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Dermato-cosmetic treatments

Our Skincare Institut is profiled exclusively on facial aesthetics. Our therapeutic approach allows to treat all skin problems successfully. We offer original treatments available for the best professionals. We deal with all skin problems:  Hormone deficiency  Acne  Wrinkles and scars  Pigmentation spots  Overactive seborrhea  Diffuse red blotches and rosacea 

The results are obvious and very satisfying.

The treatments that we offer you for facial care are:  DNA VITAL A deep regeneration treatment. Amplifier of healing. Stimulate production of collagen.  FRESH CAVIAR Intense regeneration of mature skin, devoid of vitality. There are three distinct lines :moisturizing, nourishing and firming.  ENERGY LIFT Nonsurgical treatment for facial restructuring.Reduce sub-cutaneous fat, refine the cheeks, lift and reshape the contours of the face.

 MESO-VIT Mesotheraphy in topical dermocosmetics. Soothing and healing action.<<Vitamin Booster>>.  SUPREME DHE.Age Tissue regeneration and restores skin firmness. Featuring a precursor DHEA.  BOTU-VIP Anti- aging shock. Wrinkle relaxing treatments. Reinforced double action SYN-AKE AND FILLOX.  NOVACID Comprehensive treatment of skin renewal , complex of nine acids to peel,micro-dermabrasion, peeling accelerated.

 PERFECTION Treatment for regulating pigmentation. Triple action for skin brown without spots and a pure white.  FEMINITY Stem cells + phytoestrogens. Hormone program skin / beauty.  SKIN TRANSFER SYSTEM Co-axial intensive treatment, hydration / nutrition.  DERMA-CALM Ultra sensitive skin treatment. Painless and antistress effect.

 BIO-OPTIC Eye contour treatment. Change eye color contour combat: wrinkles, bags and dark circles.  PURE-BIOTIC Anti-hormonal treatment. Treatment for skin :combined, oily and acne.  VIVA MILK Lacto-nutrition therapy. Restore the nutritional balance of the skin.


Dermato-cosmetic treatments The resultsareobviousandverysatisfying. OurSkincare Institutisprofiledexclusivelyonfacialaesthetics. Our therape...

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