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NAME OF POLICY Substantive Change Policy

REASON FOR POLICY (Purpose) Edward Waters College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). As a standard of accreditation, the College must notify SACS of substantive changes before they occur. The purpose of this policy is to establish institutional procedures for recognizing and approving substantive changes and ensuring timely notification in accordance with The Principles of Accreditation and SACS policy, Substantive Change for Accredited Institutions. Accordingly this policy is developed for the following reasons: 1. To ensure that the College is in compliance with SACS Principles by routinely reporting substantive changes. 2. To ensure that all major administrative and academic divisions are aware of SACS’ policies regarding substantive changes to existing programs and services. 3. To ensure that all programs and services, regardless of locations or methods of delivery, are recognized and accredited by the Commission on Colleges.

SCOPE This substantive change policy applies to Vice Presidents, Deans, Department Chairs, Program Directors and Coordinators, Departmental Curriculum Committees, and other faculty and staff who express formal interest in the following substantive changes:

• Off-campus course and program offerings • Distance education course and program offerings • Online course and program offerings • Courses and programs offered in conjunction with another institution through consortia or dual degree agreements • Adding a significantly different program • Offering courses or programs at a more advanced or lower level • Significantly altering the length of a program • Establishing a branch campus or off-campus instructional site • Establishing a merger or consolidation

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• Discontinuing a program or instructional site • Changes in governance

POLICY STATEMENT Edward Waters College is committed to adhering to the policies and requirements of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). In accordance with SACS’ policies, the College will notify SACS of substantive changes prior to initiation and will seek approval of changes. To do this, the College is committed to establishing procedures to ensure compliance with SACS’ policies. The College will provide pertinent and timely information to administrators, faculty and staff regarding curricular and organizational changes requiring notification and approval. All changes to college academic programs, structure, ownership and classification which are deemed to be substantive changes as defined by SACS must be developed in keeping with the College’s Substantive Change Policy and approved by SACS prior to implementation.

POLICY DEFINITION According to SACS Principle 1.3.1 (Substantive Change), substantive change is defined as “a significant modification or expansion of the nature and scope of an accredited institution.” POLICY/PROCEDURES (General College Policy Standards) Though the College’s SACS Accreditation Liaison is the individual responsible for ensuring that this policy is implemented, administrative and academic leaders have the fundamental responsibility to be generally aware of the substantive change policy. They must inform the SACS Liaison at the earliest point possible of proposals that may be considered a substantive change for the College, and provide any data, information, or prospectus necessary to comply with SACS policy when requested. This information

must be submitted by the supervisor of the originating office and reviewed by the SACS Liaison prior to the implementation of a significant modification to or expansion of the delivery of any College program. Specifically, the SACS Liaison will:      

Provide the Vice Presidents, Deans, and Directors with information about the SACS substantive change policy on a regular basis; Maintain a section of the Office of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness (OPRIE) website concerning substantive change; Work with administrative and academic officers to determine whether a proposed change is substantive; Determine what action with respect to SACS is needed when a change is substantive; File the appropriate notice or prospectus with SACS; Coordinate with SACS and the proposing officer about any required follow-up action.

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RELATED INFORMATION Responsible College Official (Responsible College Official must be a Divisional Leader) Responsible Office: Office of the President

Originator Contact: Title: Executive Vice President Tel: 904 470-8012 Email: Questions on Compliance: Title: Executive Vice President Department: Office of the President Tel: 904 470-8012 Email: Compliance Contacts SOURCE OF FINAL APPROVAL Final Approval: Date:

Board of Trustees October 31, 2009

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Substantive Change Policy  
Substantive Change Policy