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Raven surmises. On this day – in the time of the planting moon, Two Rivers was no longer the wizen Shaman, but a baby that was beginning to leave his mother’s birth canal. He was introduced from human womb to the womb of the Ontario Wilderness. All did not go well and his Mother died in the delivery process, as her birthing pain and screams issued a warning of the impending sting of life. Together, the thoughts of bird and man remain in the past, outside of the storm, balancing on rainbows, each getting a more accurate glimpse of their younger days as they are allowed to mentally relive their entire history. Their respective dreams enter the thin realm dividing life from death. It is filled with wishes unrealized and revelations ignored. Death opens the log fence guarding all the pictures of the past, which had been forgotten by some but remembered by Two Rivers and the Raven. And so … their dreams went back to a place (where in the final hours of a person's life are always prone to go) … to the beginning.


Hunters & Hearts Excerpt  

The adventures of legendary University of Minnesota and Chicago Blackhawk Hockey Coach, Emil Iverson, an Ojibwa Shaman named Two Rivers, and...

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