation

Q. Gates or Jobs? A. Gates is a genius, but Jobs was very forthright and he did have style – he was Mr Cool, so we’re very alike!

Q. Are you a geek? A. Occasionally! I have to communicate with true geeks and I do like the latest and the greatest tech.

Q. You’re also responsible for the mobile network – what’s coming in 2014? A. More 4G for more people! We’re still committed to achieving 98% coverage by the end of next year. We’ll also keep expanding availability of double speed 4G services, with even faster speeds to come – trialling up to 300Mbs. We’ll exploit our new wireless spectrum and new Gigabit backbone pipes. Plus the 2G and 3G upgrades continue – we’re more than halfway through network optimisation so we should complete that sometime in 2015. We have the biggest and fastest network. We’ll stay ahead of the curve and always surprise the competition.

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself. A. I’m Greek – I speak Greek, French and English. I was interested in Marine Biology when I was young but my mother told me I had to be an engineer, so that was that! I went to study computer science and electrical engineering. I now live in London but I’m a global guy, having worked in lots of different places. I love Crete for holidays. I’m married with three daughters and at the weekend cycle, run and windsurf when I get the chance.

Q. You’re famous for your dancing – does this help you run IT? A. I like to have fun! Just like dancing, IT’s all about the beat and the speed.

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Technology transformation

CUSTOMER SERVICE TRANSFORMATIO Between us, Customer Service and IT have a clear programme of technology improvements and innovation over the next 12 months to make a difference for you.

IN FRONT OF YOU 1. A new desktop environment

4. Network Tools

Replacing ageing desktops with faster devices, such as thin clients, accessing applications over the network. This allows you to access any application from any desk, with fast login and more flexible, efficient working.

Consistent and improved information about network coverage, issues and fixes, including consolidating Brand specific tools into a single EE set.

2. 100% Call and Screen recording Every single call recorded so we can review and analyse the best and the worst interactions – brilliant to help us improve customer satisfaction.

3. Voice Authentication Passwords are so last decade. This software automatically recognises a customer from their voice in just 15 seconds, making for a much quicker and simpler call.



5. Remote Device Takeover (With their permission) taking over a customer’s device on your screen to fix and teach them remotely.

6. Knowledgebase Phase 2 Faster, more intuitive Albert that will guide you to diagnose and resolve a customer query using the appropriate process.

7. IT stability Fewer IT issues and when they do happen, better information and faster, expert response.


Technology transformation

Want to know more about the Remote Device Takeover trial? Click the arrow to hear from our pilot teams.

ON 10

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BEHIND THE SCENES 8. SRP: Single Routing Platform A single system, replacing the existing ones, that can send any call to any advisor in any contact centre.

9. Strategic Systems Upgrades A range of improvements that aim to transform our IT systems, including the internal network, CRM systems such as Excalibur and Compass, and the enabling elements such as SNQ and Citrix.

10. Secure Computing Keeping customer data and our systems safe from fraud, hackers and malfunctioning users. You can find a summary of how we’re progressing with the T10 in a monthly Splash update.





A PLAN FOR ALL Giant cakes on the 30th October marked our first birthday and what a year it’s been - from a new company, a new superfast network and a new brand to more than one million 4G customers and winner of ‘Best Network’ at the 2013 Mobile Choice Consumer Awards. On the same day – and in time for our two busiest trading months of the year – we also launched more new plans and services and refreshed some existing ones too. Simon Till, Head of Propositions Tariffs & New Business, told Connected: “If there’s one thing we have to do at EE, it’s stay ahead. Doing things first is what our brand is built on. The whole game is - we do something and whilst our



competitors are trying to copy us, we do something else. That way they just get further and further behind.” “First it was our network, now we’re leaving them behind with our tariffs and propositions. The simplest way to think of our October changes is that we’ve made 4GEE an absolute no brainer. On pay monthly for example, we’ve brought the entry point for 4G phone plans right down to £18.99 per month compared to £34 on Vodafone and £32 on O2. You might start to feel sorry for the guys that work there! Plus there’s 4G Extra for just £3 more per month, Data Boost on Home, tons of business benefits and a 4GEE pay as you go option too.” If a customer isn’t quite ready for 4GEE then we have great new Orange and T-Mobile plans too. Our simplified Orange pay monthly plans are great for customers who love to talk and text while customers who want unlimited 3G data will love our simplified T-Mobile plans. Or if the pay as you go 4G phone


