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Fiction … with TEETH.

2012 CATALOGUE "The wolf that one hears is worse than the orc that one fears." ~ J R R Tolkien

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Some Praise for Wild Wolf titles “A taut thriller ... A near-cinematic stylist, the author deftly sustains the tension right up until the final segment ... a sterling example of astute character studies melded with highly topical concerns.” ~ Publishers Weekly on David Williams’ 11:59 “It's like the author went screaming through the zombie genre with a baton in one hand and a blowtorch in the other. Check this one out. You won't be disappointed." ~ Joe McKinney, author of Dead City and Apocalypse of the Dead on Remy Porter's Dead Beat "A fast-paced thrill ride." ~ Gabriel M Cole, Editor of Orion's Child on Rod Glenn's The Killing Moon “A taut thriller ... A near-cinematic stylist, the author deftly sustains the tension right up until the final segment ... a sterling example of astute character studies melded with highly topical concerns.” ~ Publishers Weekly on David Williams’ 11:59 "Compelling and intense, this novel draws you into a dark world of danger and power play." ~ Liz Williams, award-winning author on Jo Reed's The Tyranny of the Blood "A lyrical, futuristic epic. Rod takes traditional themes of betrayal and conflict and lets them loose in a vengeful, modernistic society engulfed in war." ~ Borders Books on Rod Glenn's The King of America: Epic Edition "Black Shadows is a tightly written piece of noir fiction, inviting obvious comparisons to Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett." ~ HarperCollins on Simon Swift’s Black Shadows "...a bold novel and takes a bold reader to cling on until the end… but that reader will be rewarded with one of the most heartbreakingly honest books of the last ten years." ~ Waterstones, Uxbridge on Karl Vadaszffy's Full of Sin "A fierce, impassioned and very powerful piece of writing. It's bloody good, basically..." ~ Simon Bestwick, Author of Pictures of the Dark &Tide of Souls on A J Kirby's Bully


Current Title List I’d Sooner Starve by Mark Sinclair Culinary highs, customer lows and one woman's fixation with thighwarmed Stilton… ISBN: 978-1-907954-14-6 Retail Price: £8.99

Dorothy: The Darker Side of OZ by Scott Stanford This isn't the Oz you know, and Dorothy may never leave. ISBN: 978-1-907954-18-4 Retail Price: £9.99 Night Fighters by Rob Smith Vampire pilots in World War II ISBN: 978-1-907954-15-3 Retail Price: £10.99 The Optical Effects of Lightning by S J Kember An unconventional tale of vengeance and obsession ISBN: 978-1-907954-11-5 Retail Price: £9.99 Noho by James Davis A dark and brooding thriller set in 1930s London ISBN: 978-1-907954-12-2 Retail Price: £9.99

The Heirs of Eldon by M L Hamilton The World of Samar adventure continues... ISBN: 978-1-907954-10-8 Retail Price: £14.99


Abstract/Concrete by Kirsty Neary No argument. No arts. No original thought. ISBN: 978-1-907954-13-9 Retail Price: £9.99

Crimson Letters From Kandahar Province by Ian DG Sandusky An Afghanistan war veteran descends into madness ISBN: 978-1-907954-09-2 Retail Price: £9.99

Sinema: Sympathy for the Devilby Rod Glenn The experiment continues… ISBN: 978-1-907954-06-1 Retail Price: £9.99

Sinema: The Northumberland Massacre by Rod Glenn A winter’s tale with a sting ISBN: 978-1-907954-07-8 Retail Price: £9.99

Holiday of the Dead Anthology of 38 zombie short stories ISBN: 978-1-907954-05-4 Retail Price: £19.99 Black Shadows by Simon Swift A hardboiled noir crime thriller ISBN: 978-1-907954-08-5 Retail Price: £10.99


Rise & Walk by Gregory Solis High octane zombie action. ISBN: 978-1-907954-04-7 Retail Price: £9.99

The War of the Worlds: Aftermath by Tony Wright The first true sequel to H G Wells’ original classic ISBN: 978-1-907954-03-0 Retail Price: £9.99

