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Sanimed Comex Clinic Gynecology treatment

Founded in 1998, Comex Sanimed aims providing to the potential customers the purchase of quality products at best prices. Comex Sanimed Clinic performs medical services such as: •Obstetrics; •Gynecology; •Abdominal ultrasound; •Transvaginal; • 4D; • Consultation; • Treatment

Our company has a team of six employees. We wish to welcome all the needs of our clients through the services that we offer them and we hope to become a faithfull partner in our future collaboration. Every service of our company is offering is based on the result of it’s clients profile, needs and expectations analysis. Our staff is trained systematically to provide the best medical care for our clients. Emphasis on product quality and timeliness with which we are sure to answer your requests will be satisfied with our services. Comex Sanimed is honored to answer any inquiries from you about our products and services, which will certainly bring real rewards.


SanimedComexClinic Gynecology treatment ComexSanimedClinic performs medical services such as: •Obstetrics; •Gynecology; •Abdominal ultrasoun...

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