price is a sticking point, we’ve got data packed plans with competitive phone prices on Orange and T-Mobile. Plus our Christmas pay as you go offer - 2014 free minutes in 2014 on top of anything else they get in their tariff. Easy to remember. Research showed that since EE launched last year, customer’s understanding of the relationship between EE, Orange and T-Mobile was varied. They didn’t perceive a benefit. That’s why our advertising describes Orange/ T-Mobile as ‘brought to you by EE’. This helped to reassure them. In Customer Service, we can help with that too, by not referring to people as EE, Orange or T-Mobile customers. We talk about what they get with their ‘Orange or T-Mobile plan’, which of course comes with loads of EE benefits like being able to use the biggest 3G network in the UK. So - three inspirational brands - with simpler and more defined benefits - all on EE, the UK’s biggest and fastest network.


CHECK IT OUT See more about our launches in this video. See our birthday message from Olaf.

WIN £201.4 with our 2014 free minutes on pay as you go. We’re giving you the chance to win £201.40 for you and your team this Christmas. Search ‘Want to win £201.4 for Christmas?’ on Splash and enter our easy peasy competition.




TIME FOR SOME CHRISTMAS ‘CHEERS!’ With fewer than 60 sleeps until Christmas day, teams across EE are making final preparations and our Christmas advertising campaign goes live on December 15th.

Best of all, from 1st December up to Christmas day you’ll find a digital advent calendar on Splash. Each day a virtual window will unveil a different game, activity or challenge with the opportunity to win thousands of In Customer Service we’ll be celebrating pounds of prizes. Here’s a tip for one Christmas a little differently this year of the competitions – start digging out with the help of our manufacturer your best Christmas jumper! partners BlackBerry, Samsung, Nokia, Sony and HTC. 69% of you told our Read more about Christmas by Christmas elves that you’d prefer team searching on Splash. nights out over big parties where only a minority could attend, so we’re giving every in-house employee a Team Christmas Meal Voucher to spend at a local establishment. Christmas means a proper dinner with all the trimmings, so teams will also get a free Christmas lunch between 16th and 22nd December during a week of festive celebration and be scheduled off to enjoy it together.





We asked Jenny Herbert, Accessory Product Development Manager, to give us some inspiration for Christmas gifts from our winter accessory range.

• Reindeer Kitsound mini buddy speakers. “The nose lights up red!” £9.99 • Winter warmer hats with speakers built in. “Music to your warm ears!” From £12.99 • Lego phone case. “Retro with the bonus of keeping your kids amused!” £24.99

• Kitsound Hive wireless portable speakers. “Perfect to play your Christmas tunes at a party.” £49.99 SECTION TITLE




WHO YOU GONNA CALL? Halloween has passed for another year and Doxford based Operations Trainer and author Rob Kirkup marked the occasion by publishing his latest book about the ghosts of Edinburgh. From a childhood interest in the usual, Rob’s calling to the paranormal came in 2002 when he answered a request from a local radio show for reporters to be sent somewhere spooky during Halloween. He enjoyed it so much he started ghost hunts and has now established himself on the subject with over 50 investigations and several published books. Rob’s seventh book is a chronicle of him and three friends completing eight ghost hunts over a year in Edinburgh, one of Britain’s most haunted cities, using state-of-the-art paranormal detection equipment. Rob said: “The photo is me investigating the Covenanter’s Prison in Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh – on my own – the lair of the Mackenzie Poltergeist; an entity so dangerous that this particular area has been locked off by the Edinburgh Council.” Ghosts of Edinburgh is available now.





