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OUGD 303


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Flatland ISTD

The Brief


Interpret the classic novella Flatland and produce a proposal for a new edition of it that challenges the conventions of ‘the book’ as we know it.

Edwin Abbott Abbott was born in 1838, in a time when the nineteenth-century middle class had begun to rise up from social oppression in Britain. A highly distinguished head schoolmaster, English clergyman, and Shakespearean scholar, he was more interested in the fields of theology and classic literature than in mathematics. He sought to express concern over the social problems of the period, recognising his motivation for writing Flatland; the book was published in 1884 under the pseudonym A. Square to protect himself from attack by those he satirizes in the book. However, although he held his interests in theology and classic literature, his presentation of geometrical concepts earned him acclaim for his intricate barbed satire of the hierarchical Victorian age. For eighty-eight years he lived; in 1926 he died, renowned and remembered for his treatise on mathematical fiction and the power of knowledge.

Concept/Proposition ‘Not belonging and not fitting in.’ To be explored through the layout of typography and the format in which it sits, mirroring the journey of the main character, ‘Square’ in the novella. Considerations

Mandatory Requirements

Typefaces, format, scale, interaction, high concept, colour.

A solution to the re-release of the novella.

Target Audience


Intellectual commuters who travel to work by bus, train or foot.

Chapbooks Collectable posters Re-bound books Notebooks Invitations Banners Bookmarks

Also aimed at avid fans of Flatland who would regard the product as a desirable collectable item.

Tone of Voice

Studio Deadline

Intelligent, insightful, functional, aware, though provoking, intriguing,

28th March

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Flatland Brief  
Flatland Brief  

Flatland Brief