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learned over the eons to select the tongue which best serves the recipient of the messages. I recognize the language of the Spirits in the lexicon of the modern world. Although the message may be deciphered differently, distinction of definition is only found in the translation, not in the intent. The basic message I hear remains the same. Much as it was with those who came before me, I listen for the whispers in the wind, and seek to experience premonitions from animal guides, to ease my way into the realm of dreams and visions. Some of the best visions were granted by a clan of crows, a few seagulls, and the occasional raven that I fed during my morning runs. Together we made a bargain; which oddly enough, may have been spoken from lips, but was answered by beaks. My avian friends assured me that in exchange for breadcrumbs they would provide inspiration and more importantly keep the ongoing creative revisions honest. My brother Jim received his guidance from an ancient Ojibwa Ceremonial Drum, which had been passed down from generation to generation. As he too became a Drumkeeper he also became the keeper of our grandfather's adventures with the Ojibwa people. Without James research there would be no novel. The voices we received (before and after completion of the novel) gave us the necessary inspiration to create a deeper story. I freely admit that we live in a cult of personality mired in a quagmire of ego. So, I cannot help but attach certain characteristics and scientific thought to what might have been perceived by the Ojibwa people in a more pure and primal way. Nonetheless, much like my father and my grandfather before him, my family is able to hear spirits. We have spent the majority of our lives following in my Grandfathers footsteps and much as he did we have often found ourselves exploring barren deserts, parting dense undergrowth, clinging to vines, and shading eyes from unrelenting desert sun. I believe the Trees and Rocks still have many stories they wish to share…if only one is able to open their mind. “Just stay away from the brown acid” – (Woodstock quote) In conclusion … maybe it was James and I who managed to put the following words and thoughts to paper. But the real authors are: The Ojibwa People, Emil Iverson, Woodland Spirits, Crows, 11

Hunters & Hearts Excerpt  

The adventures of legendary University of Minnesota and Chicago Blackhawk Hockey Coach, Emil Iverson, an Ojibwa Shaman named Two Rivers, and...