WHO’S YOUR MONEY ON? It’s not every day that giant sized cash bundles and Cash on Tap handsets battle it out on the contact centre floor, spreading the word of secure 4GEE contactless device payments while supplying a treat or two from the canteen. Since its launch on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and GS3, Cash on Tap is now also available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and Sony Xperia SP with more compatible devices coming soon. Frances Radmore, Team Leader, posted on Splash: “I’ve been using it since launch and have to say I love it! I can zoom through the coffee queue at work. In fact they have my Americano on the go as soon as I walk in the door and I simply flash my phone and I’m in Costa heaven.” So it seems in this battle, Cash on Tap wins hands down. Keep up to date with the latest compatible handsets on Albert. Watch the video









Over the summer, Greenock sent two teams to Newcastle to join five others for the latest inter-site football 7’s tournament including NT Milan, Doxfortino La Caruna, Smog on the Tyne, Steua Needarest and FC Darlo. Greenock’s ‘Real Sosobad’ were the final winners. Sosobad player Jordan Benacci, Business Customer Advisor, said: “It was a great turn out and there was some good football on show too! We won in a penalty shoot-out against ‘Real Meridian’ but only just. Our keeper saved a penalty, began celebrating on the floor only to watch in despair as the back spin took the ball in to the back of the net!” The Greenock Business 11-a-side team had less luck in their third game against nemesis Darlington in September, losing in sudden death penalties to make the overall standing 2-1 to Darlington. Team Manager Kevin Mooney said: “During the game we gave away a penalty on the edge of the box giving them a chance to equalise. It was a pointless foul; the man was heading for the dressing room!” Their fourth game is in the pipeline for 2014.



Time flies and the 15 month contracts given to local 16 to 21 year olds in our first Apprentice scheme have now been completed, with many individuals joining us full-time. Darlington have taken on a further two Apprentice teams in the service area and Doxford have two more in Technical Support. Following nominations within Sunderland College for people who went the extra mile, Liam Forth - an Apprentice from Doxford’s first intake – received the ‘Adult apprentice of the year award for contact centres’, which he collected at a ceremony in October at the Stadium of Light. Liam got so much out of his experience his girlfriend has joined us in the new wave of Doxford Apprentices. Hats on standby - could this be the first Apprentice wedding at EE?






Bacon sandwiches at the Bristol Capricorn office were the perfect send off for a thirteen-strong team who spent an October weekend walking 58 miles of road sides, cycle paths and the Severn Bridge to get back home to Merthyr, raising over £6,000 for charity. Simon Charlton, a Team Leader in PAYG Sales based in NT2, raised the bar on his previous charity work – quite literally – jumping out of a plane in October to raise money for the Blyth Valley Disabled Forum, NT2’s chosen charity, raising £1,000. Simon said: “All I could think about from thousands of feet in the air was whether or not the parachute would actually work, but it was awesome and I’d definitely do it again.” After a safe landing Simon’s already called white water rafting as his next challenge for 2014.


“We had all been touched by cancer in one way or another and we wanted to change its negative effect on us by doing something positive and give back to Macmillan, which has helped all our families,” said Louise McCarthy, Team Leader. “At points we had to lay down to muster the strength to take off our waterproofs! There was blood, sweat, blisters and tears but we got each other through it and remembered why we were there.” The team are already planning their next walking challenge.





DAME FINE WORK Having made BBC coverage already this year for their Augmented Reality art exhibition charity work for Dame Hannah’s, Plymouth’s chosen charity, the team kept up the momentum over the summer. In July the entire site held a Mad Hatters themed tea party and through cake sales, leadership coffee runs and sponsored dressing up raised £650 as well as generating a few smiles not dissimilar to a Cheshire Cat. The following month, six operations managers travelled to Hannah’s local respite care centre and spent an afternoon helping to redecorate one of their bungalows. Darren Foord, Operations Manager, said: “We took mixed DIY abilities but immense enthusiasm and all enjoyed the chance to give something

back to our local community while getting covered in paint.” The end of August saw an onsite fair and among the stalls and activities on offer, Plymouth’s new Head of Consumer Operations Julie Darling had a traditional Plymouth welcome by getting covered in green gunk and being pelted in the stocks! Hannah’s team were also there to raise awareness of their work and were delighted to receive a further £630 raised on the day. Watch the BBC video of our Hannah’s charity work.


DOUBLE THE SPEED, DOUBLE THE FUN. WNS created twice the fun over the summer to celebrate the launch of Shared Plans and Double 4GEE speeds. Each team sent a pair of contenders to compete in apple or banana speed eating contests and strived for the shortest combined time. Anything to get one of your five a day…




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