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Scars is a movie of Drama genre. Its central Topic is about physical and verbal abuse in a marriage. Its main characters are Nora Salinas as Clara, Rodrigo Abed as Julian and Brayan Rangel as their son. They belong to a middle class family. The story begins when Clara starts changing his behavior to improve his self-esteem and to break the submission to his husband behavior. Clara´s mother in law is living with them in the same house and she advices his son Rodrigo to be the box of the house. For that reason, the competence starts, and day to day is worse. The problems become strong and the verbal abuse changes to Physical abuse where his husband becomes a violent man. At the middle of those problems, they lost his son Brayan, when he suffers an accident because his parents do not take care of him enough. Clara suffers an emotional crisis after her son´s death and her husband run away with his lover. Months later they start talking again and they realize that is better to give them a second chance after they understand the Dialogue is the most important way of communication. Finally, they overcome the troubles and decide start again.

I decided to select this movie because it is related to a social problem that we can find in many families. The physical and verbal abuse is affecting thousand of couples around the world today. It is because the dialogue and the respect have disappeared by many reasons. The unfaithfulness is one of the main reasons. It is not just men. Women are still unfaith of the same way than men. It is not chauvinism because day to day it is seen in the women. Other import value is the Tolerance. I note that there is no tolerance at home because there are always shouting; likewise also infidelity can be characterized as the most horrible demon in the home, as it destroys your home and family heritage. Their son always assists in their discussions and that is not a good sample for children because remember that children are as cassette where they keep all things they see and heard around them.

Many couples have children and they try to strengthen their home. In this movie we can see that they did not respect their son. The level of intolerance overcomes the familiar feelings and they do not care about that. Their child becomes a problem more and they do not take into account that Brayan is suffering and later he could be the same than his father. When I say the same that his father, I refer to the violent behavior against to his wife Clara. The positive part of this movie is at the end, when they practice the forgiveness. Despite they had strong problems, they looks for God. They decide to go to the church and establish convenient solutions. Julian tries to reconquer her. He gives flowers, gifts and special facts her to in love her again. Think about they were married and had a child and they had to lose their child as consequence of their uncontrollable behavior. At the end of the movie, it shows us that forget is possible and it does not care the problems.

I think the family must be a closed circle where there just lives the father, the mother and their children because it gives them freedom and also they learn to take their own decisions. It is not convenient to live with the mother in low because it can causes familiar problems. In this movie, Julian´s mother manipulates his son against his wife Clara. A mother is never going to be in disagreement whit their son and for that reason they are always to interfere in the life of them. Julian´s mother disallows the mandatories of his wife and it is one of the reasons by which discussions start. Julian let influence of his lover and finally he comprehends that his family is over all. I liked a lot the conclusion of this movie because it is an example of overcoming the difficulties and to start again from zero, learning of different experiences, including their child Bryan.

Reflection about Scars Movie  
Reflection about Scars Movie