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cawed. The Raven's mind reached back and he saw himself fly higher and higher until his heart knew of Icarus and he became filled with the sun. He recalled more flights of his youth that exhibited an unmatched exuberance and grace wrapped with a boundless energy. But the past was the past and in the surge of the present the years had taken their toll on acrobatics and altitude. Seasons had come and gone and little by little the excitement had gradually waned. Sure … he still had a curious sense of adventure but that was now not enough because unfortunately his physical form could no longer keep pace with his desires. The Raven slipped into yet another dream and mentally took back to the air. When he began to lose the supporting lift of earth’s atmosphere he looked down, his acute vision sighting a familiar image from days gone by. The picture forming in his brain became an Ojibwa Village, huts and lodges isolated on the sediment laden waters of the lazy Kabwawiagamak River. In the trees above the village his raven mother is laying a clutch of eggs into a nest of moss and twigs. In one of the eggs his previous incarnation stirs and warms to the thrill of the touch. In the blink of the "guardian of the cosmic eye”, all he is … becomes all he will be! His mind drifts further still in the trance and spell abyss, he is reminded of the Great Understanding, granted to him at the inception by the Gitche Manito of the forest. He allows the words and images to wash over his fading body. The breech of the Sun gave forth the first elements, which in turn gave birth to the Ravens Fire gave the raven his unbridled passion Wind gave him the vastness of being Water created his thirst for knowledge The earth kept safe his soul Dreams and recollections start and stay in the past. Not quite ready to return to the present, or to reality for that matter, the Raven observes one of the huts in the village. The scene is very familiar. “It is the birth place of the old Shaman – dreaming in the canoe,” The 32

Hunters & Hearts Excerpt  

The adventures of legendary University of Minnesota and Chicago Blackhawk Hockey Coach, Emil Iverson, an Ojibwa Shaman named Two Rivers, and...

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