A Child of the Blood by Jo Reed The long awaited sequel to The Tyranny of the Blood. ISBN: 978-1-907954-00-9 Retail Price: £9.99 Darkroom by Poppet What happens when someone steals you? Do you develop in that darkness? Or do you simply break? ISBN: 978-1-907954-02-3 Retail Price: £9.99 Unlikely Killer by Ricki Thomas A killer recreates infamous murders from history. ISBN: 978-1-907954-01-6 Retail Price: £9.99 P.O.W. Wartime Log of F/Sgt T.D.Glenn Rosamund & Rod Glenn The true personal account of a British prisoner of war during WW2. ISBN: 978-0-9563733-7-3 Retail Price: £8.99


Hunters & Hearts by James & John Iverson Based upon the extraordinary true story of Emil Iverson, explorer, athlete and head coach of the Chicago Blackhawks. ISBN: 978-0956373380 Retail Price: £10.99 11:59 by David Williams A late night radio talk show host is drawn into a dark and seedy underworld. ISBN-13: 978-0956373359 Retail Price: £9.99 Dead Beat by Remy Porter One local beat cop tries to maintain order in a town overrun with the undead. ISBN-13: 978-0956373366 Retail Price: £9.99 Sinistrari by Giles Richard Ekins A dark tale of Victorian horror featuring Jack the Ripper ISBN-13: 978-0956373335 Retail Price: £10.99 Emerald by M L Hamilton Epic fantasy of gut-wrenching sacrifice. ISBN-13: 978-0956373328 Retail Price: £12.99 Taralisu by Ryan Tullis Heart-break and redemption, passion and misdirection, apathy and realization. ISBN-13: 978-0956373311 Retail Price: £8.99


The Killing Moon by Rod Glenn The Road meets Mad Max ... Beyond Northern England. ISBN-13: 978-0956211484 Retail Price: £9.99 Full of Sin by Karl Vadaszffy. Some monsters aren't born - they're made. ISBN-13: 978-0956373304 Retail Price: £8.99 The Venturi Effect by Andrew Linzee Gordon. After you die it takes seven years for you to go to Heaven. ISBN-13: 978-0956211491 Retail Price: £10.99

A Sick Work of Art by Claire Lewis. When does art become a crime? How far is too far? ISBN-13: 978-0956211477 Retail Price: £8.99 Suicide City by Jake Pattison. A darkly humorous tale of mass suicide in Gateshead. ISBN-13: 978-0956211460 Retail Price: £9.99 Otherwise Kill Me by John F McDonald. A bloody and surreal story of a schizophrenic doorman. ISBN-13: 978-0956211446 Retail Price: £9.99


Bully by A J Kirby. A supernatural tale of revenge from beyond the grave. ISBN-13: 978-0956211453 Retail Price: £8.99

The Stately Pantheon by Kirsty Neary. A dark tale of sex, addiction and power. ISBN-13: 978-0956211439 Retail Price: £7.99

The Tyranny of the Blood by Jo Reed. A dark fantasy set beginning in fourth century Scotland dealing with time travel, hereditary madness and eugenics. ISBN-13: 978-0956211415 Retail Price: £9.99 The King of America: Epic Edition by Rod Glenn. A gritty futuristic thriller of betrayal and redemption set against the backdrop of an America gripped by revolution. ISBN-13: 978-0956211408 Retail Price: £8.99


All titles are trade paperback unless otherwise stated. Standard trade discount is 40% off retail price with returns policy and free UK delivery when ordered direct. Higher discount rates are available for larger quantities. Payment can be on 30 day invoice or PayPal. Waterstone’s and Forbidden Planet branches can order through their normal channel. Titles are also available through all the usual distribution channels. Email orders to All titles are also available in e-book editions. For media and public relations enquiries email Authors are available for book-signings and events on request. Review copies of all our titles are also available on request.

"...there was about him a suggestion of lurking ferocity, as though the Wild still lingered in him and the wolf in him merely slept." ~ Jack London


Wild Wolf Publishing 2012 Catalogue  

2012 Catalogue of current Wild Wolf fiction titles.

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