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The Sun – which was partly obscured behind the clouds, concurred and exclaimed to the Wind “Strategies formed by the nonhuman animals, in competitive struggle, merely earned them the right to breath, but did not give way to greed. For to all creatures – all except the humans, breathing was more than enough. Birds – like the Raven for instance, made all living things forget limitations – be it limitations of gravity or of beliefs.” Creatures of flight had often played a role in the stories Two Rivers heard as a young brave by various people he had met. “Yes… I can recall a discussion with a French Trapper, a fellow I ran into on the Dawson Trail, a path I had used many times to set snares for martin and beaver pelts,” he reminisced. He had liked the Frenchman right away. The Trapper was not a poacher, nor was he the kind of vermin prone to taking without giving. The Trapper had proved his generosity by giving Two Rivers a metal knife in exchange for some dried fish during their last encounter. While they shared a smoke, the trapper told the fable of a raven that had been chosen to find land, when a wizard named Noah had gotten lost in a floating lodge of great size. The trapper had said that, “of all the animals that filled the lodge, it was the raven selected to save Noah’s people.” But after getting used to seeing the Trapper on a regular basis, Two Rivers was surprised when the man suddenly disappeared. The absence of his friend caused Two Rivers to sense something bad had happened. Some said that the trapper had been killed and tortured by Black Eagle. This was never proven but blaming Black Eagle was always a safe assumption. Two Rivers pushed the thoughts of Black Eagle and the Trapper from his mind – this was not the right time to be thinking of unhappy events. It comforted Two Rivers to think of the special place the entire Raven clan seemed to hold in the legends of old. “I am fortunate to have had such a friend to guide me though visions and reality. Now you are here to help me face death and have come forth in the same way you did at my birth so many moons ago,” Two Rivers exclaimed as he looked at the Raven. The thoughts of Two Rivers turned to a more critical and honest examination of his winged friend’s current health. The bird was now ravaged by mileage and age. Interesting enough the state of he bird exactly mirrored his 29

Hunters & Hearts Excerpt  

The adventures of legendary University of Minnesota and Chicago Blackhawk Hockey Coach, Emil Iverson, an Ojibwa Shaman named Two Rivers, and...

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