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first cut or slash. This was the one thing the two opposing forces had in common, as both sides had almost the same philosophy when it came to killing. Each tribal battle plan was emphasized by one key idea – “the highest honour is obtained only by killing another man, without the aid of your tribe.” So, as Two Rivers watched the valley, men separated into pairs, knife to knife, hatchet to hatchet, and for the unfortunate ones lacking modern weaponry … Musket to Knife. A mile away on the front lines, an Iroquois warrior – named Big Bear, was caught in a struggle of life and death. Big Bear was tall, even by “Goliath” standards of measurement. He stood high above the headtops of all the other warriors engaged in the fray, for the same reason that his height and girth made him extremely easy to spot, it also made him equally dangerous in combat. He had tribal tattoos, several piercings, and a traditional high-off-the-scalp Mohawk hairstyle fused with tufts of dyed deer mane that made him appear even taller. Legend had it that Big Bear had experienced many close quarter fights, for it was a certainty that his large stature often made him the first target. It was spoken around many fires; that due to his size, Bear Bear was the most honorable kill, so over time the amount of close quarter fights he endured had produced a very skilled warrior. Many Moons ago the Ojibwa elders had told the younger warriors, "Even the French Traders are scared of Big Bear. The Traders told us that no matter what type of encounter Big Bear takes part in, the giant still refuses to smile – even among his friends. This was not due to the fact that he was given to bouts of depression, or that he had a morose continence, not at all, it was however because a mouthful of broken teeth tends to make people keep their lips sealed, so as not to display ragged choppers. As chipped and cracked as his teeth were they did not really hinder his speech patterns. He was never in the habit of taking part in mutual discussions anyway. The Traders would go on to say … "There is no such thing as a fair exchange with Big Bear … the giant will always be better at using accusations over conversations." Big Bear pondered the multitude of past battles he had experienced, hoping to come up with a reliable course of action. He reached back into his memory, sifting thru thoughts, and scanned the previous times that his wits had saved himself from certain 15

Hunters & Hearts Excerpt  

The adventures of legendary University of Minnesota and Chicago Blackhawk Hockey Coach, Emil Iverson, an Ojibwa Shaman named Two Rivers, and...

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