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Tapes According to the Necessity Long time back the tapes have become an important invention because of its usage in every field whether it is in renovation of home, joining two surfaces or applying a barricade. The most important types of tape are adhesive and surface protection tape. The surface protection tape is used to prevent damage to the surface of the material and adhesive tape is used to attach two different surfaces. Surface protection tape is specifically designed to shield the surface which can be damaged by spills or abrasions of other goods. It easily sticks to the surface and protect it from any kind of damage without any failure. Earlier time it has been seen that during renovation of home or industrial goods get damaged by some of the other factor like transportation, fabrication, installation or storage. The best way to protect critical surface is by guarding pre-finished or finished product that will retain its value, appealing nature and original appearance. These tapes are made from premium quality natural rubber along with solvent based acrylic adhesive for more durability and performance. Another type is adhesive tape that helps in sticking one thing to another. It contains sticky backing material lined with adhesive which is a compound that can be in liquid state or semi liquid state. There is assortment of tapes available in the market but scotch tape and masking tape is the foremost. The working of these tapes is based on pressure as it activates it. If it is pressed harder then it will stick more to the surface. There are pressure sensitive tapes as well that bond the surface better than anyone else. It works at moderate temperatures due to molecular structure as most adhesives get collapsed at extremely high or low temperatures. Masking tape comes in different colors and width length that can be used for numerous purposes. It is lightweight adhesive tapes and does not leave any residue while removing it from any surface. It is excellent material for glass and metal but it cannot support any weight as they can just stick one surface to another. The best way to remove adhesive tape is to peel off swiftly as it may cling to the last nerve. Another way is to try it with dull edge of knife or scissor. It can be rubbed off by fingers or wash it off with water if there is a possibility. The best way is to purchase good quality tape that long last and does not leave any residue. Some tapes are temperature sensitive as well which may hamper the working process indulged in. There are other tapes as well that are designed to cover up all the different necessities

Tapes according to the necessity  

The most important invention can be tape which is used for different uses. The most important is surface protectors and adhesive tapes.

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