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Vintage LED Watches The first light emitting diode digital wristwatches were launched in market around 1972 by Roger W. Riehl. He produced an all-electric watch with no moving hands. Called the Synchronar, the watch was designed with red LEDs which utilized solar panels to power the timepiece’s NiCad battery. The first Synchronars cost $1,700, but by the end of the decade the price had dropped to about $130.

Shortly after, Hamilton Watch Company launched their ‘Pulsar-P1.’ These 18k gold units had an original price tag of $2,100. More widely available are the Pulsar P2s, 1977 Pulsar 3822 and the 1977 Hewlett-Packard HP-01. Models with green displays are also infrequent.

Ladies vintage led watch

Ladies vintage led watch became so popular in UK in the past few years. Ladies vintage led watch is distinctive in nature. They are fabulous and attractive. It has become a vital part of women’s fashion accessory. Ladies vintage led watch makes you so charming. A watch is not just a fashion accessory anymore. It is an integral part of one’s clothing. A distinct and evolving fashion style has always been an indispensible element of fashion style.

Vintage Led Watch  

There are different types of vintage LED watches such as classic led watches, retro led watches, ladies vintage led watch and men’s vintage...

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